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Monday, January 24, 2011

Once, when my father, GeorgeB, was struggling to take an acceptable outfit photo of me for this blog (“Move! Don’t stand there like a statue!”), I said sadly, “I have only one pose.”

“Be thankful,” GeorgeB replied, “Some people don’t even have one.” It was the fashion-blogger version of “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

So, while I admire all the fashion bloggers who pose pigeon-toed, crouching, leaping, pouting, looking away from the camera, or coyly laughing at a joke only they know, I continue to stand stock-still, cross my legs, plant my hand(s) on my hip and smile into the camera.

2008 photo by Craig of Altamira.

I was probably smiling even though my face isn't in this 2008 photo.

Zang Toi's presence doesn't throw me off my fierce posing game.

Shivering in a vintage skirt in December 2009.

Doing it backwards in December 2009.

On the way to see SATC2 in May 2010.

Dressed like The Nanny in December 2010.

Imagine my shock yesterday when, while reading the New York Times, I noticed “On the Street” photographer Bill Cunningham’s words about “a new posture.”

“Every era has a defining stance, and at present, it is standing with your legs crossed, like a model or a dancer en pointe.”

WTF?! Bitches stole my pose!

Photo by Bill Cunningham/New York Times. Click for source and more examples.

Photo by Bill Cunningham/New York Times.

Photo by Bill Cunningham/New York Times.

Normally, I don’t mind being a trendsetter but this time I don’t have enough poses to go around. Get your own, ladies! And don’t even THINK of adding a big, red-lipstick smile to the leg cross or I’ma get all “hold my earrings” on your asses.

UPDATED TO ADD: Erin from Work With What You’ve Got, who left the first comment here (and didn’t even write “FIRST!!!!111!!! because she’s classy that way), has inspired me to request your pictures of your WendyB poses for a mega-stolen-pose post. Leave ’em in the comments or holla at me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com.

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46 Responses to “WendyB Called. She Wants Her Pose Back.”

  1. erindyan says:


    I kind of want to do a tribute pose now, but I’m afraid you’ll rip out my weave!

  2. Sally says:

    I wonder if you can copyright a pose?

    And I’ll be first in line for the mega-pose-post! http://www.alreadypretty.com/2.....11111.html

  3. deja pseu says:

    HAH! I was just looking at that feature and was about to e-mail you to see if you’d seen it!

  4. All the posers who copy you look like they have to go pee-pee. You make it look chic and not a response to number 1 calling.;-)

  5. Georgeb says:

    Where’s my Montauk beach photo.

  6. Ha! I accidentally stole your pose for my birthday this year. Plus, I think my photographer might actually have commented on my looking ‘a bit WendyB’… 😉


    Forgive me!

  7. I would argue that you have two poses – never under-estimate the difference between one hand on hip and two. This made me laugh so much. Thanks for cheering me up after a really difficult day.

    I checked my archives and I hope you don’t mind but I seem to have stolen your pose too here (http://dailyclothesfix.blogspo.....antee.html) and here (http://dailyclothesfix.blogspo.....flare.html). Please let me know how I can atone for breach of copyright.

  8. Lenya Jones says:

    Am so going to work on this today!

  9. Oh my gawd, La Belette, you’re totally right! Wendy’s crossed legs are so chic and not desperate.
    Looking for crossed-leg post now, but having no luck, so obviously your pose is safe from me, WendyB.

  10. stacy says:

    It works for you because you have such sleek legs!
    LOL @ the Nanny comment!

  11. Christine says:

    It’s still your pose!!!! No one does it like you.

  12. Jen says:

    I read that movie stars use this pose on the red carpet because it makes their legs look skinnier. That’s what I think every time I use it on my blog. 🙂

    • WendyB says:

      I think I started using it many years ago after I read that Jackie Kennedy used it to hide her bow-leggedness. But a cursory search of Google hasn’t turned up any confirmation of that factoid (yet).

  13. K-Line says:

    OK, now I want to steal that pose – I need something to make me look a little bit less “I’m standing there like an awkward deer caught in the headlights.

