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Friday, April 25, 2008

Fernando came with me to see hairstylist-to-the-stars Keith Carpenter. Having a pig around made us silly.

Voila! An even shaggier ‘do. Does it remind you of Shelly Duvall‘s? Just a bit?

Keith kept telling me to stop laughing.

Do these Versace pants match the lamp growing out of my head?

We went to dinner at A Voce afterwards.

Gorgeous friend Alyssa meets Fernando.

Wendy, Olivier Cheng and Fernando

Olivier and the iHog

Keith with his nephew, up-and-coming photographer Jordan Cabot

Jordan‘s beautiful portrait of Fernando
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19 Responses to “iHog Gets a Haircut (Vicariously)”

  1. Nadine says:

    Ooooh cute hair!

  2. Suze's Sass says:

    The pig has officially met better people than I have.

    Love the new ‘do!

  3. Suze's Sass says:

    The pig has officially met better people than I have.

    Love the new ‘do!

  4. somlynn says:

    somehow i knew you would rock the shelley duvall hair soon! it’s so you and what a fabulous job! YAY!

    you’re officially shagadelic!

  5. miss cavendish says:

    Do you know the Laurie Berkner Band (a cool band for children)? They have a sweet song in which one of the verses goes like this: “Laurie’s got a pig on her head . . . and she keeps it there all day.” Your fun photo reminded me of it . . .

  6. Shrimpton Couture says:

    love the new do Wendy – you look da bomb

  7. roller coaster teacher says:

    Love the ‘do!

  8. Lynn says:

    Uh-oh, Beyonce and J-Lo had better be worried.

    Love the shaggy ‘do.

    You should lolpig Fernando. That last pic’s amazingly cute!

  9. WendyB says:

    Lynn, you’re naughty! I read your Beyonce and J-Lo comment and first thought “Huh?” and then though “OMG!”

  10. enc says:

    I love your new hair, love your new pants, love your piggy, and am in love with your hair guy. How can I get a hair guy like that!


  11. WendyB says:

    Thank you kindly, ENC. Though I must point out for the sake of accuracy that those pants are from 2004 🙂
    Isn’t Keith the cutest?

  12. cybill says:

    Wendy, can you please send your hair guy over to my place, i’m not far away…oh alright i’m in Australia. I need a hair guy, i’ve just finished a dreadful rant on my blog about my crap hair, come to your blog and see your fabulous new hair-do! The blogging gods are taunting me.

  13. Lillian says:

    The hair looks great!

  14. Sonja says:

    love your hair!

  15. pistols at dawn says:

    You have taken this to a level to which it cannot hope to come back from.

    Well done.

  16. Danielle says:

    love the cut. fun photos.

  17. up and down town says:

    go flaunt your impossibly shiny can’t-stop-it-from-shining-if-you-wanted-to hair. cute cut.

  18. Iheartfashion says:

    Looks like Fernando is having the time of his life! You’ll never get him back to the farm after this.

  19. Alice Olive says:

    Love the new do!! Suits you – very glam!