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Friday, January 22, 2010

I saw Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday and she kicked so much ass that I’m traumatized … traumatized that I didn’t get tickets for a second night. What was I thinking? I should have known once wasn’t enough! I realized that about Madonna years ago and now I always buy tickets for two nights of each tour. I haven’t missed a Madonna tour since the first time I saw her in 1985, when I went to her Radio City Music Hall concert instead of my high school’s senior prom. I made my gorgeous mother BarbaraB buy me an outfit for the occasion. If she was willing to buy me a prom dress, I successfully reasoned, she should buy me a Madonna concert outfit.

I didn’t make BarbaraB buy me a new outfit for the Gaga concert, though maybe I should have tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But I was happy to wear my Steve J & Yoni P jacket (which I’ve also worn to see — guess who? — Madonna!) with American Apparel latex-look leggings. I never know what to wear with those leggings because generally leggings shouldn’t be worn as pants, yet I don’t like to wear the long tops I wore with leggings in the ’80s. It was a happy moment for me when I realized that pants are most definitely not required for a Gaga concert. I also wore ’80s-looking Ruthie Davis platform boots that I got a couple of years ago in a fit of nostalgia. They never really looked right with anything until now. Another happy moment!

For hair, superstar stylist Julie Matos gave me curls inspired by Gaga’s in the bathtub scenes of the Bad Romance video.

Gaga's curly hair.

My major lashes and geisha lips were a tribute to the Paparazzi video.

From Paparazzi

My disco-ball Minx nails were done last weekend.

The pièce de résistance was supposed to be my customized G-A-G-A swear rings. I had a tight turnaround time for a new design, so I did two Gs and hoped that the “a” in the middle of the @ signs would look like the letter A. Unfortunately, the “@” looked more like an O, so I wound up with rings that spelled “G-O-G-O.” I also wound up with the old Wham! song Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go stuck in my head until Lady Gaga took the stage and liberated me from both the tune and bitter regrets that I tossed my original ’80s Wham! concert t-shirt many years ago.

Here’s the whole look.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I don't have much of a p-p-p-poker face.

I was joined at the concert by my gorgeous food-blogging and Minx-wearing friend Tina, who was be-wigged and be-lashed Paparazzi-style.

Lady Tina

MrB and my gorgeous stepdaughter Isabelle also attended, dressed as themselves. A lot of people dressed as themselves. I was surprised by that. On the way in, Isabelle, Tina and I saw a couple who looked stellar in matching head-to-toe Bad Romance graffiti trench coat costumes.

Gaga's trench coat in Bad Romance

I was going to take a picture of the coat couple, but I thought, “Nah, there will be so many unbelievable costumes, I don’t have to chase these down.” I regretted it because people did not rock it out like I expected.  Yes, there were blonde wigs, lightening-bolt eye makeup, hair bows made of hair, rainbow boas and leotards, but I thought there would be more insanity like the guy in the Bad Romance white-latex-with-crown look.

Tina and I kept looking around, wondering where all the crazy costumes were. Meanwhile, other people were taking pictures of US thinking WE were wearing crazy costumes! I was like, “Bitch, please! If I’d worn this in 1985, my friends would have said, ‘Next time, try dressing up a little.'”

I had another “Bitch, please!” moment while buying my nipple-tape t-shirt. Young girls nowadays are not being brought up right. They don’t know how to assert themselves in the t-shirt counter line. Personally, I don’t throw elbows or kick or bite … anymore. I just politely push your ass out of my way, lock eyes with the t-shirt seller, order my shizz and get out of there. Dear girl standing to my right: When the dude says, “Who’s next?” you don’t stand there mute for 10 seconds and then whine, “I was here first.” Have some pride! Think of Lady Gaga! She would not be where she is today if she couldn’t even hold her place in a t-shirt line.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, some of you are probably wondering about the concert itself. Well, it was fucking fantastic. Obvs! I can’t compete with music critic Jon Pareles when it comes to writing about concerts, so you should read the New York Times review of Wednesday’s show here. These are my best photos.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This next one is my favorite shot because if I squint my eyes, use my imagination and drink two glasses of white wine, it looks sort of like the fire scene in the Bad Romance video.

