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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Okay, I wasn’t really WITH George Clooney, but I was pretty close to him. Here’s a photo of George doing his thing on the Oscar red carpet in 2006 while I lurk seductively in the background.

George and WendyB. Source forgotten.

My real date was MrB.

MrB and WendyB in 2006. Photo by Patrick McMullan.

I wore the same Zang Toi gown to an Obama inaugural party in 2009, but I wore my peacock feather shawl with it instead of carrying the peacock feather fan.

From an inaugural party.

Try not to miss me too much tonight, George Clooney!

UPDATED TO ADD: For everyone who is Googling “Why was [Wendy’s boyfriend] George Clooney mad at the Oscars?”…it was clearly because he was missing me.

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47 Responses to “Oscars Memory: Red Carpet With George Clooney”

  1. tess says:

    you look amazing in emerald

  2. OMG I love it. 🙂

    The dress, the lurking.. everything! That fan is amazing…

  3. Mmmm George Clooney. Yummy.

  4. oh wow! u look gorgeous wendy! love ur gown:) have fun tonight!


  5. lei ann says:

    hi wendy! i haven’t followed your blog for very long, only after the IFB conference, but i LOVE how cheeky funny you are!!! plus the peacock details are lovely…way to stand out 🙂

  6. Rosie says:

    You look great in green! I love that you can rock an emerald green dress with bright red lips and look classy and pretty

  7. K-Line says:

    You’ve gone to the Oscars?!?! You are seriously the most glamorous and practically famous person I know. Really. (I mean, I know some practically famous Canadians, but it doesn’t seem as thrilling :-))

  8. Charlene says:

    If I ever had the opportunity to attend the Oscars red carpet and dress up, I think I would damn near hypventilate. God forbid if I was near someone like George Clooney!

    And I’m really liking the peacock motif– beautiful emerald color!

  9. tris1978ton says:

    Beautiful dress. And of course, George Clooney, beautiful man!

  10. alixrose says:

    You look fabulous, but the best things is that I know someone who was that close to Georgie – GET OUT!!!!

    ooh my anti-spam word is Empress – Why yes I am! LOL!

  11. George looks like he is really missing you tonight. He would, I’m sure, proud as a peacock to have you by his side at the Oscars.

  12. Lexie says:

    i love your peacock accessories! my roomie dressed up as peacock for halloween .. she really could have used your gown i think!

  13. Tracie says:

    You have such exciting stories to share. I love the green dress. Hope George made it through the night without you. 😉

  14. Lenya Jones says:

    My antispam word was Olive Oyl which you definitely didn’t look like. Love the Green Gown and I bet George’s date was green with envy.

  15. Kristin says:

    I tried to play it cool when around the celebs in NYC. Your man candy Clooney is one dude who could most def make me lose said cool though. Killer gown lady!

  16. janettaylor says:

    Fab! fAB! FaB!

  17. I love that you have an Oscar story and bit part!!

  18. love that green colour!!! haha and you are so not lurking!

  19. Eva says:

    Wendy, you have such a great sense of humor. 🙂

  20. Jennifer says:

    You look amazing in green. Loved how you added the peacock details to it.

  21. That’s some pretty close proximity Wendy!
    You look gorgeous in emerald.

  22. enc says:

    You outshined George!

  23. lol @ the Clooney pic!!! That is too fabulous!!!! 🙂

  24. Jessica says:

    I am loving that green dress on you. It’s fabulous…and congrats on the pic w/clooney 😀 Love that you got to go!


  25. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-what a shame you could not keep Mr Clooney company, good thing for MrB though!!

  26. anjali says:

    Wow, that green gown is amazingly stunning on you! That’s probably my favorite thing I’ve seen you wear (out of many fantastic outfits!!).

  27. stacy says:

    Wendy, first of all, I love how you totally started the yellow arrow trend!! How did Jay Manuel manage to steal that from you so fast? You should get royalties. Speaking of royalty… you look stunningly gorgeous in these pix. George would be so lucky to have you as his “arm candy.” Oh… and you speak English!!!! Bonus!

  28. marian says:

    hahhah loved this, love the lurking shot, love the bit on the googling at end of post too!

  29. drollgirl says:

    i love your dress! such a gorgeous shade of green, and it looks rad with the feathers.

    george and i have talked about you. he says you are a big heartbreaker and that you were embarrassed to stand next to him. shame on you. shame on you!!!

  30. Jill says:

    Your such a doll! I think you did the peacock feathers before Nicole Kidman.

    Poor George and what a lucky man Mr. B is!

    Green is your friend too!

  31. Emerald is your color, darling! And I’m loving the way you work the peacock feathers! 🙂

  32. mimi says:

    At least you were at the oscar’s once.How great is that?

  33. lisa says:

    You look absolutely beautiful! I don’t blame George for being grumpy about your absence.

  34. PinkBow says:

    lucky you 🙂

  35. Missing you, certainly; and his Alec Baldwinesque hair circa Working Girl was misbehaving. Remember the pomade, George!

  36. Susan says:

    OMG, you look absolutely stunning!
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  37. Esme says:

    hehe too funny! You look gorgeous, though, I love that dress! Beautiful1

  38. suze says:

    I love your dress. What I don’t love….they keep posting that picture of George and I had just stepped out of the frame for a minute.

  39. Miss Janey says:

    Not only is WendyB gorgeous, she’s showed remarkable restraint. Had Miss J found herself that close to Clooney, he’d have found her tongue down his throat and Miss J would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. Mr. J would have understood, maybe not so much Mr. C.

  40. deja pseu says:

    That’s one of my favorites among your gorgeous gowns. Those peacock feathers are stunning. George obviously was missing you last night, saw him dab his eyes with a hanky.

  41. savvygal says:

    Gorgeous dress, gorgeous gal! : )

  42. Ela says:

    Look at you all fabulous {when are you not, LOL}! Love the peacock fan.

  43. indigo says:

    You went to the OSCARS? Oh my god! That must have been amazing. You look stunning. I love that you actually dress up all glamerous on a regular basis.

  44. Midtown Girl says:

    OMG this color looks FANTASTIC on you!! wow.

  45. Lynette says:

    I can’t think of a single color that wouldn’t look great on you, WendyB … well, except for cement!

  46. Maddy says:

    You’re too funny, Wendy! I love you peacock accessories! I have yet to see you in a color that you don’t look phenomenal in!

  47. Jess says:

    damn Wendy I’m not sure what I’m more envious of…your proximity to George Clooney, or all your peacock feathered accessories! You look just smashing in green my dear.