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Thursday, February 14, 2013

As I’ve said before, my hair guru, Keith Carpenter, has been cutting my hair since the early ’90s. We’ve done everything from pixies …


My short ‘do and red lips in 1992. Click for original post.

… to perms …


My poodle perm from 1995 is still my favorite style ever. Click for original post.

… to mullets together.


My 2008 mullet. Click for original post.

Tonight, Keith decided we’d go through everything at once, so he got out his wigs. He’d chopped up some of the shorter ones for a Cubism-inspired photo shoot.


In the lower right corner, I look like my sister!

He had a couple of curly wigs too.


After the fun and games, Keith got down to business and refreshed my choppy, slightly asymmetrical ‘do. He touched up the undercut area too. While Keith was styling the cut this way and that, he was talking glam-rock and ’80s inspiration. It was like he read my mind, because I watched this Joan Jett video for her non-Runaways version of “Cherry Bomb” five or six times in the past 24 hours.

Joan Jett is the girl crush of my life. Always has been, always will be!


“Hello Daddy! Hello Mom!
I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!”

I don’t have Joan’s rock-star flair, but when I listen to her, I feel like I do.

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13 Responses to “Wigging Out With Keith Carpenter”

  1. Mary Panjari says:

    Hell-o world, I’m your wild girl! So excited that I am finally going to see JJ in April! Yay. I am extremely jealous of your hair, I have always wanted that look but alas with this mop of stupid, ugly curls I cannot attain perfection.

  2. Megan Mae says:

    Hooray for new dos! Your hair looks totally awesome. You could rock any hair, I’m certain.

  3. Tina says:

    OMG! THis is the ‘do that I want! I want to keep the length but want something a little edgy! BTW, is is weird that I kept looking at your bookshelf? I saw that you have a copy of Model. I loved that book!

  4. Vix says:

    I don’t think a hair style exists that doesn’t suit you!
    Love the first photo! x

  5. Elizabeth says:

    You have a different, versatile kind of flair. The kind that can make any hairstyle look good, even the one Bruce Willis’ French girlfriend had in “Pulp Fiction.”

  6. Wow, every hairstyle suits you. Love the pixie crop.

  7. Okay, you in the little mushroom bowl cut is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  8. Veshoevius says:

    Your poodle perm was awesome!