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Friday, May 23, 2014

My designing friend Zang Toi had a sample sale earlier this week, and I joined him at his showroom to sell my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes jewelry.


Sharing a selfie with Zang’s “Haute Couture” dress form.

In between customers, I admired Zang’s offerings, including this dress from his Spring 2014 “Ballet Babe” collection.


Click to see the dress on the runway.

I couldn’t resist trying on a couple of dresses. I decided to be adventurous, choosing ones that my right-hand woman Eryn would describe as “pounds of fabric.” It turns out that a giant dress that has been fitted to a toothpick-thin, 6′-tall model looks rather comical on a 5’4″ civilian.  This high/low (or “mullet“) gown looked elegant on the runway.


Photo courtesy Hollywood Life. Click for source.

But I looked kinda like Little Bo Peep.



This plaid gown was more my style, even though it was still about 3′ too long.


I got a great workout wrestling that gown into the dressing room. That’s a whole lot of dress.

My own outfit for the sale was more streamlined.

zang5What Wendy Wore
Top: MaxMara (pre-2005, seen here in 2010)
Jeggings: J. Brand (2010-ish? Recently seen here)
Shoes: Givenchy (2014, previously seen here)
Necklace: My own chicken-in-egg locket design.

I had an extra-special sale of my sterling-silver squirrel necklaces going on that day. Everyone who bought them bought two!


My squirrel necklace photographed against one of Zang’s dresses.

Even though the squirrel price has gone back up a bit, it’s still on sale for $25. Click here to purchase one … or two!


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6 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Hanging Out at Zang Toi’s Showroom”

  1. Sigh…a New York sample sale. It’s worlds away from my little suburban life here in Vancouver, Canada!! Glad I get to experience it all through you, dear Wendy!! P.S. I think you could totally rock that plaid gown…it just needs a little hem work (or a pair of Gaga-worthy platform heels!!)

  2. stacy says:

    I love plaid!!
    Even Spaceballs One has ‘gone to plaid.’

  3. Lyosha says:

    those dresses look nice on you even like that. The squirrel necklace is uber cute!