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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yesterday, when I wrote (again!) about my enduring fondness for ’80s-style single earrings, I mentioned that I am sometimes more subtly influenced by my love of ’80s fashion.

For instance, I was unexpectedly taken down an ’80s path by the floral-printed Givenchy handbag that hyp-mo-tized me during Thanksgiving window-shopping.


Click to see my wish-list post on this bag.

This weekend, my gorgeous mother, BarbaraB, was in town and took me for a little belated-birthday shopping. We weren’t having much luck at first, though BarbaraB did try on a fabulous pair of sunglasses.


Prada looks good on mom!

Then we wandered into Bergdorf Goodman, went to the shoe floor and I was hyp-mo-tized by the Givenchy print again, this time in the form of a lace-up bootie.


Lace-up floral boots by Givenchy.

This shoe was even more mesmerizing than the bag. I kept looking and looking at it, and then said, “I’ll just try it on for size,” thinking it wouldn’t fit. But it did and BarbaraB amazed me by making these shoes my birthday present. (THANK YOU, MOM!!!)

When I showed the shoes to my designing friend Stacy Lomman that evening, I said, “I don’t know why I’m hyp-mo-tized by these but I am.” She replied, “I know why! The ’80s!” Doh! That should have been obvious to me. After all, in 2010, I wrote about my affection for the lace-up booties and boots popularized by Madonna at the beginning of her career (take a look at Madonna’s lace-up shoes in this 1985 photo). As for the floral print — well, tapestry was hot in the ’80s too. Stacy quickly found a vest on Etsy that’s similar to one she owned back in the day.


$18. Click to purchase.

A vest like this would have been part of an outfit that Stacy described in an email as “Soooo Molly Ringwald.  Granny booties. Buttoned-up collar with brooch. Hat.” Nailed it! Here is Molly in the 1986 movie Pretty in Pink, wearing a tapestry vest, high collar, and what seems to be a necklace that is mostly hidden to appear more like a brooch. (She also might be wearing asymmetrical earrings, unless one is being covered by her hair.)


Click for screen cap source.

Here’s a good shot of Molly’s lace-up booties, worn with tapestry (or tapestry-print) pants, with a hat close at hand.


From Tumblr.

These too shots have everything: a tapestry-print skirt, vest, high collar, hat with floral band, and the necklace/brooch thing.


She’s got everything going on here. Click for source.

Sometimes the tapestry trend and the lace-up bootie trend merged. Stacy found an example of that on  Etsy too.


$42.95. Click to purchase.

So there you have it: The new shoes and I were meant to be. I didn’t wear heels during the Molly Ringwald years but I’m having fun imagining how I would have reacted to a gift of a pair of low-heeled, floral, lace-up booties back then. I think I would have exploded with happiness.

By the way, this isn’t even the first time I’ve fallen in love with “flower feet” in recent years. I still treasure the Prada floral heels I got in 2008. Here they are in 2011.


Click for original post.

A very different take on the flowery theme!

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14 Responses to “At Least I’m Consistent: ’80s Influences and Flower Feet”

  1. stacy says:

    I’m feeling super nostalgic for these looks.
    I just might start wearing a buttoned-up collar with a brooch!

  2. I gotta send Stacy my wish-list – and have her find these (affordable)twins on Etsy! Your mom is gorgeous, and very nice too – cool boots. xox

  3. I loved Molly’s look in “Pretty in Pink” – I have always done a version of that “granny chic” look. I had granny boots in red (which I overdyed purple) in the 80s. I wanted tapestry but couldn’t afford them. Adoring your new booties!

  4. Ashley says:


    Everything about her outfits is so amazing. It’s funny; I work on a college campus, which is always a study in fashion & decade revival. Even when the 80s were back when I was in school (2001-2008, undergrad/grad) and as I teach now, Molly’s style was never revived. Is she even too fringe now?

    Maybe so. And that may make her all the more amazing.

  5. Your mum looks fabulous in those sunglasses! And the floral boots are fantastic, look forward to seeing how you wear them.

  6. Tina says:

    I LOVED Pretty in Pink and thought Molly Ringwald was SO COOL. I totally wore shirts buttoned to the top, secured with Grandma’s old brooch!

  7. Hi my dear! What a wonderful present, the floral print and heel are simply gorgeous! I have an original 50s top from my mum with a similar print, I must wear it when the weather gets warmer! xx