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Monday, March 17, 2014

In January, my gorgeous mother BarbaraB got me floral Givenchy booties as a belated birthday gift.


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With all the snow and general bad weather we’ve had in New York City this winter, I didn’t get a chance to wear these until this week. First, I tried them with my usual outfit of jeans and a black t-shirt (same thing as here, just different shoes).

floral1resize1What Wendy Wore
Jacket: Stacy Lomman Fall 2012 collection (acquired 2013)
T-shirt: Splendid

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (2011)
Shoes: Givenchy (2014)
Purse: Yves Saint Laurent (2013)
Nosy photobomber: On the left side of the picture

I realized that didn’t do the shoes justice at all so I forced my lazy self into a dress for dinner on Saturday night.

floral1resizeWhat Wendy Wore
Dress: Versace (probably 2003)
Shoes: Givenchy (2014)

That was better! I must confess I didn’t go all out with my sartorial effort though. I accessorized the dress with the same jacket and purse I wore with the jeans. I’m clearly in need of some more wardrobe therapy.

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11 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Birthday Booties From BarbaraB”

  1. stacy says:

    More wardrobe therapy coming soon…

  2. déjà pseu says:

    I adore that Givenchy print. Tried on the “Birkenstocks” in the same print, but gave them a pass. Those are some fabulous boots!!

  3. yowza! Best Booties in the hemisphere.

  4. Poochie says:

    I think you need to wear these with cropped light pink tailored pants and a sharp black jacket.

  5. I love the first look, Wendy!! But…it doesn’t do those Givenchys justice; and only because you can’t really see them!! The black shift dress, on the other hand, is perfect for showing off that Fabulous Floral Footwear!! Those boots were made to steal the spotlight!!


  6. Woo, those are fabulous booties! Adore! Yes, much better to show them off – what about a funky black skirt and a PINK blouse??