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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A couple of people have asked me to comment on the red lipstick I wear. I’ve been feeling unqualified to do so because — even though I used to have a whole wardrobe of red lipsticks — I’ve been boringly faithful to MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcolor in Lasting Lust for more than a year. As I mentioned here, I was introduced to it by a London makeup artist. I think it’s the perfect red.

The night I met my perfect lipstick.

In my previous post, I described how Lasting Lust really, really lasts. Since that post, I fell asleep with it on one night and woke up with it perfectly in place the next morning. I always had a strange knack for keeping my lipstick on my lips, but this product amazes me. Now I rarely want to use anything else.

Showing off my Lasting Lust in July 2008
Photo by GeorgeB

But, just to satisfy you lipstick-loving bloggers, I’m going to get out a bunch of my old red lipsticks and try them on for you. Luckily, my charming friend Greg gave me a few reds for my birthday so I have some new material as well. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can read Super Kawaii Mama’s post on how to wear red lipstick.

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24 Responses to “Red Lipstick #1: MAC’s Lasting Lust”

  1. enc says:

    Oh, I LOVE red lipstick! On someone else, not me. It’s a great look for you, especially with your great skin and dark hair. I can’t wait to see the other ones.

  2. ♥ Marta ♥ says:

    that colour is truly ideal … you’re one of very few people who can pull of red lips for everyday. It looks beautiful on you.

  3. Marmalade Wombat says:

    you and super kawaii mama look so glamourous.
    i am so envious.
    🙁 i have bad coordination and end up looking like the Joker. or like i have rabies or like i’ve been dining with hannibal lector.

  4. Sharon Rose says:

    Oh dear-this has to be another one for the Autumn wishlist-when we got together, I did enviously note how gorgeous your lip colour was ALL day-I will have to wait for this purchase though-haha!!

  5. Deja Pseu says:

    Wendy, red lipstick looks fantastic on you. I’ve always wanted to wear red, but with one exception, (and a discontinued color, natch!) have never been able to pull it off.

  6. Prunella Jones says:

    Those red lips are fab! You always look so sassy.

    IS that an Amy Winehouse hairdo in the first pic?

  7. Renaissance Woman says:

    I love that MAC product. I have the same but in a different color. Love red lips…but don’t always feel like I can pull it off.

  8. Jill Sherman says:

    Wendy, you wear red so perfectly!

  9. Miss Janey says:

    it really is fabulous. Perect on you.

  10. KiKi says:

    i always wondered what lipstick you wore it always looks so right and in place

  11. AlicePleasance says:

    That lipstick is perfect on you! It’s so difficult to find the right red…

  12. The Guv'ner says:

    I look truly heinous in red lipstick of any shade I’ve tried so I’m jealous 🙁 What red does a pale skinned, strawberry blonde chick wear? Sniff!

  13. The Guv'ner says:

    I look truly heinous in red lipstick of any shade I’ve tried so I’m jealous 🙁 What red does a pale skinned, strawberry blonde chick wear? Sniff!

  14. Winnie says:

    You always look awesome in your red lippie, now we know your secret! *Bloggers rush off to their nearest MAC counters…*

  15. Times of Glory says:

    Dear, you look incredib in that red lipstick! I love MAC and your colour is like measured for you! It looks so natural and beautiful! I love red lips too – mysterious, sexy and absolutely classy xxxxxxxx

  16. Danz says:

    Wendy, you look so glam and beautiful in your red lipstick. It always looks amazing against your gorgeous skin and dark features!

  17. Spandexpony says:

    there’s something in the air! I don’t usually go for lipstick, but I’ve been craving a red color for myself as well, lately! Fab color by the way!

  18. Super Kawaii Mama says:

    I can’t wait to see the collection. My latest red obsession is a shade between red and hot pink – a lovely raspberry tone. Thanks for the mention too. 🙂

  19. styleslicker says:

    that red really suits you wendy!!

  20. WendyB says:

    To all the people who say they can’t pull off red lips — I think there’s a shade of red to suit nearly everyone. Plus you just have to try it a few days instead of panicking five minutes after you put the lipstick on. Something new always feels funny at first! When I first tried on red, I didn’t think I could do it either.

  21. that girl ? says:

    I love MAC and love red lipstick! I have about 7 different red shades in my make up drawer! Which reminds me I really do need to sort that out! Have a great last vacation day!

  22. Always In Style says:

    Wendy – that shade is terrific on you – I love it!

  23. NancyJ says:

    Huh – the 2nd blog I’ve read today that talked about MAC lipstick. I spend more money trying to find the “perfect” shade – or what I think is the perfect shade. And then I put it one maybe once every 4 days and never reapply it during the day…

  24. Jennine says:

    Omg I believe you fell asleep and it was still on.. I remember the time I borrowed it and you told me to apply the gloss as soon as the red pigment dried and like an idiot I did not listen and only applied the pigment.. Needless to say I had to remove it with sandpaper.