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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

For my New Year’s Eve dinner with 15 friends at Balthazar last night, I got out a vintage Versace dress that I haven’t worn since I rang in the year 2008 at my combination New Year’s/40th birthday party.

full length view of dressresize

The dress in 2008. Click for original post.

The dress is from a 1992 Versace collection. When I got it in 2007, I was worried it was “too young” for me, but, at the same time, I loved it. It’s got a crinoline under the skirt, and crinolines bring me right back to the ’80s and Cyndi Lauper’s style. Seeing as my fashion motto is “Wear What You Want,” the crinoline won out. In fact, I had originally planned to wear this dress again last New Year’s Eve, because I thought it would be funny to continue wearing a “too young” dress every five years until it and/or I fall apart. But then I found a crazier dress that I simply had to wear to celebrate 2013.


Last year’s New Year’s Eve look. Click for original post.

I didn’t forget my plan to re-wear the Versace, though, so here it is, one year later than originally scheduled.

dressresizeWhat Wendy Wore
Dress: Vintage Versace (acquired 2007, previously seen here)
Shoes: Miu Miu (2010, recently seen here)
Pearl choker: From my personal collection
Watch: Hermes (2000, previously seen here)
Lip color: Heroine by MAC
Weird blue thing on wrist: Just a lei from the party
Hair: Styled by Julie Matos from Warren Tricomi
Makeup: Done by Tennille Nielsen

Because the shape and length of the dress reminded me a little of Annie Lennox’s Minnie Mouse outfit at the 1995 Grammys, I asked hair stylist Julie Matos to punk up my hair a bit to cut down on the cuteness quotient.  I was very happy with the faux-hawk-ish result. Here’s the side view.

hair profile

And here are two other views. From the left …


… and from the right.


I felt the purple lipstick and studded shoes also balanced out the dress, as did my turquoise skull ring. You can glimpse the ring in this photo of me with Julie — who joined us for dinner — and my other hair guru, Keith Carpenter.


I’d been wanting to get my two favorite hair experts together for several years now and I managed to do it last night. I can hardly believe I got such a long-term project taken care of right at the start of 2014. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already that I can just take it easy for the next 12 months … right?


Hoping your 2014 is full of great accomplishments!

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18 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Vintage Versace for New Year’s Eve”

  1. Love it! And the regular Balthazar bash Happy New Year xx

  2. faux Fuchsia says:

    was dying to see what you wore!!!! Looks excellent Wendy! x

  3. Louise says:

    So gorgeous! I think the hair, makeup and shoes really did strike the right balance. The lipstick color is so unusual, and worked well with your coloring.

    Happy New Year, Wendy. Thanks for your fun and thoughtful writing. I appreciate the work that goes into keeping your blog fresh and interesting.

  4. most excellent hair, lips and dress! You are a New Year’s hottie.

  5. Amanda says:

    Fabulous dress! Has to be one of favorites.

  6. stacy says:

    You looked fabulous!

  7. Daenel T says:

    How fun are those dresses!

    I’m from the Cyndi Lauper/Madonna age too, so I totally get the crinoline love. That lipstick and ring are all kinds of fabulous too.

  8. Love that dress – you look absolutely fabulous, Wendy! I also did a dress with a crinoline – I’m sure they don’t ever really go out of fashion!

    A very Happy New Year to you and Mr. B (and the furry fam).

  9. Elizabeth says:

    What a superb look! I’m so glad you got that dress, because I get to see you wear it! I absolutely love that hairstyle.

    How cool that you got both hair gurus together. They’ve been making you gorgeous for years. I hope they had a self-congratulatory, back-slapping session extraordinaire!

    Happy New Year. I give you permission to take it easy after all you’ve accomplished.

    • WendyB says:

      I’ve been trying to get those two together for years! Julie wasn’t even planning to go out on New Year’s but when I told her Keith was coming, I was able to persuade her!