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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MrB and I went to Washington yesterday for an inauguration dinner.


We didn’t see the First Couple — Beyonce and Jay-Z — in person, nor did we see Barack and Michelle Obama, but we still had a good time.


A place setting at dinner.

I wore an emerald-green Zang Toi gown for the last inauguration. According to Pantone, emerald is THE color this year, but I didn’t feel like repeating that dress. Not only has that one gone to a presidential event … it has also lurked near George Clooney. I have to give other dresses a shot at greatness, so I opted for a shorter, blue-velvet dress by Zang.


Being silly in an elevator.

Any excuse to share Isabella Rossellini’s rendition of “Blue Velvet”!

I wore my Empress Wu dragon earrings. The “punk” side of my asymmetrical haircut really showed off its earring  nicely. I also used a new red lip color: Chanel’s Rouge Double Intensité in Ruby Lite. I don’t love its feel quite as much as my beloved Lasting Lust by MAC –it’s a bit drier — but it’s still pretty damn good! I might try it in another color.


MrB is a big fan of the velvet dress because it’s backless. Things like this get him really excited about fashion.



What Wendy Wore
Dress: Zang Toi (last seen on the blog in 2009)
Shoes: Lagerfeld (1994)
Evening bag: Alexander McQueen (2010)
Jewelry: My own designs

It’s a quick trip. We’ll be back home later today. In the meantime, blogger/designer/stylist/neighbor Stacy Lomman is pet-sitting for me. As you can see, the animals are giving her a tough time.


Parallel sleepers: Gigi the dog and FitzRoy the cat.

I hope she’s not overexerting herself while trying to keep up with them.

UPDATED TO ADD: I added my backless dress to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday post. Go over there to see what all the other lovely ladies are wearing.

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46 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Inauguration Day 2013”

  1. Mary Panjari says:

    I drool at that frock and earring combination. The back of the dress is TDF but pray tell, what do you do re the bra question?

    • WendyB says:

      Go without and hope they don’t sag to the ground (I’m not too big, so that helps!). My sister happens to be good at sticking on those adhesive bras…I have to get a lesson from her someday, but I haven’t yet successfully done it on my own.

  2. Aggie says:

    Oh yes, I also believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z can pull off becoming the First Couple.

    The earrings go amazingly well with the velvet dress.

  3. You look fab in that blue velvet Zang Toi number, very classy/ classic Wendy B! The earrings were the perfect accessory. I like the new lipstick on you, but know that “dry” feeling. I prefer matte lipstick with staying power but it has to be the right formula. For me, Mac is probably one of the few that gets it right. (How I wish Dior still made the same formula they had in the 80s, wasn’t dry and stayed put forever! Plus I’ve never found the exact red again, but not for lack of trying!) Awww Fitzroy and Gigi look so sweet, and match each other so tastefully (; XXX

    • WendyB says:

      Nothing compares to Lasting Lust by MAC but I think I am getting used to the Chanel and there’s a good color selection. I’m all about colors that don’t feather or transfer and I’ve tried a lot that CLAIM to be that kind of formula but are not.

      Regular MAC lipsticks have great staying power for me but I hate the transfer.

  4. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear! the dress and earrings compliment each other beautifully, hope you had an awesome time! xx

  5. Marla says:

    Your dress is fabulous and I love your hair. What fun!

  6. Samantha says:

    You look fab! (as always!) x

  7. Stunning dress! I also love the hair/earring interplay, and the new red lipstick is a great colour on you.

    Look at those sleepy-pies – Stacy has yet ANOTHER superpower!

  8. Fierce dress! You look lovely as always…the back is awesome!

  9. Christine says:

    Duct tape! The Canadian solution to all problems is amazing for making a “bra” that will hold boobs up and out for any backless or strapless problem in your dresses!

    Only a few problems….get in the shower to take the strips off, maybe a couple of Tylenol…if you’ve been drinking heavily that too makes removal much easier.

    Duct tape is not for the faint of heart. Proper technique is critical (avoid the nipple area unless you cover it with something else first) Not the most sexy or romantic look once the dress comes off so beware.

    You looked gorgeous Wendy, as always. But where are the pictures of the dapper MrB?

  10. ohh-la-la, you are gorgeous! This is the part of fashion that my husband likes too : >

  11. Amanda says:

    Your awesome haircut is making me (re)consider some (further) asymmetry for my own headsuit. Do you like how it looks when you pull it back? I mean, in an ideal world, I’d have the Olivia Wilde / Quorra haircut from the Tron remake, but I think I need to consider intermediate measures here.

    • WendyB says:

      I love the Tron ‘do. I’ve been very happy with mine when I pull it back but it’s a job…it’s not like I can just put it in a ponytail because all the short layers till fall down around my face. It takes a lot of hairspray and styling to get it into place. I never did the casual daytime ponytail though, so that doesn’t bother me.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, a de-bossed invitation. That must have been a great event.

    I love that dress–you do backless very well. It looks black in the photos though. Was it midnight blue? I also admire your ability to keep those Lagerfeld shoes looking so good, and in circulation, looking fabulous.

  13. Total glamour with every detail!

  14. stacy says:

    Oh great inaugural balls of fire you look hot!!

  15. Megan Mae says:

    Oh lala! That dress is drop dead gorgeous on you.

  16. Stunning! Your earrings look great with that dress. So funny that backless dresses get Mr. B excited about fashion.

    Fitzroy looks bigger than Gigi. Is that possible?

  17. Faux Fuchsia says:


    Luff the dress and luff it that you wore shoes from 94. Nice lippy too x

  18. sulky kitten says:

    Stunning dress, Wendy – you look gorgeous.The look on FitzRoy’s face, at being caught napping – priceless!

  19. Suzanne says:

    Oh my! That dress is da BOMB!!!!

    So happy you visited my blog so I was able to find you.


  20. This look kills it on every level!! Love everything! And for the inauguration dinner–awesome 🙂

  21. Eli says:

    What a lovely dress that matched the event, you looked fantastic of course.

  22. Wow Wendy, you have a slammin’ body and look fabulous in that dress! The earrings and red lips are the perfect finishing touch.
    You are so lucky to get to go to an inaugural event. I would loved to have been at the inauguration. I did watch all of it on TV though.

  23. Marti says:

    So very classy and chic. That side of your hair is so very cool, yeah you can really appreciate your earrings.