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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I’m sure it’s no surprise that my Cleopatra styles are May’s Jewels of the Month. I’ve been telling you … and telling you… and telling you… that my gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings will be seen on Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in Sex and the City 2, out on May 27. I’ve already spotted the earrings in the trailer and television commercial.

Are you tired of this picture of “Samantha” wearing my earrings? Me neither!

When I’m not telling you about the SATC2 earrings, other people* are telling you, including:

I am feeling a little sorry for the Cleopatra necklace, which has been left out of the excitement, so here it is.

18K gold and diamond Cleopatra necklace. Click for more information.

Gorgeous blogger Jennine of The Coveted and Independent Fashion Bloggers borrowed the necklace in February to wear with a vintage dress for the Evolving Influence Fashion Blog Conference.

Click Jennine to see the rest of the stunning photo by Dustin Fenstermacher.

And here I am, a few years ago, wearing the Cleopatra necklace, a vintage Marie France dress from Miss Peelpants and a lot of Hollywood Fashion Tape in the vicinity of gorgeous and talented actress Toni Collette.

Photo by Patrick McMullan. Click for another shot of the dress and necklace.

The Cleopatra designs were two of my earliest queen-inspired pieces. You can’t name jewelry after queens and not do Cleopatra. But Elizabeth I beat Cleo out to be my first queenly jewel.

Don’t forget that if you want a Cleopatra design of your own, you can win a pair of silver earrings by entering my Polyvore contest by May 23. Put together the best collage (or, as Polyvore says, “set”) using the Cleopatra earrings and at least one other piece of my jewelry, and you could end up wearing your own Cleopatras to the opening of SATC2.

For inspiration and guidance, here’s a Polyvore set called “new Cleopatra = Samantha.” It was created by my fellow contest judge, D İ D E S İ™ A Stylish Turkish, so it’s not eligible for the prize.

new Cleopatra = Samantha

I love the way DIDESI uses both the Egyptian theme of the earrings and the pink in Samatha’s dress as unifying elements in her set. I’m also impressed that she incorporates furniture, makeup and skin care, rather than limiting herself to clothing and accessories. That’s important because if you were styling a photo shoot with a model, you would indeed have to have other elements in the image. DIDESI gets bonus points from me for finding a jewelry piece by another designer that is pink AND Egypt-themed AND complementary rather than competitive with my own designs. The Sass & Bide leggings on the right are ultra-modern but blend into the set so well that I’m sure any Pharoah would be pleased to wear them. The Cleopatra quote is the cherry on this Polyvore sundae: it evokes Samantha’s toughness and pays tribute to my many poison ring designs.

As the lottery commercials say, “You have to be in it to win it,” so enter my contest here. Good luck!

*If I’ve left you off the list of bloggers who have mentioned the Cleopatra earrings and SATC2, holla at me in the comments and I’ll add you.
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33 Responses to “Jewels of the Month: Cleopatra Earrings and Necklace”

  1. Oh love, love, love those earings! I’m a huge satc fan and am counting down the days till it comes out. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement! E xx

  2. Wow, I love this Polyvore set! The quote is just a winner! I was looking for a perfect quote for a set msyelf but haven’t yet come across one such, and now it looks like I won’t haha Gosh, seriously love this!

  3. I’ll never get tired of that pic of Samantha!

    Those earrings are great, well, so is the whole Cleopatra set. And I think it’s great as well as well deserved that they (you) made it to satc.

  4. Kamicha says:

    Oh, I love the necklace!

  5. Sabine says:

    I think Samantha is very lucky to wear such beautiful earrings and the necklace is absolutely gorgeous, too.

  6. deja pseu says:

    I’m already mentally plotting out my Polyvore.

    Both the necklace and earrings are Superfabulous, but you knew that, didn’t you?

  7. ps. just mentioned your earrings!!! e x

  8. Have mentioned you already and you get a repeat tomorrow!!Just thought I’d holla.
    Gawd the necklace is divine too xx

  9. And the Marie France dress!! Most excellent…

  10. enc says:

    Still working on mine . . . .

  11. stacy says:

    Oooh, don’t you look gorgeous next to Toni Collette? She looks quite good there too! The necklace is great… poor thing, being left out of all the hype!

  12. Laura says:

    Congrats on being featured in the film!! (Your fab earrings, anyway!) They look amazing on Kim Cattrall!

  13. jennine says:

    that’s toni collette? you’ve met everyone!
    i adore your dress, and the cleopatra necklace is DIVINE!

  14. KD says:

    Cleopatra earrings + Sass & Bide leggings = dreamz dreamz dreamz.

  15. marian says:

    darling any press you receive is totally deserved sweetie.
    Love the image of you and Toni Collete. That dress was GORGEOUS on you!
    Big kiss

  16. Remind me never to play 6 degrees of separation with you.

    Love the necklace too – so sinuous and gorgeous.

  17. issa says:

    you are freakin awesome. everytime i see the SATC trailer i think of you and your fantabulous self.

  18. hiyaluv says:

    WOwza-such a great “set” that DIDISI made! I better get to it!!!
    Those earrings are to die for!

  19. Tracie says:

    I love those earrings! I don’t always feel confident wearing such big earning but love the way they look on somebody else.

  20. tris1978ton says:

    Gorgeous necklace!

  21. Kristin says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone is gonna know the name Wendy Brandes soon! I remember watching Jennine at the conf. and drooling over that necklace!

  22. Joy D. says:

    This is a big deal Wendy and I am happy for you. Expect an email soon about a custom order.

  23. Jennifer says:

    All your hard work and dedication is paying off. You are going right to the top! The necklace and earrings are so fabulous and look amazing on.

  24. Well-deserved press, Wendy! The Cleopatra necklace and earrings are gorgeous.

  25. Natalie says:

    Oh, I just can’t wait until the movie comes out! Obviously it won’t be shown here in the Middle East (with the censorship it would probably be about 30mins long anyway) but I will be home in Australia just a few weeks after the release date. Yaay! I will give your earrings a little cheer when I see them.

  26. Maddy says:

    I think I love the Cleo necklace even more, especially after seeing you rock it with the plunging neckline! Wow! Work it, Wendy!

  27. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-love this polyvore, someone is going to be a very very lucky lady indeed!

  28. Add me to the holla out list! xx

  29. Aw, Wendy, me so proud. I want to know – does Samantha get it on in your sexy earrings?

  30. A hearty congrats! That is so awesome!

  31. tiffany says:

    entered! whoo!

  32. So exciting, WB!
    They are so gorgeous, as are you!