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Friday, January 22, 2010

Honest to God, I was a very shy child…

…but that was a long time ago, little monsters.

More about the Lady Gaga concert soon (that’s my souvenir t-shirt above). Also, thanks to all of you who have posted and tweeted about Janet, as well as everyone who has generously donated and/or purchased a Teeny Genie necklace to help Janet’s family. My extremely reluctant friends interns will be helping me pack the Genies this weekend. I’ll start shipping a few pieces out Monday and I will send you an email when yours ship. In the meantime:


I might not be able to visit your blogs while I’m working on Janet’s Genies. Don’t forget me!

UPDATED TO ADD: I have 55 Genie pendants in stock, but I normally only have a couple of Genies on their chains at any given time. This is to minimize investing in chains, clasps, jump links and the labor to assemble all of that when I don’t have orders. Manufacturing on demand, in other words. Now that I have orders for lots of Genies, I have lots of chains to assemble. I’m hiring people to help. My goal is to have everyone’s Genie in the mail in two weeks, but the exact timing depends on how fast other people can work, so I appreciate your patience! As I said, I’ll let you know when yours ships and the couple that I have in stock will go out tomorrow. If you need yours urgently for a special-occasion gift, please email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com so I can prioritize.

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2010 TO ADD: Buy a nipple-tape t-shirt here.

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48 Responses to “Roma-Ro-Ma-Ma! Gaga-Ooh-La-La!”

  1. i’m so envious u were at a gaga concert:D wendy, this is too funny:D love ur souvenir shirt:)


  2. eli says:

    this is genius!

  3. You are looking mighty fine Wendy! Seriously, wow! Love that shirt – I didn’t see that at the L.A. show but I’d totally sport it.

  4. The whole look is great (*love* the lips! and the tee is so fab), but mostly I’m glad to see you had such fun with your style for the night! If you need help this weekend, give me a shout — I can bring slave labor too!

  5. Lenya Jones says:

    How hot do you look!!

  6. hilarious tee! 😛 how was the concert?

  7. Jennifer says:

    I have a drawer full of concert t’s in my parents’ house, but not are as fabulous as this one. Hope you loved the show!

  8. K-Line says:

    Wendy, you blow my mind with awesome.

  9. Fasshonaburu says:

    I COVET that tee! Your hair and makeup look amazing too!

  10. jennifer says:

    P.S. LOVE the lips little monster.

  11. Loove this look to the fun lips to the sparkly nails! And your hair is super cute! xo, mel

  12. Susan says:

    that tee is fab!
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  13. !!!!!!!

    What an unusual and great souvenir shirt! Awesome look.

  14. erindyan says:

    I. Want. That.


  15. Eric says:

    Whoa, better than mortal man deserves…

  16. Rachel says:

    Love the Lady GaGa tee!

  17. You look incredible. Too cool and too hot! And as you are unforgettable Miss Wendy, no worries on that front. What you are doing for Janet is wonderful. 🙂

    Hugs to you,

  18. You minx – brilliant! Had to do a double take. Those lips, that make up gaga xx

  19. Sally says:

    ROWR! You look amazing, Wendy! And I’ve retweeted your post, and will do so again. You are awesome for helping a fellow blogger in need.

  20. Maddy says:

    So jealous!! I should have snapped up tickets while i had the chance. I underestimated the Gaga’s ability to sell out concert tickets. We have a love/hate relationship (more like love, love, love these days). Hope you had a blast!

  21. Brie says:

    You look like you had a lot of fun!

    Yay for people opening their hearts and wallets to help out a blogger in need. Wish I had the money to help right now but sadly, not able to. 🙁

  22. NS says:

    I think what you’re doing is nice, but you sound a little rude with all the remarks about ‘people forgetting you while you will be making janet’s neckalces’ & ‘my reluctant interns’…like really? someone just lost their husband. you sound ridiculous.

  23. Jill says:

    Gaga should be fucking proud you’re a fan!

  24. WendyB says:

    NS, I just checked Janet’s Paypal account and I don’t see a donation with your email address on it yet. Do you use another address for Paypal or are you just the type of person who takes time out of your busy day to criticize my style while offering nothing? Should I be looking for an address from Kerry Inc. or am I misreading the “whois” info on your comment? Also, did you notice I’m wearing a t-shirt with fake nipple tape on it? Where’s the outrage?

  25. Miss Janey says:


    You are one hot mama.

  26. Iron Chic says:

    Yeah, stuff it NS.
    Come hate on my blog instead!

    Wendy, you look 16 in that pic! I guess Gaga is feeling better? I heard she cancelled a few shows recently.

  27. birdie says:

    NS – I don’t see you doing anything positive for society. Like Iron Chic said, STUFF IT.

    WB – You look MOST excellent.

  28. WendyB says:

    IC, she had AMAZING energy! She’s either fully recovered from her fainting episode or running on adrenaline. That show has to take a lot out of everyone involved.

  29. Danielle says:

    That shirt is too fabulous!!!

  30. Tina says:

    I’m so glad you bought that t-shirt. You’re such a “little monster!”

  31. Ela says:

    Shy..hmmmm, I think you were just saving all that fabulousness up 🙂

  32. Alicia says:

    NS…please don’t fuck with WendyB…we sound nice and jovial in the comment section, but are quick to e-cut a beeyotch.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

    *pulls shank*

    Ok people, I’m really not this violent, I swear.

  33. KD says:

    Love it! You look super.

  34. Winnie says:

    Haha, Wendy you’re BRILLIANT!!!

  35. eyeliah says:

    died my comment disappear? lol you look incredible!

  36. eyeliah says:

    died, lol did. 🙂
    I think it did disappear.

  37. enc says:

    Sweet! We can wait for fulfillment. I’m really glad you’re helping Janet.

  38. stacy says:

    Loving that shirt and awaiting more details…

  39. Ms. Smart says:

    cute hair
    good look
    playful, fun, vibrant you!

  40. Hi you look fab! Great site by the way, came across it by accident, but will def be back!

  41. Laure says:

    I just discovered your work, and can I just say: I was INSTANTLY OBSESSED. Your jewelry is so unique, detailed, and intricate. I think you have a sense of aesthetics and beauty that few designers have. Keep up the lovely work.

    In other news, that Lady Gaga shirt is hot!

  42. dreamsequins says:

    One: I’m very jealous that you saw the concert.

    Two: I’m very jealous of the shirt.


  43. Christen says:

    LOVE the tee. Not sure I could pull it off as well as you do though 🙂

  44. alixrose says:

    Forget you never and you a shy child GET OUT!!!
    Love the shirt and glad to hear that so many are donating!
    Cant wait to read a wendyb review of a ladyG concert!

  45. tiffany says:

    you look fantastic and I can’t even believe that was one of her souvenir shirts, I love it!

  46. that shirt is insane, wendyb. just like you! love it!!!