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Thursday, December 13, 2012

One of the big moments of last night’s 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief — for Twitter, at least — was Kanye West’s leather skirt. Peeps couldn’t stop talking about it. Yet, it was also the subject of much chatter and news coverage last year when Kanye wore what looks like the same skirt for his Watch the Throne tour with Jay-Z.

My own blurry 2011 photo of Kanye’s skirt. Click for original post.

What’s up with the fashion amnesia? Do we have to be shocked — SHOCKED! — all over again if he wears the skirt next year too? Try some ginseng, y’all. To me, this is as much of a fashion scandal as Usher’s neon sneakers.

I’d also be happy if everyone retired the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian/gold digger jokes. Whatever you may think of her, (a) she’s got money of her own and (b) you’re not the first one to make that joke!

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6 Responses to “Kanye West and Fashion Amnesia”

  1. Megan Mae says:

    I’ve seen more men in more controversial skirts walking around a mall. Psh people got nothin’ betteh to do than gossip.

    Although on the whole Kimye thing – Kim needs to wear some clothes that FIT her. It doesn’t hurt to size up. In fact, it seems like it would hurt more to stuff yourself into too-small clothes. Grrrrrl needs some help.

  2. Lol at the ginseng…
    Love Kimye!


  3. Bah–my fashion theory class talked about Kanye’s old leather skirt ages ago. I think it was styled better than this one, but whatevs.

  4. I’m not agitated but I sometimes wonder why rich, good-looking, talented people wear some of the darndest things. I mean Kanye is not exactly workin’ that skirt. Also look at Mariah Carey. Surely she can afford a stylist? I think she fires anyone who doesn’t stuff her into her beloved leotard tops and tube dresses.