  14. Eli says:

    You know, in all these years I have been a WB blog reader, I never noticed the same pose! But you rock it like no one else! Note to self: Never stand pigeon toed again

  15. Someone says:

    I myself definitely *do not* admire the pigeon-toed pose. It is dumb to start with, but what is worse, such an overused cliché now. I gag whenever I see it. So cheers to you for not doing that. 🙂

  16. Rubiatonta says:

    As I was scrolling through your post, I thought, “Just like Bill Cunningham’s piece yesterday!” Oh, we of great minds thinking alike.

    Alas, when I stand in something resembling your pose, it’s because the line for the ladies’ room is moving too slowly! (Sometimes also with a little hopping, just for the elan of it.)

  17. You’ve now inspired me to put on head to toe leopard and try “the Wendy”!

  18. I think I’ve been doing versions of your pose ever since Lar and I started AsianCajuns. Lar is much better than me at changing up her poses – I have a whole blog to prove it!

  19. jentine says:

    I will go search for a Wendy B pose… though I am afraid to show you because I fear your pose ownership wrath.
    P.s. Yesterday I told my friend we needed to go shopping because I was looking for sequin pants… as if sequin pants are easy to find in this neck of the woods… I will never pose like you in exchange for your pants. yesh?

  20. Jacqueline says:

    The few times I’ve tried the leg cross it’s been a disaster. Maybe if I add the hip on hand it will look better. BTW you have fabulous legs. I just really noticed them (in a totally non pervy way) in the lower half body shot.

  21. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear!! I must try this with my legs, I do have much of a muchness with the same stance, but I’ve not tried crossing my legs within my pose-you have a great poise and look so natural when you do it!! xx

  22. lisa says:

    I stand in front of the mirrow with crossed legs for outfit shots lol. But the classic Wendy (hands on hips, crossed legs, big smile) looks so good! I don’t think Bill Cunningham’s subjects can compare.

  23. Yes! Let’s all have a pose-off. We should take it out to the street.

  24. Ah the rest of them are lame! It is your pose and you own it. I’m going to try it, maybe once – although my one is side on head thrown back and one leg up in the air – bonkers!

  25. If you’re onto a good thing, stick to it! But I have been getting into the motion poses a bit lately.. it helps when it’s a windy day and you’re wearing a cape or something flowy! See?

  26. Lol, Wendy. Own your pose! But, don’t be afraid to try something else. I’m thinking fashionable cartwheel….

  27. WTF?! indeed!

    But this post was most entertaining! Thank you, you trendsetter you!

  28. Tina says:

    How do you decide if the pose should be one or two handed? The outfit or your mood? Love all of the photographic evidence!

  29. I think I have knocked off some WendyB poses here and there… but I don’t post images of myself online, so it is OK! 🙂

    You better trademark that pose stat! Lots of thievery going on lately.

  30. Mish Dish says:

    Arrest me…I do the pose too! LOL. Very funny post Wendy.

  31. OakGem says:

    This was hilarious! You go trendsetter!

  32. I just looked back at the last four entries on my blog…it appears I’ve stolen your trademarked pose in all of them! Oops! My favorite is in this post…

  33. Hey kiddo, you are right there on trend, as always. Xxxx

  34. Kristin says:

    I now must do a Wendy B tribute with my next outfit post. I never do “cool” poses either. Your trademark pose looks a whole lot cooler than any of my attempts. Just sayin’.

  35. Sheila says:

    I’m totally doing this pose tomorrow! I will link back to you. 🙂

  36. ediot says:

    loved seeing all these looks- and poses 😉
    you look stunning. and i absolutely love the first outfit


  37. lei ann says:

    ahaha…i have to admit that i usually steal only “half” your pose. i do the double hands on hip, but am usually pigeon-toed. still i’m gonna send you my best wendy b. stolen pose 😉

  38. Cheryl Lynn says:

    Hi Wendy B. Wow, those photos are great. I really like the animal print at the SATC premier. You look stunning! I recently started standing that way, but no one takes pictures of me because I’m not as famous as you, yet LOL! I’m so sorry I unknowingly stole your pose. Every time I do it, though, I’ll be thinking of you…

    Have a great evening!