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Monday, September 23, 2013

I didn’t watch last night’s Emmys live, because I was at a concert. I sure didn’t miss anything fashion-wise. I thought last year’s Emmys were uninspiring from a style perspective, but this year was even worse. There was exactly one gown that I would want to wear myself: Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery’s red-and-burgundy Prada.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Courtesy Huffington Post. Click for more photos.

It fit her perfectly, and I always enjoy a halter and a high/low hemline. But what I liked most of all is that the color combination reminded me of a 2011 Bottega Veneta look that I still covet.


Click to read my Huffington Post story that featured this Bottega Veneta ad.

Great minds think alike when it comes to color, eh?

Nearly everything else on the red carpet looked either very plain or mother-of-the-bride to me. (A lot of people criticized Heidi Klum’s Versace dress with the neck piece, but at least it was different.) The blah parade made comedian Sarah Silverman stand out in her little black dress. Normally, I don’t care for a little black dress at a big event, but when so many other people look like mermaids or cupcakes, a bit of contrast really works, especially when paired with dark hair and fierce shoes.


Courtesy Yahoo. Click for the story.

Silverman said she got her dress for $60 online. That’s the same amount I paid on eBay for my Sex-ay Pilgrim Dress by Donald Brooks.


Photo of my full-length couture gown by Donald Brooks from 2004. Click for an earlier post.

Sixty is a lucky number when it comes to online shopping!

The concert I was at last night was Christian Death, aka the godfathers of Goth. The music, band outfits and audience fashion all gave me pleasant ’80s flashbacks. I particularly liked the look of this Goth go-go dancer.


Photo by Wendy Brandes.

If I had to choose between wearing her outfit and nearly any of the Emmys outfits TO the Emmys themselves, I’d go with the Goth girl, honestly. Goths have more fun.

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16 Responses to “My Best Dressed at the Emmys: Ummm …”

  1. Alice Olive says:

    Mother of the Bride is damning.

    I like Michelle’s dress, however her hair is so school photo day.

  2. Margaret says:

    I love that red/burgundy Prada. Cannot understand why it is not tops on everyone’s list.

  3. Monica P says:

    I though Zooey Deschanel light blue/gray dress was quite pretty. There were quite a few ugly black, lacy dresses.


    • WendyB says:

      Yes, that dress was pretty though the color does make me thinking “mother of the bride.” I still need to see a close-up of her tourmaline ring — all the jewelry people were excited about that.

  4. I really didn’t like most of the Emmy dresses – but this Prada gown is gorgeous.

  5. Wendy I appreciated your Emmy fashion rundown! Very concise and correct… cliff notes to the evening!

  6. There were some photos of Heidi Klum in front of the Emmy award image that made her look as if she had horns. It was a very “Rosenary’s Baby” moment (cf. when R and G have dinner at their neighbors’ home)! Amusing to me.

  7. Arghhh why wasn’t I at that gig??? Oh, duh I was in London. Oh well, glad to hear they were still fab, loved them back in the day! (So um, yeah missed the Emmy’s too busy having fun!) XXX