My concert photo

The fire scene from Bad Romance

See the similarity? If you don’t, have another drink and try again. Also, if any of you have spare tickets for the Saturday or Sunday show and need a date … holla! I’ll drop my plans to go-go again with you.

UPDATED TO ADD: Here’s another New York Times story that captures the show perfectly. It reminded me of my favorite video footage of the evening, which, if I’m remembering it correctly, showed a brunette vomiting neon green onto Lady Gaga’s straitjacket-ish white dress. My new ambition is to be someone who gets to vomit on Lady Gaga in a video! And check out Stacy’s post on Dale Bozzio and her Gaga style.

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85 Responses to “Epic Outfit Post: Electric Lady Gaga Land”

  1. savvygal says:

    W, I can only say WOW!!! : )

  2. Bunny says:

    Wendy You look AMAZING !!!! Love the pants, your gorgeous. We are all huge Lady G. fans in my home, I think even Mr. Bunny is into her. I can’t believe we missed it but I plan to take my kids and girlfriends next time.

  3. You’re Lady Wawa! I just found out that she’s in Newcastle in March but it’s sold out. Boo!

    However, I may go just to see what the people look like going in. On any given weekend, or day even, you will find people roaming the streets in fancy dress in Newcastle. There are lots of slutty nurses, slutty police women, slutty pirates. So I imagine it will be a display that will likely make me want to put all of them into a rocket and fire them into space. Still, I’m too curious. And I guarantee, there will be no pants. Of any kind!”

  4. Wow! I am blown away! You are so fearless… And you’re right, girls these days are really tame… I loved your look and I’m so jealous that you go to see Gaga… Maybe you inspired some of these chicks to step their game up..

  5. You look so fab! What a great reason to get all dressed up. I so wanted to go see gaga!

  6. dreamsequins says:

    I’m surprised more people didn’t go in their Gaga-inspired costumes.

    I love your look BTW 🙂 That jacket is AMAZING. Also the rings!!!

  7. tess says:

    Hi Wendy,

    thanks for your comment on my last post. I definitely am not using the whole incident (as bad as it was) to completely shut my blogging down. I really need it as an outlet, just maybe not in the same form of an outlet as it used to be. so you can find me under a different address and my real name. thanks again for your support.


  8. GOGO, that’s hilarious! 😛
    you look hot in that leather (or is it pleather??), wendyB!!!!!!

  9. Treacle says:

    Wow…just wow. Not only does it seem like Ms. Gaga put on a great show, you and your friend looked amazing besides! Thanks so much for posting pics.

    Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog. It really means a lot to me and I hope you’ll come again. 🙂

  10. Leah says:

    You look amazing! Leggings can be worn as pants if you look as good as you do in them!

    Thank you also for supporting your fellow bloggers.

  11. Kristin says:

    So, you might not talk to me after this buttttttt…My cousins, lil’ sis and I got all decked out for the NKOTB reunion tour concert we went to a little over a year ago, custom made I STILL heart Jonathon tee shirt and all. Anyhoo, we were at the bar when Lady Gaga was on. I SO didn’t appreciate the magic of the Gaga and now I have to live with my bitterness. Ah ha ha. You looked AMAZING lady!

  12. Gem Fatale says:

    Omg Wendy how amazing! I’m so jealous! Would love to see her in concert.
    I guess the closest I’ll ever get is embarrassing my friends by drunkenly convincing myself I know the Bad Romance dance routine when it comes on at nightclubs. I usually end up on the floor when it comes to the leg-arm-claw-hand twisty bit. My claw-eye coordination isn’t great.

