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Thursday, September 18, 2008

After I posted a picture of my gorgeous client Melissa’s new pixie hairdo, a few peeps asked me if I would ever consider a pixie. Been there, done that! Here’s proof from October 1992.

I was being silly with lipstick in the Great Outdoors at the request of my gorgeous friend Phil, who was wielding the camera. This photo is labeled, “Being a nature woman.” I still have the leather jacket.

You can see the same hairdo in a flower-pinching photo here.

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66 Responses to “Been There, Done That”

  1. AlicePleasance says:

    You looked great! This picture looks like a movie frame indeed!

  2. ambika says:

    You look amazing in a pixie! And the pic itself is just awesome.

  3. Isabel says:

    Ahhhh, you look so fab WendyB!

  4. Romeika says:

    Love the leather jacket, the haircut and the red lipstick. A great moment to remember!

  5. Always In Style says:

    What a fab pic – you style icon you!

  6. Dana says:

    OMG You look amazing in that pic!!!

  7. the freelancer's fashionblog says:

    Awww how cute you were! And quite hot too 🙂

  8. the freelancer's fashionblog says:

    Awww how cute you were! And quite hot too 🙂

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Do I see Chanel lipstick??

  10. WendyB says:

    Lynette — I’m a rebel without a cause. But with lipstick.

    Fashion T — thanks!

    Stef — never give up a jacket to an ex.

    TINE – thanks!

    Skye — it’s a pretty dire growing-out process though.

    TCH, I liked it for a long time, but when I did it again in the late ’90s, I hated it!

    Diana — thanks! Phil is a good photographer.

    Sharon — I keep meaning to bring the jacket out to see if I can really wear it or if it is too dated, but not in a good way. In recent years, I’ve worn it to walk the dogs in the rain!

    Songy — Oh, I’m way past wanting to see that much of my face!

    Caroline — really?

    Farren — yes, Altamira mentioned I did the jewelry for the Christian Francis Roth show.

    Likkle — I would be the old new girl in town. Or the new old girl in town.

    Coco — thanks!

    MissC — I can’t find any style I haven’t done though. I have hair boredom.

    ENC — Yes, he encourages me to molest them too.

    Emily — thanks!

    LL — yeah, that’s as much nature as I can take.

    Danielle — thanks

    Jennine, I bet you would look great. Lots of maintenance though.

    Kristen — with lipstick.

    K.Line — but that was a LONG time ago. I don’t think it would work so well now.

    LBR — when I read Mac, for a moment I thought you were having lipstick problems.

    Sal — “pile of ass” is a great phrase.

    CDP — so far, the long arm of the law has not reached me.

    MissJ — thank you!

    Somlynn — now you need to post your picture.

    Herald — funny, my flower-pinching photo was taken in DC

    Siljes — thanks!

    PAD — You have no soul so that excuse doesn’t work.

    Herald — thanks, I checked that out and bragged about my jewelry 😉

    Kiki — never say that!!!!

    Kim — sold my soul to the devil –do you want his number?

    Renaissance — I did the pixie again in 1999 after I gained some weight and was in denial about the weight gain. The haircut woke me up. After I stopped crying, I lost the weight.

    Oh Lady – Thanks!

    KD — Thanks!

    Pretty Face — You are too kind.

    Yoncto — I’ll let you know if I decide to give up that jacket.

    Lisa — wow! Usually I get “cute” so I love “badass.”

    Raven — another badass — thanks!

    Vas — thanks

    SG — seriously, and my hairdresser is always out of town.

    IHF — Mine is so oversized ’80s though. I don’t know if I could work it again.

    Alya — I’m loving this “badass” thing.

    Nina — thanks.

    Revolver — now I’ve got My Sharona stuck in my head.

    KT — assuming you are talking about the pre-junkie days Gia, that’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.

    Diabolina — my friend Phil has an eye for a good image.

    Susie — thanks.

    Alice — Thanks!

    Ambika — Thanks! I’m really going to have to tell Phil that his photo is so admired.

    Isabel – Thanks!

    Romeika — Thanks!

    Always in Style — Aw, shucks!

    Dana — OMG! Thank you.

    Freelancer’s — Thanks.

    Sister Wolf — Good eyesight. Yes, you do.

  11. -h of candid cool says:

    awesome photo!

  12. Practically Perfect In Every Way says:

    did you read this today? http://nieniedialogues.blogspo.....d-pat.html
    always 2 sides to every haircut! yours is adorable btw (nie nie’s not so much)

  13. WendyB says:

    PPIEW – Ha! Thanks for pointing that out. I totally forgot that I had supershort hair in my early teens too and was also mistaken for a boy, though not as traumatically as NieNie was!

  14. amanda says:

    that is such a great shot, & you look amazing!

  15. Grant Miller says:

    I had that same leather jacket in high school. It was very Marlon Brando, I thought.

    But as I grew, I tried to continue wearing it even though it was ridiculously small on me.

  16. Holy crap, Wendy, this is such a cool pic!