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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Because I dressed to make Zang Toi happy on Sunday night, I figured it was only fair to dress in a way that would make MrB happy at our 12th-anniversary dinner on Monday.  After all, MrB puts up with a lot more from me than Zang has to.


The restaurant sent us a strawberry pie with a nice note.

I know MrB is a big fan of a khaki RM by Roland Mouret dress I got in 2009.  In 2010, I wore it to embarrass myself in front of Tom Brokaw (for a second time!).


Looking sheepish with Tom Brokaw in 2010. Click for original post.

This week, I wore it to the Gramercy Tavern.

mouretresizeWhat Wendy Wore
Dress: RM by Roland Mouret (2009)
Shoes: Terry de Havilland (2013)
Purse: Louis Vuitton (2005)
Jewelry: All my own designs

The gold, snake-print shoes were a gift I got earlier this year from my friend Terry de Havilland, aka the “rock ‘n’ roll cobbler.” You can see the “spring-o-lator” insole in this photo. That bouncy inner helps keep the shoes on your feet.


I wore these out to another dinner earlier this month, and an alarmed friend was full of warnings about bunions and other foot damage. I was like, “Hunty, do you think I go JOGGING in these?” Each time I’ve worn them out, I’ve only walked about 30 steps. (I’ve also danced around the apartment in them when MrB is at work.) That said, de Havilland shoes are always surprisingly comfortable. As Terry told me when I met him last year, his awesome wife Liz would never let him make an uncomfortable shoe.

For my next de Havilland shoes, I’m holding out for a pair with customized soles, like this pair of men’s shoes Terry showed me.


Click for original post.

Those would go well with my IDGAF necklace, don’t you agree?

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17 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Dressing to Please a Man, Part II”

  1. Samantha V says:

    You look fantastic, as always ! 🙂

  2. Samantha V says:

    Yes, I so want to. I just have a problem with getting a good dog sitter, but I’m working on it! x

  3. Megan Mae says:

    Omg I need to do that to one of my pairs of shoes. Asap. I think my grey Cydwoqs can benefit from a nice FUCK YOU

    Also I can see why Mr. B likes that dress ;P

  4. Suzanne says:

    Wow…you looked amazing!


  5. Marian says:

    that dress is banging on you! hot hot hot! those shoes!
    Happy anniversary honey

  6. Lynnski says:

    Really? MrB is a fan of your Amazing Bosom… I mean,this dress? What a shocking revelation!

    Happy Anniversary to you and MrB and your AB.


    that dress is stunning!

  8. annemarie says:

    If only Anthony Weiner hadn’t forever ruined the concept/neologism of fuckme shoes! Terry should sue him.

  9. Julie Matos says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. B. You look super chic Lady B.

    Love the Everly Brothers!!! Heard them on Pandora just last week.

    Much Love,
    Julie Marie