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Sunday, January 12, 2014

In 2012, I invented my Best Dressed/Wear What You Want combo award and bestowed it upon Piper Perabo and her sheer ballgown at the Golden Globes. You can’t just wear a pretty dress to win this prestigious award! Your look has to be interesting too. Being controversial is a big plus. I enjoy a red-carpet outfit that rubs some people the wrong way. Therefore, the award for the 2014 Golden Globes goes to Emma Watson, wearing Christian Dior. It’s nothing sooooo special from the front …

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Photo from the Huffington Post. Click for source.

… but check out the back! Emma is open for business!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Check out the lady with the open purse in the background!

A totally open dress over skinny pants? J’adore this Dior. My designing friend Stacy Lomman, peeking over my shoulder as I wrote this, said, “It’s kind of a mullet! Business in the front, party in the back.” That explains it! You know I love me a mullet. I love a backless dress too.


My own backless Zang Toi gown in 2009. Click for original post.

The idea of something that’s backless all the way down thrills me. (I bet Emma’s outfit thrilled — and puzzled —  and thrilled — a lot of men tonight too.) I would wear this look in a hot second.

I seem to be favoring red dresses during this year’s Golden Globes. In addition to liking Emma’s look, I thought Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years a Slave was impeccable in a red caped gown that recalled the white Tom Ford that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 2012 Oscars. If the look works for you, who cares who wore it before? I also appreciated Amy Adams’s Valentino gown, which recalled her plunging American Hustle costumes, especially because I’ve been hot for two tones of red in one outfit since 2011. Check out Amy here.

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14 Responses to “My Best Dressed at the Golden Globes: Emma Watson”

  1. Tina says:

    But is it a dress or just a VERY long top? Either way I kind of dig it!

  2. stacy says:

    I also like her pop of blue shoe! It all just works!
    That Zang dress is to die on you!

  3. Alice Olive says:

    Lupita was the beginning, the middle and the end. Was there anyone else at the Golden Globes? She was positively regal.

    The trouble with watching the red carpet is that you see how these women can or cannot carry themselves.

    Poise is an important accessory that so many of them are missing!

  4. AK says:

    And did you see that she wore only one earring? (One of those Dior studs with the large pearl behind the earlobe)

  5. Julie Matos says:

    Hey Wendy,

    That is one of the most gorgeous photos that I have seen of you ! Beautiful ! So pretty…… Yes, you must wear that dress again.

  6. Miss Conduct says:

    I didn’t watch the show, or see all the dresses. but I’m willing to go along with Emma’s dress winning Wendy’s award. I love the front because I dig a formal dress with sleeves. Emma doesn’t need them, but I do. And the back! A combination of Nice Girl and Russian Mafia Wife. Emma seems very confident that her look crushed all the others, saw them driven before it, and heard the lamentations of their women. I hope she was generously drenched in some take-no-prisoners perfume. My pick would be 5 sprays of Chantecaille Kalimantan.

    • WendyB says:

      And this wins Wendy’s Golden-Globe-blog-comment award. OMG! I am #dead ! “her look crushed all the others, saw them driven before it, and heard the lamentations of their women”