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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gorgeous designer Stacy Lomman and I have talked about going back to Coney Island since our last visit in 2010.  Yesterday, we finally did it!

We spent a couple of hours on the beach. Stacy worked on her tan and I worked on maintaining my pallor.


My leg, her arm.

Then we went to the boardwalk so I could get a Nathan’s Famous hot dog.

coneyislandhatresizeWhat Wendy Wore
Hat: Purchased from Urban Outfitters for Lollapalooza (2011)
Sunglasses: Prada (2013)
T-shirt: From Tate Modern (2013)
Shorts: JC de Castelbajac (2013)
Wedge sneakers: Ash Shoes (2012)

After we got temporary tattoos (it’s tradition!), I contemplated the Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel. I’d really enjoyed it last time, but it seemed awfully tall and intimidating yesterday.


It looked kind of scary (check out my dragon “tattoo”).

I decided I couldn’t live with myself if I chickened out, so I went on and wound up enjoying it immensely.


Waving at Stacy on the ground.

Here’s a little video of the view.

I rode the Wonder Wheel by myself because Stacy was too scared. She’s even scared of the kiddie rides! But she did win a blue dolphin by throwing darts at balloons.


The dolphin’s eyes reminded us of the brain-damaged horse on Family Guy.


Click to watch the clip of the brain-damaged horse.

We named the dolphin “Googly Eye Sugar Cube” in honor of the brain-damaged horse.  (Family Guy fans, wouldn’t that name fit in perfectly with the Handi-Quacks?) Stacy gave me Googly Eye Sugar Cube as a present for FitzRoy (the permanent cat) and Portia (the visiting cat). They fled in terror when they saw it.

We hope to get back to Coney Island before the end of the summer instead of waiting for several years. It’s an ambitious plan, so don’t believe it till you see it!

UPDATED TO ADD: The highlight of the day was a conversation we had with a stranger on the subway on the way to the beach. I don’t know how I left it out of this post! Luckily, Stacy has it in her post here.

UPDATED AGAIN TO ADD: I linked this to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday post. Click here to see all the other visible wimmins.

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17 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Coney Island Adventure”

  1. Stacy says:

    Hilarious post! Best day ever!
    Poor Googly Eye. I hope he makes friends.

  2. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear-just adore your beach outfit of choice, the tee and the hat are gorgeous and Stacy looks lovely too, so pleased you both had a fun time!! xxx

  3. Purple Ivy says:

    Cool photos and tee.

  4. So much fun and a perfect outfits – love the pockets-full-of-lightning shorts with the T, and Stacy’s pop-eyed friend!

  5. annemarie says:

    Ah shucks, that looks like a glorious day. You ladies look lovely

  6. Shelley says:

    I have always wanted to go to Coney Island, but I usually go to NY in the late fall, and I’ve never had time to get there. Your outfit is perfect for hotdog eating and Wonder Wheel riding!

  7. Two fabulous beach babes! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. Tiffany Ima says:

    Hey Wendy!

    Love that T-shirt and your hat 🙂

  9. You look like a teen! So cute … and stay pale. Was the Coney dog good? I’ve always wondered if they were super good … but I do know that when you’re out having a grand time at places like this, everything you eat tastes amazing.