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Saturday, November 21, 2009


I meant to take lots of photos at my pop-up shop yesterday, but I was too busy. Right before I closed, I remembered to take an outfit photo. The dress is a vintage Jacques Tiffeau. The shoes are by Yves Saint Laurent and are a few years old — the only YSLs that have ever fit me.  They have an elaborate gold heel, but I didn’t get a shot of that.  I’ll try to take one soon. The necklace was designed by me, of course! I’m not showing a close-up of it until the beautiful professional photos are done.

Outside the store.

Outside the store. Photo by GeorgeB.

I was glad that hatch didn’t cave in under me because I didn’t have enough balloons to float to safety like the old man in Up.


I’ll be at the pop-up shop one more day — today (Saturday) from noon to 8 PM. If you’re in New York, come to 48 Greenwich Avenue near Perry Street and say hi! Depending on what time you come, we may have some Prosecco handy.

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33 Responses to “Up!”

  1. Eli says:

    yay! this is so cool, congratulations!!

  2. TheShoeGirl says:

    Ah man… I wish I were there. <3

  3. Austere says:

    I like the bright green of the dress! I would come to the pop up shop, but being on the other side of the country makes things a bit hard.

  4. Lenya Jones says:

    How funny that my anti spam word is ‘holla@me’ which is what I’m going to do when I’m in NY in Jan. Will you do the pop up store again??

  5. sr@mystyle says:

    Thats a stunning vintage and looks gorgeous on you, I’ve not heard of this designer, another name to look out for!

  6. I’d LOVE to come to the pop-up shop! Darn not living in New York or having a superly massive income allowing me to nip back and forth regularly!

    You look so cute in that wee dress and balloons! I would have them as a fashion accessory more often.


  7. Wendy! Beautiful, beautiful dress. That’s such a hard color to wear, and you look amazing in it!

  8. jennine says:

    what a darling dress! the pop up shop sounds so fun!

  9. KD says:

    I wish I could come! But it’s my friend’s birthday today, and yesterday I went to my school play and then the Met. You looked AWESOME. That dress is stellar! Once my sister, a friend and me (I?) were running down a street and my sister jumped on a hatch – while she was in mid-air it opened a wee bit, but she landed on it and closed it. We ran away very fast, praying nobody was hurt. It was simultaneously terrifiying, hilarious, and guilt/prayer-inducing.

  10. K-Line says:

    You look so beautiful Wendy!

  11. Gerri Ward says:

    WOW! WENDY YOU ARE FABULOUS! Omg! Your dress is solely Gorgeous!!!:))

  12. pretty face says:

    That is the best dress I have seen this year! Seriously, I love it so much.. like something Catherine Deneuve would wear in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg xxx

  13. Eyeliah says:

    I hope it goes really well!

  14. janettaylor says:

    Love Ur dress WendyB! Incredible cool!

    Have a great weekend, my dear!


  15. DesignerElla says:

    That dress is fabulous girl!

    @ The Shoe Girl – it depends on what you mean. Did you mean you wish you were there and left (in that case, was) or did you mean you wished to be there at that time (were). 🙂

    Former English Major. Finished all my comp classes. Led me to blog.

    But I love bags more. 😛

  16. Sheila says:

    You look so fabulous in that great dress. I loved “Up.”

  17. Sher says:

    Love that vintage dress! And that pretty smile of yours! I can see you’re having fun 🙂

  18. enc says:

    I’ve never seen you in apple green, or a cowl neck! How beautiful! The green really contrasts well with your shiny brown hair.

  19. Hi Wendy.

    What a stunning color of your dress!!!
    Love it 😉

    Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Lady Smaggle says:

    Oh wow! That looks awesome. You look gorgeous. LOVE the fruit collection. Must have been a total bitch to make… Cast? I’m learning gem setting this week! Can’t wait! x

  21. You know I’d be there if I could! Fabulous colour you’re wearing there…

  22. Oh, I’m l.o.v.i.n.g. your dress!!! Hope your sale goes super well. . .

  23. Hey Wendy, love that dress. So 60s chic. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the pop-up store…and sorry for the long absence. I needed a big time break from blogging. Anyway, hope all is well!

  24. Nina says:

    wish i could have joined in the fun! and this is such a cute picture of u! the chartreuse is a great color on u!

  25. Kasmira says:

    The dress is gorgeous! You wear that shade so well.

  26. Lizzi says:

    I adore your dress!

  27. ambika says:

    Adore the dress! You look so perfectly Mad Men!

  28. Alya says:

    Oh you look cute as a button in that green dress! And the balloons? The perfect accessory!

  29. That dress is gorgeous, love the photo. Your photographer is very good! x

  30. I just saw your green dress – I’m barfing rainbows for that dress!!