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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I’m so excited about seeing my Cleopatra earrings in the Sex and the City 2 trailer that I can barely think of anything else. The extended trailer is on YouTube and you can see the earrings on Samantha (Kim Cattrall) at 1:35 and 1:37. She’s wearing her hair down and wavy, which looks great with the curvy shape of the earrings. But I figured some of you might want a unobstructed shot of the jewelry, so here’s a photo of me wearing them at a New Year’s Eve party.

You can see that the earrings are so light they're not pulling on my lobes at all!

In the picture, I’m also wearing a dress by my designing friend Zang Toi, and a giant flower ring that I designed for one of Zang’s runway shows. And a cardboard crown, obvs. But I have no idea why I am fondling that bottle of olive oil.

If you want the gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings from Sex and the City 2, they’re going to be at Broken English Jewelry in Santa Monica, Calif. (Email is info at brokenenglishjewelry dot com.) When I say the earrings from Sex and the City 2, I’m not just talking about the Cleopatra style. I mean it literally: Broken English will have the exact pair of earrings worn by Kim Cattrall on screen. One of you SATC fans really needs to buy the Kim Cattrall pair and wear it to see the movie when it opens on May 27. You know you’re going to organize all your gal pals (and gay pals) to go to the movie together, right? So think of how they will wet themselves when they see your actual earrings on the big screen! Do it!

If you can’t spring for the gold, you buy the silver version of the earrings from this blog post. You’d still wow your peeps in the theater. I suggest being really cazh and saying, “Yeah, bitches, SATC ALWAYS bites my style.” I’ll back you up.

So … which of you New Yorkers are going to come see the movie with me next month? Sign up in the comments.

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34 Responses to “Where to Buy the SATC2 Earrings”

  1. How exciting. I am sure you cant stop smiling. Great earrings. Well done.

  2. Poochie says:

    I actually was in town for the first movie’s opening but had to leave the next day so couldn’t see it in NYC.

    Maybe I need to figure out how to pop up for it!

    ; )

  3. Oh thats so cool!! congratulations! I am massive SATC fan, cannot wait for the film!! xxx

  4. kendal croix says:

    absolutely gorgeous earrings.

  5. I’m going to save and save and save – plus I’ve already insisted that people wear them to new film, just posted on this!

  6. Ms. P & C says:

    Bish plz, you know if I had the scratch those would already be mine! TOO FABULOUS. Of course, I’d need a whole new wardrobe to go along with them, so it gets to be quite an investment…


  7. Raven says:

    I still haven’t seen the first movie. I was so annoyed with how the series ended, I didn’t bother with the movie.

  8. PinkBow says:

    lovely ear-rings.

  9. hammie says:

    I am so excited to see those earrings in the trailer too!

    I’m going to organise a fundraiser premiere for our school and get all the autie facebook mummies to dress up for cocktails and cupcakes in Harvey Nicks and Vip seats – and then everytime we see the earrings I will stand up and shout Tourette’s style “WENDYB!”

  10. S.Elisabeth says:

    CONGRATS!! That’s so exciting about your earrings, and they’re gorgeous! Unfortunately my ears aren’t pierced or else I’d so buy a pair. And they’re worn by my favorite SATC girl!

  11. I’ve ALWAYS loved these earrings (I even bought a pair of snake earrings off of Novica, because I had a giftcard and they had that great curvy shape, but they really fail in comparison to yours, especially at 3/4 of an inch long).

    Just another piece to add to the list of pieces to eventually buy.

    On the good side, the Beau is always like “You will own that!” and is quite all right with you designing our wedding rings.

  12. Me me! I think it would be a total hoot to see it with you so I can be your cheerleader!

  13. MarchMusings says:

    How lucky for the gal who gets to wear the earrings to the premiere. I’m too far away – New Zealand- for that.

  14. hiyaluv says:

    such gorgeous earrings and not to mention a beautiful pic of you on new year’s eve! i will def think of you when i see the movie and Kim is wearing those earrings!!!!!!!!!!

  15. omgosh, that’s amazing, wendy!!! congrats!! the earrings are gorgeous and i will definitely be on the lookout for these on kim when i catch the flick:D


  16. Lynn says:

    Breathtaking. Gorgeous lady with gorgeous creations on her.

    PJ’s too far away from NY 🙁

  17. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-the earrings look so fab when your hair is up, can’t wait to see who wears your earrings for the premiere!!

  18. Jill says:

    There are a lot of things you can do with olive oil!

  19. So excited for you! I love them!

  20. dreamsequins says:

    Wow- congratulations on the placement! That’s amazing 🙂

  21. Tina says:

    I was planning to skip SATC2 but now that your earrings are a special guest star, I’ll make an exception and go!

  22. pretty face says:

    Much more excited-sounding! Much better 😀 xxx

  23. Sabine says:

    I’m so impressed that your beautiful earrings are in the SATC movie! Sadly I’m far, far away from NY… (P.S. Lovely picture!)

  24. Maddy says:

    This is awesome news!!! Congrats! SATC is a big deal :o)

  25. drollgirl says:


    a bit out of my price range, and i am sure that kind of comment is annoying as hell. but i really love them. kudos to you and your fab designs, and when i am rich i will beat down your door for TONS O’ JEWELRY.

  26. Wow, WB! Congrats! This is soooooo exciting, and naturally the earrings are gorge!!


  27. I will applaud the earrings when I go to see it, I can assure you!

  28. How exciting – congrats! They made a good choice as those earrings are fabulous.
    XO Piper

  29. Jennifer says:

    Having something of yours worn in SATC is such a moment of crowning fashion awesomeness. You are such an amazing talent and this is such a thrilling moment for you! Enjoy your sweet success! I would love to go see the movie with you!

  30. enc says:

    Wrong coast. Again. I’d love to be in NY for that premiere!

    Your New Year’s look is great, but that bottle of olive oil . . . that made me raise an eyebrow. It’s only slightly less unsavory than pinching flowers.

    I love those earrings.

  31. Jackie Joy says:

    I saw the trailer today and remembered your post on Twitter! They’re GORGEOUS.

  32. Lynn says:

    wendy! this is so great! congratulations! the earrings are gorgeous!!

  33. Miss Wendy!!! This is so cool! You should have heard how excited The Consort was when he first saw it on FB and he said, “Guess who’s earrings are in that City Sex movie that’s coming out?”

    Good for you, it is too fabulous, you look gorgeous in them, and they definitely don’t pull at all on the lobe!

    Smiles at you Miss Wendy,

  34. deka says:

    how exciting for you!!
    and congrats on the mention on luxist.
    the earrings are beautiful 🙂