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Saturday, January 18, 2014

There was no contest. My Best Dressed/Wear What You Want combo award for the Screen Actors Guild awards goes to Kerry Washington. Remember, to get this prestigious award, a beautiful outfit doesn’t suffice. Your look has to be eye-catching — even controversial. Pregnant Kerry scored with a Prada crop top and skirt, because a crop top on a pregnant woman is always going to make some people go “tsk tsk.” And this crop top was on a serious red carpet, not a MTV Video Music Awards “anything goes” deal. But anyone who looks at Kerry and disapproves needs to get his or her eyes examined, because she looks absolutely elegant.


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There was some other good fashion at the SAGs — more so than at last week’s Golden Globes.  Lupita Nyong’o looked gorgeous again, this time in a teal Gucci gown. Like the red Ralph Lauren she wore to the Globes, the gown is a perfect fit.  Most improved was Jennifer Lawrence, whose sparking Dior was much better than her puffy, white, meme-spawning Globes gown. The ever-quotable actress startled E!’s viewers by referring to her “armpit vagina” during her red-carpet interview. Oh, Jennifer! Don’t you know the proper term is “armgina”?! But I can’t be mad because when I wrote about the too-tight bodice afflicting Katherine Heigl in 2008 I said:

“I’m sorry, beautiful actress Katherine Heigl! I would never have mentioned this because you are gorgeous from head to toe, including your armpits, but I was worried I would never have another reason to say the word ‘armgina’ if I didn’t take this opportunity.”

Thanks, J-Law, for giving me a reason to say “armgina” again! It’s been way too long!

UPDATED TO ADD: From the Department of Red-Carpet Hairdos: Natalie Dormer looked hawt with her half-shaved head.

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5 Responses to “My Best Dressed at the SAG Awards … Plus Armgina!”

  1. stacy says:

    Preggers in pink Prada.
    Way to go Kerri!

  2. lisamareedom says:

    My world is enhanced by the inclusion of Armgina in my vocabulary. Tell me Wendy, have you ever heard the Australian term “Gunt” ?
    I will give you a clue, Aussies call a round full belly a ‘gut” …..

  3. She looks beyootiful!