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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Internets have already declared that my mother, BarbaraB, is a style icon, but in case you need further proof, check out this photo of us.


BarbaraB and WendyB in June 1968. Click to enlarge.

My appreciation of towering hair and a good hairpiece must have come from BarbaraB. Look at her rocking that wiglet! You can see more photos of her here. Happy Mother’s Day, BarbaraB! And to all you other mothers as well.

Here’s what was on the blog this week:

The 1989 cocktail dress I was wearing (just barely) in my Throwback Thursday photo reminded my designing friend Stacy Lomman that she wore a 1988 dress to my 2010 New Year’s Eve party.


Click for original post.

Love that dress! It’s so classic. It could easily be sold in stores now.

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7 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day, BarbaraB! And Week in Review”

  1. Megan Mae says:

    You look so much like your mom! All three Lady B’s are beautiful ladies. I love Baby!Wendy’s pout too.

  2. Margaret says:

    Your mom is so a style icon. I can see where you got both your amazing genes and your fantastic style.

  3. Kate Battrick
    Twitter: MakeDoStyle

    OMG – spit of your mum! What a fabulous photo xx

  4. Tina says:

    Wow, you look just like your mom! What a fabulous outfit that BarbaraB is wearing! Love her ‘do!

  5. Happy Belated Mother’s Day BarbaraB! I think of you whenever I wear my BarbaraB necklace.

  6. Your mum could have been in an awesome girl group; maybe she was!

  7. Aquaruby says:

    Wow! Your mother looks beautiful – like a Hollywood starlet. Great photo!