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Friday, February 1, 2013

I bristle when I hear people complain that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured, consumerist holiday, then claim that THEY always express love with thoughtful gifts or acts on ordinary days. That would be lovely if it were true, but I suspect many of those folks of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Blame my first serious boyfriend. He used to say that kind of stuff, but when did he ever get me a surprise gift? Flowers? A card? Anything? If he did, I don’t remember it. However, I vividly recall the time he gave me a big box for my combination December birthday/holiday gift. Rolling around inside were mink earmuffs and a stuffed pig that walked a few steps and oinked when you wound it up. (I was 20 or 21, mind you, not 13.) I cried for two days. It was so humiliating! Imagine someone asking, “What did your boyfriend get you for your birthday?” and having to answer, “An oinking pig.”

Fortunately, many years later, I married MrB, who does indeed do little thoughtful things all the time: getting me delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk bars and Diet Snapples; bringing refrigerator magnets back from business trips; and walking the dogs on a cold nights. But he also celebrates holidays and birthdays in a pig-free way. And guess what? It’s nice!

Valentine’s Day is a good day to be nice. Giving can be better than receiving, so if you’re depressed about not being in a romantic relationship, why not cheer yourself up by spreading cheer to others? During my single days, my friends and I sent flowers to each other or went to dinner. Maybe you could send a card to your dad or call your grandmother. (Note to self: Call grandmother on Valentine’s Day!) Treat yourself too: I’m never shy about buying myself a Whitman’s Sampler from the drugstore.

My Jewels of the Month for February are appropriate for any Valentine’s possibility. You can get them for a lovah, friend, family member or yourself. I’ve added to my WENDYB by Wendy Brandes collection of mix-and-match stud earrings with this “Heart You” pair.


“Heart You” mixed stud earrings in sterling silver. $70. Click to purchase.

These are five millimeters high, the same as my other stud earrings. You can see how a five-millimeter letter earring looks on gorgeous blogger Megan Mae here. I have the same style in 18K yellow gold.


“Heart You” mixed stud earrings in 18K yellow gold. $450. Click to purchase.

If nothing I say can cure you of your hatred for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got you covered. Express your hostility with my “Screw You” earrings.


“Screw You” mixed stud earrings in sterling silver. $70. Click to purchase.

The 18K-gold version of this pair is my new everyday ear wear. It goes well with my IDGAF necklace, no?


“Screw You” mixed stud earrings in 18K yellow gold. $450. Click to purchase.

Suffering from mood swings? Are you madly in love some days and pissed off other days? All of these studs are available separately so you can buy one heart, one screw and one U. Wear whatever suits you at the moment! Of course, you can also buy two hearts or two screws. Two U earrings would be funny for anyone with a W initial. Here are the single-stud silver options:

Here are the 18K-gold versions:

If the shape of my heart earrings looks familiar, that’s because it matches my popular Diana heart designs.

Edgy peeps and Twilight fans might prefer a Diana heart pierced with a “wooden” stake.

Check out how the Vampire Diana ring in silver looks on gorgeous blogger Beautifully Invisible.


She has great hands. Click for Beautifully Invisible’s post.

I’ve got plenty of other heart jewelry too. For texting and tweeting enthusiasts, there are two types of emoticon heart rings: a single ring and a two-ring set. (I also have a two-earring emoticon-heart stud set that’s not on the website yet because I sold it so fast. Holla at me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com if you’re interested.) For the texting man in your life, there are emoticon-heart cufflinks.


Sterling silver. $450. Click to purchase.

My ah-ma-zing Sophie twisting-heart necklace — one-of-a-kind and set with 1.1 carats of diamonds — can express your mood like the “Heart You” and “Screw You” earrings. If you’re feeling affectionate, you can wear your heart on your neck.


$13,000. Click to buy at Broken English Jewelry.

Not so cuddly? Let it be known by twisting the pendant into an oval.

sophie oval

Click for more information.

If you or your beloved could be described as “part romantic, part gothic, part UFO,” you need the 18K-gold-and-ruby,  heart-and-skull locket recently praised by Made in Joaillerie.


Click to see the skull inside.

And you can’t go wrong with my cute, sterling-silver “Hugs and Kisses” mix-and-match studs.


$70. Click to purchase.

Oh Em Gee! Do you think I should add a tiny pig to my collection of single-stud earring options? Because then y’all can get a “Hogs and Kisses” pair in honor of that old boyfriend of mine! “OINK” letter necklace sold separately.

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17 Responses to “Love Valentine’s Day? Hate It? I’ve Got Jewelry for You.”

  1. stacy says:

    So many great items!! I’m feeling the “screw you” earrings right now! They turned out perfect! Maybe MrB will get you a prune hamentaschen for VD! 😀

  2. Megan Mae says:

    OMG lol! Screw u earrings. How cute! Perfect for flipping off Valentine’s Day, but also totally punk rock all the rest of the year.

  3. Love the pig story! Me & Mr TNMA usually buy each other something very small on Valentine’s Day, just because.

  4. sulky kitten says:

    Brilliant. I love the screw U earrings, and I don’t even have pierced ears. I’ll just have to let my sulky expression do the talking.Mr B is a star for feeding you Cadbury’s.

  5. Marla says:

    Love that heart ring.

  6. Alice Olive says:

    What was WRONG with that guy? An oinking pig? That is truly horrible.

    I agree, giving is always good. I just sent Mum Season 3 of Downton Abbey (without ripping off the plastic cover and greedily watching!) and I’ll chalk that up as a little Valentine’s Day pressie.

  7. That was one clueless boyfriend.

    I’m happy to express my hostility with screw u earrings. I just bought a pair!

  8. Ha ha! The next you know I’ll be riding a Harley. The unopened box is still sitting on the hutch. It’s been one thing after another since it arrived but I will take care of this tomorrow and let you know.

  9. oxinsocks says:

    I had a similar boyfriend of two and a half years. He was a great guy who wrote wonderful, frequent love notes, but the only present he ever gave me was an authentic Civil War minnie ball he found on a battlefield. It was cool, but..? Nothing says lovin’ like expended ammunition? The only present in a two year torid romance? Is it better than earmuffs and an oinking pig? Not sure.

  10. I’m thinking I need those earrings…

    Great stuff about perking up others on Valentine’s day.

    Sad pig story 🙁 What keeps running through my mind is, “Oink YOU!” Directed to all boyfriends who give pigs, or are pigs.