  13. Maddy says:

    I can’t see you’re concert look 🙁 The only picture from this post that’s not loading on my work pc! Oh well…I’m sure you’re outfit rocked ;o) I saw Madonna only once for the Confessions Tour – loved it!! Non-stop dancing all night long! Talk about putting on a great show! I’m glad the Gaga did not disappoint!

  14. ambika says:

    This looks like so much fun and you clearly do concert-going right–I can’t believe how amazing you look in your Gaga tribute make-up & hair. Scratch that–I totally believe it.

  15. ediot says:

    haha i really enjoyed this post. can really see that youre a gaga-fan. and what a fan then! youre amazing wendy.
    take care
    xx ediot

  16. selina says:

    bloody hell you look unbelievable!!! i’m googling sweden gaga tickets right now, first i was bummed that i couldn’t go to the uk tour but now i have to, i must see her!!! your hair and lips are insaneeeely good!

  17. Diana says:

    You both look fantastic! That must have been an awesome show.

  18. Chessa! says:

    you are amazing…BEYOND!! You look incredible in that ensemble. I love love love it. I’m so jealous of everyone who went to the concert. I keep hearing all of these amazing things about it all over twitter and FB.

  19. Lynette says:

    If I knew how to make one of those little icons or whatever you call them, you know those things you award to people as prizes and then the winner puts it on their blog so the whole world knows, I’d make one just for you, WendyB. It would be known as the “Obvs! Most Adorable Blogger With the Biggest Heart Ever.”

  20. Duchesse says:

    Wendy, you are a force of nature! Hope I am around to see you at 80!

  21. MidtownGirl says:


    WTF – you look AWESOME. I am in awe of your hair/makeup/everything – EFFING FANTASTICAL!!!

  22. Alya says:

    This might be wrird to some people, but I don’t like going to concerts. I’m not a fan of crowds and standing on my feet for hours, only to hear the singer belt out tunes so off-key! They always sound better on my iPod!

    However, I wouldn’t miss a Lady Gaga concert! I feel like she gives so much!!

  23. hanako66 says:

    you are hilarious and you look amazing!

  24. alldoneup says:

    I think that girl to the right was me. *tears* ahah…you looked pretty awesome! mmmm…lady gaga makes me blush, she’s so damn hot!

  25. harps says:

    godamn you look hot!
    why won’t my curls stay like that?! they flop out after about 10 minutes.
    I don’t want shitty curls, I want proper rag-doll curls!

  26. Vivian says:

    Sooo jealous! You guys look fabulous!!!

  27. If I’d worn this in 1985, my friends would have said, ‘Next time, try dressing up a little.’” LOL!!!!

  28. MizzJ says:

    GOD DAMMIT!!!! Every time I see another blogger’s review of a Gaga show, I want to stab myself for not going to her concert when she was in my city!!! Stupid friends being cheap asses, don’t they realize the epicness that is Gaga?!? I need new friends :p

    Your outfit is kick-ass! It’s kinda disappointing that not more people were dressed all crazy, but I’m glad you didn’t go half-assed!

  29. ThatGirl39 says:

    Wow. The show sounds amazing – I love Gaga… she’s my favourite kind of freak! Great outfit by the way and loving the Minx shade that you mentioned!

  30. Stephanie says:

    I just learned that someone in my office was conned by someone selling lady GaGa tickets on craigslist. They wouldn’t let her in because the tickets were fakes. She was not a lone a lot of people were conned, including a lot of mothers daughters. So sad. I’d be fighting mad if that happened to me.

  31. WendyB says:

    For the future let your colleague know that stubhub is the best place for ticket resales. I wouldn’t buy anything off craigslist.

  32. Rita says:

    So jealous I can’t stand it. check this out, I made it myself!


  33. Audi says:

    Holy shit Wendy, that concert outfit is amazing! That’s it, the next time Bjork comes to town I’m getting myself a swan dress.

  34. bianca says:

    AWEsome. I read this post a while ago, but I’m off to a Gaga party on Saturday and needed some inspo. Thinking a veiled black leathererette number.. eek, wish me luck!

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