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Sunday, March 31, 2013

My new sales item is my adorable pomegranate peace-sign necklace in silver and garnet. Check it out … the pendant really is a pomegranate AND a peace sign! Two great things for the price of one.


$190, down from $495. Click to purchase.

You’re going to be impressed by how solid this piece is. People are always surprised by the heft because they expect a pendant like this to be a wimpy little thing, but you know that WendyB don’t play that game!

I made three pomegranate peace-sign pendants in gold and three in silver. The gold ones are sold out. Once the silver pieces are gone, I will not make any more of this style, so it’s now or never, just like the genie (now gone) and the wolf necklaces (two left). I want to put all my resources into the many fantastic new designs I have planned, so a lot of past-season pieces need to go. I’ll be putting even more great jewelry on sale soon. To keep up to date, you can always check out the sale page here, but it’s better to follow me on Facebook, because I announce new sale items there first.

Speaking of fruit, after I posted a 1996 photo of myself wearing a cherry-print sateen dress, I noticed a similar print on several designs in Macy’s Marilyn Monroe juniors collection. Those of you who can squeeze into juniors sizes might like the trench jacket.


$89.50. Click to purchase.

There is also a peplum top and a dress. Just be prepared for a lot of reaction. There’s something about cherry prints that makes dudes crazy. That’s why I had to get rid of my ’90s dress — it was causing too many traffic accidents. I kid. The real reason I got rid of the dress was because it never fit perfectly due to bad pre-Jean-of-Ghost-Tailor tailoring. At a certain point, I couldn’t put up with imperfect fit anymore. But I did once, honest-to-God, cause a fender-bender when a guy in a car became hypnotized by the cherry-print dress as I walked down the sidewalk. Most of the time, it wasn’t that much of a safety hazard, though I did grow accustomed to men yelling, “Hey, cherry dress!” as they drove by.

Here’s what was on the blog this week:

You can also read my “What’s In Your Bag” interview over at the Imperfect Concepts blog. There’s a lot of information about business, in addition to a photo of the Starburst candy wrapper that was in my purse.

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One Response to “Fashionable Fruit and the Week in Review”

  1. Megan Mae says:

    LOL! You’re a hoot, Wendy. 😉 I think fruit is an awesome spring alternative to florals.

    Your sales are so good right now, I’m crying that this is my poor time of year. And that I’ve shopped way too much lately.