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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I went to Florida to visit family over Thanksgiving. I feel like I could get used to that. It’s definitely harder to get the holiday blahs when you can wear shorts next to a Christmas tree.

thanksgiving1What Wendy Wore
Top: Pucci (2005, previously seen here)
Shorts: Castelbajac (2013, previously seen here)
Shoes: Prada (2011)
Jacket: God Save L.A. (2013, previously seen here)
Purse: Yves Saint Laurent (2013)
Ring: My own turquoise and ruby skull design

Shorts go well with gingerbread houses too.

thxgivingWhat Wendy Wore
Top: Alexander McQueen (2010, previously seen with the same shorts and shoes here)
Shorts: Castelbajac (same as above)
Shoes: Prada (same as above)
Jacket: God Save L.A. (same as above)
Purse: Yves Saint Laurent (same as above)
Beach hat: Gottex (2013)

I don’t think that purse has been on the blog before, even though I’ve been using it a lot. I have to give credit to MrB for selecting it while we were in Paris this summer. I was examining the style in black, but MrB got very excited about gray and it was definitely the right choice. I love it!

When I wasn’t lurking by holiday decorations in Florida, I worked on maintaining my pallor while at the beach. A hat, big sunglasses and an umbrella are musts for me.

beachWhat Wendy Wore
Hat: Gottex (2013, purchased to leave in Florida for future visits)
Sunglasses: Prada (2013, previously seen here)
Lip color: Sheer Ice Mocha by Trish McEvoy

I came home in time to attend the Women’s Jewelry Association holiday party, where I got to see lovely jewelry peeps including Cheryl Kremkow, Jennifer Heebner, Beth Bernstein and Hannah Connorton. I wore a vintage Jacques Tiffeau dress that I’m very fond of.

greendresseditWhat Wendy Wore
Dress: Jacques Tiffeau (acquired in 2009; seen in 2009, 2011 and 2013)
Boots: Prada (2008, seen recently here)
Necklace: My chicken-in-the-egg locket

Because I was seeing jewelry people, I got a special pair of earrings out of the vault — my diamond-and-peridot Susan design.


I came home minus the gold squirrel necklace I started out with: I sold it right off my neck to Jennifer! She couldn’t resist the sale price. Now the gold squirrels are sold out but I’ve still got a few silver squirrels available for holiday delivery. They’re on sale for $25. Don’t miss out!

UPDATED TO ADD: I linked this to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday post. Click here to see the other visible wimmins.

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11 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Warm-Weather Thanksgiving”

  1. stacy says:

    these are some of the sexiest holiday outfits ever!
    and i just love a big black hat

  2. The snow is always greener . . . here I am in Florida, wishing for a chance to wear a sweater and boots. Your vintage dress is fabulosa!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    MrB sure has great taste in bags. If my count is right, you’re averaging 1.5625372037464 bags per year as gifts from him.

    I love those zippy tops you were wearing with the shorts. It’s also nice to see the green dress out and about! Would that be lime? Pistachio? Peridot?

  4. Excellent shorts / mesh jacket holiday looks – up top is candy with your turquoise skull, and the greys and black hat are so elegant. Your peridot earrings are amazing with that dress!

  5. Paula says:

    I just love those sunglasses…so fun! xoxo

  6. Always a treat to see you in your lovely things! I’m forever glad to see you representing grown up and successful women with so much talent, beauty, real charm and unerring style. Fabulous, always. Good luck with your holiday season sales!