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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

After mentioning in my last post that I needed to test my new Blue Moon liquid lipstick by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, I couldn’t resist doing it immediately, so I wore it yesterday afternoon.

The color is electrifying and goes on perfectly opaque. As I expected from a liquid lipstick, it feels very dry once it sets. I used to loathe any lipstick that wasn’t hydrating, but now I like the dry ones because it means the color isn’t going to feather around the lip line. The more “mature” you get, the more you want to avoid feathering, trust me. Little lines you can’t see in the mirror are suddenly very visible when color makes its way into them. I apply a little clear lip gloss very lightly, well away from the edges, to alleviate the dryness with liquid and matte lipsticks.


The color lasted all day, though it did transfer onto other surfaces. Sigh. Only my Lasting Lust red by MAC is transfer-free so far. (It has occurred to me that I want the lipstick equivalent of a tattoo — full coverage, no feathering, no transfer, lasts forever.) Still, I did like the product.

Unfortunately, I had an epic style fail while wearing Blue Moon. The color is SO outrageous that the rest of my look really needed to match. I should have gone for extreme black eye liner, a special Julie Matos hairstyle, and an Outfit with a capital O. Wearing this with my everyday street look was not the business.


This is just wrong.

I realized belatedly that I looked like my lips were going to a rave, while the rest of me was going to drop the kids off at their soccer practice. It didn’t help that I felt extra-dowdy in one of my few button-front shirts. I’m not a big fan of button-front shirts, but I was working on a friend’s video project, and every other camera-worthy, solid-colored top seemed to be in the laundry. I’m sure going to look … interesting … on video. Well, that’s one way to get comments on YouTube! I’ll have to go with the sentiment expressed by the necklace I wore yesterday: IDGAF.


Get your own gold IDGAF necklace from my website here. You can also check out my other interesting lip colors — green, black and purple — in yesterday’s post.  And please read my Huffington Post story on the independent cosmetics companies that are producing all these great lipsticks. The ones I highlighted were all started by women. Yay for lady entrepreneurs!


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6 Responses to “Blue Lipstick #3 by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics”

  1. I love all the coloured lipsticks – so fun! You look amazing in the blues and purples, Wendy. Man, I did blue lipstick back in the 80s…am I too old to try it now?? What am I saying? Of course not!

  2. Lynn says:

    I noticed in the HuffPo article that the most fabulous-looking wimmins were sporting eyeliner as outrageous as their lips. I don’t think you need to step up your entire game. Just dress your eyeballs for the same party as your mouth!

    • WendyB says:

      Ha ha! Yes, exactly. All those things about highlight the mouth OR the eyes but not both? Totally not working with blue lips!

  3. This is a really pretty blue, dear Wendy…and wearing it on your lips is singularly “IDGAF!!” I actually think it’s awesome that you wore it with an otherwise very conservative look (by the way…I feel exactly the same way about button-downs!!) Are we going to get to see this “interesting” video at some point?!
    P.S. Your faux-hawk hairstyle in that New Year’s post is gorgeous!!