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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May’s Jewels of the Month are a continuation of April’s theme: emoji. Emoji are the cute little pictures that can be used on phones in lieu of those sooooo old-fashioned emoticons.


Some of the emoji available on the iPhone. Click to learn how to set up your emoji keyboard.

Last month I introduced five stud earrings inspired by the hand-gesture emoji. Four were official emoji: the okay sign, the thumbs up, the peace sign and the raised hand. But there is no middle finger emoji — a huge oversight! — so I created my own, based on Eminem’s famous bird-flipping hand. When Style.com wrote about my emoji designs, I said that the emoji creators were welcome to add my middle finger design to their collection. I’m so serious about that that I’m trying to track down the right people to make them an offer!

Meanwhile, I’ve done more emoji studs. This time only one is an official emoji: the punching fist. Here’s the original.


The original fist.

Here is my earring version.


$35 for one. Click to purchase.

Then I did three hand gestures that I think should be emoji. The first is the American Sign Language “I love you” sign.


$35 for one. Click to purchase.

I also have the Hawaiian “shaka” sign, also used by surfers to mean “hang loose.” I think Hawaiian-born Barack Obama should get this one for his daughters.


$35 for one. Click to purchase.

Finally, though I’m not a Star Trek fanatic, I was inspired to do the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” salute.  (I always did like Spock the best.) The new Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness, comes out May 16. Order your earring now and get it in time for the premiere!


$35 for one. Click to purchase.

If you’re more of a Mork & Mindy fan than a Star Trek fan, turn the hand sideways to get the “nanu nanu” hand gesture.


Mork (Robin Williams) and Mindy (Pam Dawber).

All of my emoji stud earrings — and all of my other stud earrings — are available as singles. Inspired by the single earrings I wore in the ’80s, I’ve been adding single earrings to my jewelry line since October. You need to hop on this look now. After all, New York Magazine said that Emma Watson’s single earring was among the “21 smartest sly nods to punk” at Monday’s Met Gala. My stud earrings are subtle, so they’re Supa Dupa Sly! And you won’t feel like a wannabe-punk throwback because my inspiration is so modern.

I’m not sure why the hand-gesture emojis appeal to me so much. Maybe it’s because I wore hand earrings back in the ’80s.


Photographed last April. Click for original post.

My parents are moving out of my childhood home in New Jersey, so I went there this weekend to rummage through my old stuff. (I’m going to have lots of material for Throwback Thursdays!) I was excited to find a photo from 1986 or 1987 in which I’m wearing a single hand earring.


I wasn’t fully committed to red lipstick at this point in time.

I remember that shirt so well. It was from the men’s department at Bloomingdale’s. I wore it with leggings and big hair. Anyway, you can see that I was very literal about wearing a single earring. There’s nothing at all in my other ear. Nowadays, I wear a different earring in each of my three earlobe piercings. When you design your own line, the policy is always “The more jewelry, the merrier”!

To learn about ways you can customize your Wendy Brandes jewelry order, read this post.

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8 Responses to “Jewels of the Month: More Emoji (and “Emoji”) Stud Earrings”

  1. Megan Mae says:

    HOLY SHIT. I need the LLAP one.

  2. mary panjari says:

    upon seeing the small pic I got excited because I thought it was the ‘metal’ sign, the devil’s horns! I would totally go for that!

  3. Tina says:

    I am loving the individual stud earrings! More, more, more!!!