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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I’m in Los Angeles for Oscar festivities! I’m not going to the ceremony this time, but that’s okay. I’ve already lurked seductively behind George Clooney on the Oscar red carpet once in my life — who could ask for anything more?


There I am, stalking George in 2006. Click for original post.

Last night was The Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscar part at Soho House. Dorothy Pomerantz, writing for financial magazine Forbes, recently said that if she and her colleagues could bestow a business Oscar, it would go to Weinstein’s Silver Linings Playbook. That’s because Silver Linings is likely to be the most profitable of all the movies nominated for Best Picture. Pomerantz reported that the film — which initially opened in only 16 theaters in November — has already brought in 7.3 times its production budget at the box office.

In honor of the movie’s big box office, I decided to go costumed as “big money” in the vintage dollar-print dress I wore to the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in September 2010. In this picture I took with gorgeous blogger Pamela at the conference, you can see I wore the dress with pointy-toed silver shoes.


Click for more dress photos.

While I was packing for my trip, gorgeous designer/blogger/wardrobe therapist Stacy Lomman came over to review my footwear options. She wasn’t excited by any of the usual possibilities, including the silver shoes. Suddenly she said, “How about your mom’s old boots?” I was amazed that she remembered that the cream-colored, studded boots by Casadei (previously seen here) had been purchased by my mother in 1986 or 1987, but Stacy just gave me a “That’s why they pay me the big bucks” look. I tried the combination on and thought it was perfect. After all, the dress isn’t a typical evening dress, so why wear typical evening shoes with it when I can wear these instead?


So ’80s!

Once I got the outfit together, I figured I wouldn’t be going for “pretty” in the beauty department. When one is wearing a giant dollar bill and studded boots, hair and makeup doesn’t need to be lowkey. I figure it’s just a couple hours out of my life if I go out looking ridiculous.  Big deal! That’s the thinking that led me to curls and pink eyeshadow for New Year’s Eve …


Click for original post.

… and a crazy updo for Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Awards.


Click for original post.

Earlier this month, when I saw my longtime hair guru Keith Carpenter, I went choppier and more asymmetrical with my ‘do. So, when I saw my L.A.-based hair/makeup expert Stephanie Daniel last night, I told her to try to show all of that off, and to be bold with the makeup as well. I wasn’t facing a mirror while Stephanie did her work, so when she finished and I went to look, I was thinking, “Remember, if you hate it, it’s just a couple of hours out of your life.” But I loved what she did.


Dramatic eyeliner goes well with my Empress Wu dragon earrings.

Here’s the whole look.


The crowning touch was my Stacy Lomman faux-ostrich jacket, which has been perfect for the cool temperatures here. This jacket got a lot of attention (and some uninvited petting) when I was going through the airport security line, wearing it with jeans. It also lends a touch of glamour to a long, crazy dress. Versatile!


What Wendy Wore to the Weinstein Party
Jacket: Stacy Lomman Fall 2012 collection (acquired 2013)
Dress: Christian Francis Roth from 1991 (purchased on eBay in 2009)
Boots: BarbaraB’s Casadei boots from 1986 or 1987
Hair and makeup: Stephanie Daniel
Earrings: My own Empress Wu dragon design
Ring: My own onyx skull ring design

Singer Tristan Prettyman performed a few songs at last night’s party. MrB and I were really taken by her music. It’s hard to play a crowd like that, what with everyone drinking and talking and showing off their breast implants. I suppose musicians grow accustomed to that situation but it can’t ever be easy, so I tweeted Tristan to tell her what a good job she did. To my amusement, she tweeted back:


Ha! A dollar dress definitely stands out in a crowd. I asked Tristan she would be playing in New York anytime soon and sure enough,she’s at Bowery Ballroom on March 12. MrB and I got our tickets as soon as we got back to our hotel room, after pausing for a moment in the lobby to take this photo.


Enjoy watching the Oscars tonight! I’ll be tuned in while Stephanie primps me for tonight’s Vanity Fair party. Will Angelina Jolie’s leg make another appearance on the broadcast? We can only hope.

UPDATED FEB. 26 TO ADD: I linked this to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday post. I was definitely very visible in my dollar-bill dress! Check out the post to see what other wimmins are wearing to stand out.

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17 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: The Weinstein Company Pre-Oscar Party”

  1. Grand Rapsta G says:

    You look fab.

  2. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Love the lippy! and the hair and everything else! Am watching the red carpet live as I type

  3. Lisa says:

    You look fantastic. And I’m so happy to see the Empress Wu earrings out for a spin!

  4. stacy says:

    LOVE everything. George would push Stacy K (but not Stacy L!) out of the way to get to you!

  5. Lynn says:

    Love you with Amy Winehouse’s eyes.
    May you live long and prosper

  6. Louise says:

    I love your attitude about fashion risk-taking: it’s only a few hours out of your life. So what if you or anyone else doesn’t like a particular look? That mantra must have some powerful ju-ju, because you really rock the high-glam styles! Big hair, bold makeup, outrageous vintage dresses, wild-ass shoes, and of course, awesome jewelry. Fab. U. Lous!

  7. Sheila says:

    I love the dress and boot combo – Stacy is so right. I also love that you’re taking chances with your hair and make-up – it’s so liberating!

  8. You look supa dupah Wendy! The dramatic eyeliner is perfect with your Empress Wu earrings and the dollar dress paired with Stacy’s jacket is fantastic. Love your big smile best of all.

  9. So fabulous. The boots are an inspired choice. And your hair/makeup are perfection for a night in Star-land. You shine! Thanks for linking up.

  10. The DOLLAR DRESS!!!! I have recently “liked” a bunch of Money print garments on LYST by ACNE. To be a DOLLAR BURRITO is beyond fabulous!