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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I’m not ready to get back to regular, non-holiday life. Also, I just realized that I didn’t do a “what I wore in 2011” wrap-up. So I’m going to fend off reality another day by doing that lazy-ass post. (Click the photos to go to the original posts.) Actually, we can make this exercise useful. Whenever someone asks me to describe my style, I can’t come up with a cute answer like “man repelling” or “urban safari” or whatever the kids say these days. Here’s a year’s worth of photos; what do YOU think my style is? Be warned: the WendyB pose dominates these pictures.

What Wendy Wore in 2011: One Photo a Month

January 2011. Wearing Zang Toi for New Year's Eve.

February 2011. Wearing Zang Toi to meet Arianna Huffington.

March 2011: Wearing Alexander McQueen top in Miami.

April 2011: Got everything in this photo before 2005.

May 2011: Violating the anti-head-to-toe rule.

June 2011: My uniform. Black t-shirt, jeans, interesting heels.

July 2011: Castelbajac sailor outfit.

August 2011: Black t-shirt and Alexander McQueen bag at Lollapalooza.

September 2011: Wearing a Castelbajac Lego dress and posing with Lady Smaggle.

October 2011: Vintage peplum jacket.

November 2011: Vintage gown.

I didn’t do any outfit posts for December because I wore black tops and jeans all months. Here’s a photo of that look from November.

Pretend this is from December 2011: It's my uniform.

As gorgeous blogger Marian Kihogo would say, “What say thou?


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40 Responses to “What Wendy Wore in 2011”

  1. Mallory says:

    That vintage jacket from October is AMAZING. Love love love!

    Hope you have a fabulous 2012!

  2. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Love it that you love Colour. Love the Wendy B Official Pose x

  3. Candice says:

    I would describle your style as Individually Fashionable but not trendy.

    You always look fab!

  4. Cameron says:

    I loved your color-blocked heels and your CPJ outfit that year! Look forward to seeing what you plan to wear in 2012! xoxoxo

  5. Mary says:

    I am not compos mentis enough post NYE to pen appropriate nomenclature for your stylings. As someone who makes themselves sick with all the black clothing I wear, yet still can’t bust out, I am incredibly impressed with your use of colour. Huzzah, you look fab! Here’s to a most triumphant 2012.

    • WendyB says:

      I wear color for going out in the evenings only! All day I wear black. I kind of have it reversed. I think other peeps wear color in the day and black at night? Anyway, black is so easy, I can never give it up!

  6. Wahhhh!

    I miss you!


  7. I could use a couple more days off … I love those pants concoctions of yours (April & July).

  8. sulky kitten says:

    I say Urban Minx !

    • WendyB says:

      Actually I was just wondering if I could rip you off and call my style “sulky kitten.” It doesn’t mean anything, but many style descriptions don’t. I think people would be scared to challenge me…

  9. I think your style is glamorous and fun – sorry I can’t think of anything cute either. I’ve still got Holiday Head & can’t even come up with a lazy ass post for my blog. Think I’ll go back to bed!

  10. I am so not ready to go back to normal life yet either. I love all of your outfits, so much colour. I think it would be very difficult to pinpoint just one word to describe your style.Happy New Year!

    • WendyB says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble coming up with something. Everyone else has such cute, concise descriptions of themselves. Peer pressure!

  11. You look fab in all the pics!!! Loving the November vintage gown:)

  12. Wendy, I really loved seeing all of these together! you will have to really work hard to top 2011…some amazing looks…lots of inspiration here!

    • WendyB says:

      Well, I’m going to be wearing some more Zang Toi and Stacy Lomman designs, so there will be at least some guaranteed impressive looks!

  13. stacy says:

    You wear everything well. I mean, you could wear a sheet and make it work. But, I think I’m leaning toward the peplum as my fav!

  14. Samar says:

    You have a Lego dress!?! How did I miss that — love it!

  15. I loved seeing your outfits throughout 2011!! I don’t know what I would call your style…maybe eclectic fabulousness!

  16. Tina says:

    Regular, non-holiday life at the office blows. Think anyone would notice if I started mixing cocktails at my desk? And I don’t think this is a lazy post. It required photo research!

  17. Cara says:

    Uninhibited or bold.

  18. Tricia says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen two of these, what kind of a Wendy Brandes follower am I, for shame!

  19. Leslie H says:

    I’d call you “Adventurously Classic” or “Classically Adventurous” — feel free to use either one moving forward 😉

  20. Megan Mae says:

    Not sure which I love best, the McQueen top or the pineapple skirt. Okay, both. I love your steps outside the black tee and jeans uniform. They’re all fun and fabulous.

  21. Tracy says:

    That vintage peplum jacket made my jaw hit the ground. Gorgeous.

  22. brett says:

    great recap and the pose is great
    my young nieces like to do poses like “aunt brett” crazy thing is the poses they do are not anything i would remotely do lol

  23. Great glamourous 2011 review. Your outfits are diverse masterpieces!

  24. SiouxsieL says:

    I’d like to echo Tracy’s comment above. If you ever decide to sell it, please post about it here. In the meantime, I’m starting an ebay search.

  25. Terri says:

    October is my favorite!

  26. Susan Tiner says:

    Fun wrap up. I think your style is Laugh Head. Ask Mr. B if I’m right :).

  27. Keely says:

    Your style is amazing! Such a work of art…with new and interesting shapes and colors.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    A year of hits!

    Calendar of cool!