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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I’ve always had a passion for cherry prints. I got a Louis Vuitton Cerise cherry-print bag in 2005 in part because it reminded me of a satin-y Cynthia Rowley cherry-print dress that I wore in 1996. I got the dress at a sample sale and I was so happy with it. I wore it with awful chunky-heeled shiny red sandals.


My treasured cherry-print dress. I was 28 when this photo was taken.

I had short hair all through the ’90s, mostly styled by Keith Carpenter, who is my hair guru to this day. Here’s another view of that ‘do from August 1996, during a trip I took to Paris.


I thought I looked very French.

I went to Paris with my sister Terri Berry and my friend Diane. Diane and I worked at CNN at the time, and I found an apartment for rent on an internal CNN message board. I neglected to tell Terri and Diane that we were getting a discount for taking care of the owners’ elderly cat.  None of us had any experience with cats, and the two other gals left it all to me because I was the one who had gotten us into this pickle. It was my first exposure to canned cat food and every day I would gag as I opened that awful shizz for the cat.


Me and the French kitteh. It clearly hates me.

Something historical happened in Paris after dinner one night. My sister took this picture of me and Diane with our waiter. Check out the two restaurant employees grinning in the background between me and the waiter.


Oh, you silly dudes!

It’s a 1996 photobomb. Who would have guessed that someday there would be whole websites devoted to such behavior?

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13 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: 1996 Dress, Hair and Photobomb”

  1. The first photobomb! Love your sassy hair. The cat lived through the trip, right????

  2. Sheila says:

    Do you still have that cherry dress? I’m thinking it might be the “next new thing”! Love it.

    Your hair looks so great – you always have great hair.

  3. So adorable. You were my daughter’s age in that top photo! I like that really short hair cut.

  4. Margaret says:

    Love these pics! Your short hair is super cute!

    I have a thing for cherry dresses too. I wore a Betsy Johnson corset cherry printed dress to my prom. I still have it. try not to be jealous 🙂

  5. Megan Mae says:

    Awww, poor french kitty. I do adore your 1996 hairdo. I think I want to steal it once I start growing mine out again.

  6. Aubrey says:

    gorgeous then, gorgeous now! Are you wearing a Cartier tank watch in the first and third pic? I love that style.

  7. Love re-visiting good times. Oh, man, I hate opening canned cat food. Hubby’s older cat decided he prefers Sasha Jane’s kitten kibble and won’t eat canned food any more, which is kinda a yay for me 🙂