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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I’m going to see Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden tonight and I’ve been working on a look to top the outfit I wore to the January Gaga concert. Here is a peek at the makeup. More and better pictures to come after the show!

Makeup by Tennille at Kimara Ahnert.


My look was “disco-ball Marie Antoinette.” Strangely, the tights didn’t bother me in the 100 degree New York City weather.

What Wendy Wore
Plein Sud (2003 or before)
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Prada (pre-2005)
Nails: Minx
Rings: WendyB
: “Crime Scene Do Not Enter” Band-aids.
Makeup: Tennille from Kimara Ahnert
Hair: Julie Matos
Bag (seen below): Whiting & Davis

Talk to the hands. NYC and GaGa "swear rings" by WendyB.

I went to the concert with gorgeous bloggers Stacy and Tina, and our friend Fiona.

Gorgeous bloggers Stacy (left) and Tina.

Tina and WendyB.

WendyB and Fiona.

The audience really dressed up this time, unlike the Radio City Music Hall concert in January.

Random concert goers.

Loved the Coke-can hair curlers on the right.

Gaga worked hard. The concert was totally changed from the one in January. I’d see her again.

Click to find out why this sign on Gaga's set made me laugh.

UPDATED TO ADD: Check out Stacy’s great Gaga photos and video!

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54 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Going Gaga From the Heat”

  1. Love it! Very New-Rom…

    I also love that my anti-spam is ‘ladyboy’ 😉

  2. Emma says:

    Great make-up. A touch of Adam Ant to that.

  3. Yay! I was just writing to another blogger who went to see her that I am so excited to be going to see her in September. I can’t wait to see what you wore! I need to plan!

    ♥ V


  4. enc says:

    Superb! I can’t wait to see the outfit!

  5. I. Grace says:

    One word: WOW! Can\’t wait to see the rest of it.
    I was gonna say, \”Have fun\”, but no doubt you will! =)

  6. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE IT! So fabulous :]

  7. tris1978ton says:

    Wow. Your makeup looks awesome. Very theatrical!

  8. Tracie says:

    That is so much fun!

  9. Fab!! You brave girl, looking forward to seeing the rest of the outfit! hope you had a great evening.

    e xxx

  10. Winona says:

    Sometimes I try to comprehend how much I adore you, and my head explodes.

  11. Charlene says:

    AHHHHHHRAHRAHAHAHAHHHHHH I’m so jealous and happy that you’re going to go see her again. It feels like just yesterday when I was blessed by a Gaga concert. And your makeup looks phenomenal!! I’m definitely looking forward to post-Gaga pictures. 🙂

  12. stacy says:

    What a FABULOUS concert! So much fun. Wendy, you kicked ass in that outfit. Sooo hot!

  13. Those rings are the bomb.com

  14. You’d better wear it all again on Saturday!!!

  15. Leia says:

    You looked amazing! I’d love to see Gaga in concert. I love the fact that so many people dressed up!

  16. Lenya Jones says:

    OMFG – You look amazing! Are the NYC rings for sale? I want a pair stat!

  17. Heeheehee, awesome! The silver blade-runner eyes are amazing.

  18. Katrocket says:

    Wow!! You looked sooooooooooooooo amazing!!! (and your galpals too). Looks like a great concert with a fabulous looking audience.

  19. Tina says:

    It would have been awesome if you wore your Plein Sud silver ensemble TO Plein Sud! What an amazing concert. So fun!!!

  20. Fasshonaburu says:

    I need those rings for when I see Lady Gaga in Sept!!! OMG, I need to start planning my outfit now :O

  21. Absolutely. Cool. Ensemble.

    From the makeup to the outfit and accessories, not to mention your divine jewels, you look so fab Miss Wendy, I love it! In my next life I dream I get to dress like you!

    Sending you a big smile,

  22. jennine says:

    you look absoulutely wonderful! i love the makeup and the silver!!!

    i love the coke can rollers too… that was a favorite gaga look of mine for some strange reason.

  23. ordinary Joe says:

    it’s all a bit tranny like

  24. Maddy says:

    Awesome! This has me amped for the concert tomorrow night! Love your glittery Marie Antoinette look! And the makeup is so fierce! I was hoping to get some funky eye make up for the occasion, but hell if I know how to do it myself 🙁

  25. Jill says:

    You looked incredible…that mask! I’m totally copying that for Halloween this year. I wish she would come to EP, but Phoenix might be more like it.

  26. Always a good night out if you can get gussied up! Love those rings, she needs to see them!

  27. Miss Janey says:

    WendyB looked fantastic!

  28. lisa says:

    You look gorgeous! I love the makeup and the rings, and the concert looks like it was a great time.

  29. Your make-up is fantastic and I love that outfit.:)SarahD

  30. savvygal says:

    wendy, you just look fabulous!!!

  31. What a fab Little Monster you are! The rings…I die! You’re sensational in silver. Geez, now I’m wondering what I should wear when I go!

    ♥ V

  32. You look like an adorable Dr. Evil! in the best possible way.

  33. The Seeker says:

    Oh… love it, so cool!!! I think only you could pull it off.


  34. K-Line says:

    I’m loving that makeup! You are like your own jewelry!

  35. Kristin says:

    I am seriously in awe of your makeup, your tights and those freaking fabulous NYC rings!

  36. Midtown Girl says:

    The rings are FEROSH. Damn you look like a STAR Wendy!

  37. FortyNotOut says:

    Absolutely love it! Your outfit was brilliant and great to see fans dressing up in Gaga’s honour. Oh My Gaga do I ever want to go and see her… next time… oh yes! x

  38. hiyaluv says:

    wendy! i love your pictures!!! so fun! and you look smokin’!

  39. drollgirl says:

    wb gets all theatric!!! wow! and you certainly weren’t the only one in festive attire! way to go!

  40. wow, some crazy stuff! i sure like your silver outfit and make-up. very pretty actually.

  41. apparellel says:

    omg how much do i love you?!!! A LOT!!!


  42. TheShoeGirl says:



  43. Wow, you guys all look amazing, and your makeup is fabulous! The coke can curlers really have me rolling. Pun intended.

  44. Lexie says:

    your costume is AWESOME! i bet gaga puts on an awesome show!

  45. indigo says:

    LOVE all the silver. You can’t go wrong with shiny right? I also like that you were things from years and years ago, your style is not restriced by seasons.

  46. omgosh, wendy! that’s awesome! aaah im so jealous that u got to see lady gaga! ur costume is even more amazing! did u make the rings just for the show??


  47. ali says:

    YES!!!!!! monster claw!!

    I’ll keep that bandaid trick in mind!

  48. Lynette says:

    Whooee, did you ever have a fun time, gal!