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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My hair guru, Keith Carpenter, has been snipping away at the left side of my ‘do since July. The asymmetrical hair of the punk ’70s and New Wave ’80s really appeals to me lately. Keith sheared me a little shorter yesterday before I went to a dinner. This is the shortest that section of my hair has been so far (it’s on the right side in this photo). I like the way it makes my earrings more visible. I was happy to be able to wear October’s Jewel of the Month, my Marie Antoinette earrings. I had sent them to get their photo taken for a design contest I entered and just got them back. The voting by jewelry industry peeps starts shortly. Cross your fingers!

What Wendy Wore to the 2012 Knight-Bagehot Dinner
Dress: Zang Toi (2010)
Shawl: Zang Toi
Shoes: Lagerfeld (1994)
Purse: Louis Vuitton (2001)
Earrings: My own Marie Antoinette design

I really don’t know what my right eye is doing in that photo. Take another look at that. My left eye is all, “Hello, camera! Nice to see you!” and my right eye is like, “Hey, what’s going on down the street?” It makes me think of the Family Guy episode where Peter said of actor Steve Buscemi, “Every one of his teeth is in business for itself.”

One of Steve Buscemi’s teeth is checking out Scarlett Johansson’s cleavage. Click for source.

Family Guy truly covers all situations. Anyway, while I’m thinking of hair, I have to repost this picture of 1970s punk chick Soo Catwoman.

Photo by Ray Stevenson, from Soo’s website. Click for source.

I’ve been obsessed with this image for years! The hair, the makeup … and check out that awesome, single skull earring. Yeah, I’m loving the single earring these days.

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20 Responses to “Snipping Away”

  1. Sheila says:

    You look stunning in this outfit, Wendy – what a cool shawl. Love the sleeves on it!

    I am also really grooving on the 80s hair coming back – it’s like Cyndi Lauper all over again! I’m nearly back at my 1985 ‘do (I had green bangs then). You really suit this look!

    • WendyB says:

      Have you posted your ’85 ‘do? I feel like I haven’t seen it and I want to! You know what I’m really enjoying about the punkish hair revival? It’s so not traditionally “sexy.” It’s the perfect antidote to years of bandage dresses.

  2. Okay 2nd try… I think you should go even shorter! Hey if you’re gonna do asymmetrical go for it! Always loved looking at Soo Catwoman. She was such a permanent fixture on the London punk scene back in my wild youth. She was gorgeous enough to pull of that hairdo as well! XXX

    • WendyB says:

      I expect I will…Keith and I need to strategize though and talk it through when he doesn’t have an appointment right after me. We’re very serious about hair!

      • WendyB says:

        P.S. there is a little shaved part under there. I’ll get a shot of it this week.

      • Holy crap you just reminded me of several weird-ass ‘do’s I had. In the late 70’s it was short — over my ear — going to chin length bob length. The best was when I had a mohawk — it was totally shaved, but I let the top grow long enough to cut it into a bob, so when i had to do “corporate” gigs no one knew any better, but come evening and I had the BEST mohawk! XXX

      • WendyB says:

        That’s kind of what we are working towards — something that can be disguised because I do have certain responsibilities where I can’t turn up looking like Soo! But I am bored with 100% safe. That’s why we are putting so much thought into it! Gotta meet both requirements!

  3. Be Inspired! says:

    I love the whole deal… hair, color of your dress and that sweet little tote!

    I’ll be in NY around Xmas. Do you wanna get together, dear?

  4. sulky kitten says:

    Love the dress on you. You’ve got such a pretty face you could do anything with your wig and still look great. When I was a lot younger I took the plunge and had my hair cut short, but with a bouffant side shade thing going on. My mother burst into tears of rage and told me I looked like “that weirdo! David Bowie!

  5. Megan Mae says:

    Your hair is totally rocking. I love that it shows off your earrings. My biggest reason for skipping earrings is because my hair eats them. I missed the 80s, but I’ve been wanting a punk hair cut for awhile now.

    • WendyB says:

      DO IT! I think the receptionist in one of my manufacturer’s places is going to turn up with something because she loved my shaved bit so much. Just showed her today.

  6. Jenmarie says:

    What a unique and fun way to have your hair styled! I haven’t really seen the one earring thing but the famous make-up artist Kandee Jonhson often wears two different kinds of earrings. It’s all about playing around until you find something you like!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I think your bangs are just obscuring our view of your eye, and your vision of the camera. Does that work?

    I’m glad to see that my favorite earrings went out on the town. I bet they sneak out once a week to see what’s up out there–whether they’re at your place, or in the contest people’s hands. They probably get up to all sorts of adventures.

    I’d like to see them on an Oscar-Nominated actress on the red carpet next season.

  8. Now I will be saying “ombre purple” all day long! You look amazing, and more asymmetry, awesome! Yes, it really is about time there was more elbow room for punk ‘do’s and other non-explicitly-sexy styling.

    I agree with the commenter above about your bangs contributing to your appearance of being all-seeing – though that is pretty nifty too.

  9. stacy says:

    I can’t believe you “gave up” Keith! Anyway, I love the hair. Push it even more! You look great in Zang’s dress (always been one of my favs) and the Marie A. earrings really worked perfectly.

    OMG, I just saw that Family Guy the other day! But, I really like Steve Buscemi!