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Friday, April 5, 2013

I was seriously into eyeshadow during my teen years in the 1980s but now my favorite kind of makeup is lipstick. Red is my everyday color and I’ve got two perfect, long-lasting reds (one from MAC and one from Chanel). I’ve temporarily given up on my search for the right shade of purple after too many disappointments. On the plus side, while I still haven’t found the bright pink of my dreams in the no-transfer, long-wearing formula that I prefer, I’ve found two good pink shades this year.

I first tried Tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in Lively in January, when I wore it to Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Awards. I’ve worn it quite a few times since. But the vibrant color I wore to The Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscar party last month was even more fabulous. Quite a few ladies have asked me about the lipstick since I posted this photo.


Last week, I finally emailed gorgeous makeup expert Stephanie Daniel to ask for the name of the lipstick she used on me that night. Like a lot of makeup artists, she takes products out of their original packaging and puts them in palettes for easier transportation, so she didn’t remember which one it was when I asked about it the night of the party. Later, I wasn’t sure how much I cared because, like I said, this lipstick wasn’t the never-comes-off-ever formula that I prefer to wear. But I kept thinking of how much I liked the color and decided it was worth potential touch-ups to wear it. It is Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in #11, Rose Culte. You can get it at Bergdorf Goodman (and many other stores) for $34. Of course, I read the Makeup Alley reviews before I splurged. If you’re a big makeup fan — or even a minor one, like me — Makeup Alley is essential reading.

Expect to see more Rose Culte on the blog soon!

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8 Responses to “Pink Lipstick Recommendation: YSL Rouge Volupte in Rose Culte”

  1. It’s gorgeous on you. My go-to pink is actual a Chanel and it’s lovely, but not as bright as yours. I’d like to find something that vibrant; it’s just fabulous!

  2. Patni says:

    OMG…I got this EXACT lipstick a few weeks ago after trying it on in Duty Free and melting down on how awesome it was.
    I am a red everyday girl too, but now i put that pink stuff on morning noon and night. YSL for ever.

  3. Patni says:

    The one cheap lipstick I love even though it never stays is Revlon, Cherries in the snow, which is a color they have made since the forties. This lipstick is very similar, but stays way better and feels better on the lips.So I was excited.

  4. sulky kitten says:

    A lipstick that lasts without drying out your lips is the Holy Grail. Love MUA!

  5. Gorgeous. I read MUA all the time, but – doh! – usually *after* I buy something.

  6. I keep meaning to try your main brand — it’s MAC lust isn’t it?

  7. J. says:

    Super pretty! I just started getting into lipstick, (more of an eye person,) and I was wondering if you have any orange suggestions?

    • WendyB says:

      Morange by MAC is really orange. I tried it but it didn\’t look good on me. So Chaud (also by MAC) is more of an orange red that I like.