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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The first concert I ever went to was Journey. The show was at what was then called the Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey. I’m wondering if it was one of the Journey concerts I see listed for that venue for May 1983, which would have made me 15. Is that an advanced age for a concert without parental supervision? I’m not sure. My friend Debra and I took her son and my stepson to their first concert (Velvet Revolver) in 2005, when they were 12 and 13, and every time they were out of our sight for a second, we panicked. So maybe 15 is reasonable for non-wild-child types.

Anyway, my parents drove me and my friend to the arena. She and I were wearing matching flouncy miniskirts. I think mine was purple and hers was turquoise. We were beside ourselves with excitement to be all dressed up and going to a show, and we were madly in love with Journey’s lead singer, Steve Perry. I pity the people sitting near us in the bad seats who were subjected to our shrieks of ecstasy. You can see why he got to us though: the long black hair, cropped animal print t-shirt, and those skin-tight jeans. Oh, and his voice, of course.

There’s a Journey song stuck in my head right now: “Any Way You Want It.”

I keeping singing the lyrics, “Any way you want it/That’s the way you need it” to myself. Every once in a while, I switch it up with “You can get anything you want from Alice’s restaurant … excepting Alice,” from Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant.” That’s because I’ve been meaning to remind y’all that you can get anything you want when it comes to the newest designs from my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes collection. Nearly all of my five-millimeter letters, numbers and symbols are interchangeable for the same prices listed on my site. Silver stud earrings are $35 for singles and $70 for pairs, silver first-knuckle rings are $150 and silver five-pendant necklaces are $300. Get it? If you want to turn a bunny stud earring into a first-knuckle ring, I can do that. Would you rather have all five of the emoji earrings I introduced yesterday turned into one necklace? I can do that too.


Thumbs up to customization! Click to purchase earring.

Anything you see in silver can be made in 18K gold. Stud earrings are $225, first-knuckle rings are $335, and five-pendant necklaces are $950. (You can get one-, two-, three- or four-pendant necklaces as well. Prices depend on the number of pendants.) Don’t see the letter, number, symbol, animal, vegetable or mineral that you want as an earring, ring or necklace? Just ask for it. If you’ve got a bigger budget, I can add diamonds or other gems to many of these designs.

Asking if I can customize these pieces is like asking if Steve Perry’s pants were snug enough to help him hit those high notes. Obviously! Holla at me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com and tell me what you need.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I will be doing a little traveling over the next few days. I won’t be on Twitter like I always am (or commenting on your blogs, alas). You can still reach me by email but I won’t be able to reply with my usual lightning speed. The blog will continue with scheduled posts!

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One Response to ““Any Way You Want It” Jewelry”

  1. PattM says:

    OMG! My first concert was Journey in ’83 too!!!! Was only 14-ish and it was a big deal because there were no “adults” going. Still look back fondly at that concert; S Perry had an amazing voice!