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Thursday, November 10, 2011

This seems to be my month for dusting off dresses that have been hibernating in my closet for two years. On Saturday, I wore my gold-sequin Antik Batik dress — last worn in December 2009 — in Las Vegas. Then, on Monday, I wore the bow-covered vintage Patrick Kelly dress that I last wore out on the town with my gorgeous friends Rachel and Stacy … also in December 2009.

The dress in December 2009. From left: WendyB, Rachel, Stacy. Click for original post.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever wear the Patrick Kelly dress again. I got it online only to discover that it’s made of a puffy, spongy fabric that adds inches all over. The hundreds of tiny bows add to the bulk. When Jean of Ghost Tailor altered the dress for me in 2009, she recommended a belt to break up the bows. I hadn’t worn a belt in years, so I bought one on Bluefly, wore the dress out once with the ladies, and then stuck it back in the closet for a couple of years.

I figured I was ready to give the dress another try at the annual Knight-Bagehot fundraising dinner on Monday. The Knight-Bagehot program, run by Columbia University’s School of Journalism, offers qualified journalists a year-long fellowship in economics and business journalism. At last year’s dinner I was quite woozy, but this year I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, beribboned and belted. The dinner is held at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square and on my way there, I saw the Naked Cowboy, also for the first time in a couple of years. Everything old is new again — dresses and local characters!

I had a split second to snap a blurry Instagram shot of the Cowboy working the crowd.

The hotel is near all the Broadway theaters, so MrB asked me to pose like the ladies in the ad in back of me. I think the “Broadway triumphal moment” is a good variation on the standard WendyB Pose. I wound up feeling happy in the dress after all.

What Wendy Wore
Dress: ’80s Patrick Kelly (acquired 2009)
Belt: Calvin Klein (2009)
Shoes: Prada (2010)
Purse: Prada (2007)

I opted for jeans instead of a dress for the Kanye West/Jay-Z show at Madison Square Garden the following night, but Kanye made up for me by wearing a leather skirt over pants.

The camera that gave me a hard time at the Eminem concert didn't perform any better for Kanye. Click for Eminem post.

I love it. It’s such a “fuck you” to machismo. If Kanye could stick to dressing himself and making good music, I would love him, but he insists on being a jackhole. Why won’t Kanye let Kanye be great? He’s the only person screwing himself up. He admits he’s a douchebag and I thought admitting the problem was the first step towards recovery. Can’t we enroll him in Asshats Anonymous?

I didn’t take an outfit photo that night, so I’ll show you an old photo of the fringed Boudicca puffa jacket I wore.

The jacket seen earlier this year. Click for original post.

I wore that jacket because my gorgeous friend Debra, who came to the concert with me, always comments on its extreme puffiness. My father is amused by the jacket too. One time he pretended to blow into my sleeve to inflate me further. I think they just envy my pufftastic, Puff Mama status. Go ahead and laugh, jellus h8rs!  I flick my jacket fringe in your general direction.

Continuing an unusually busy week, I went to see my beloved Sam Waterston and his majestic eyebrows play the title role in King Lear at the Public Theater last night.

I enjoyed the three starring performances (Sam, Left Eyebrow and Right Eyebrow) and all the others immensely, as did my three companions. The less-glowing reviews are obviously written by jellus h8rs who don’t have Sam’s eyebrow game. His eyebrows are as desirable as my jacket puffiness. Sam and I will sit down and discuss this someday, after the restraining order is lifted and I kidnap him. (Somewhere in New York, Sam Waterston calls 911 and screams, “The eyebrow lady is writing about me again.”)

I wore the vintage Wendy Originals dress I got from Cherie at Shrimpton Couture. You can see a photo of me wearing it in the magic year of 2009 here, but I’ve worn it frequently since then. I always wear it with the same boots and purse. I’m the opposite of a wardrobe “remixer” and proud of it. I did change things up a bit by wearing a brown suede jacket that I got in Florence in the late ’90s, so I took a photo with the jacket on.

What Wendy Wore
Dress: Vintage from Shrimpton Couture (Cherie, when did I get this?)
Boots: Prada (2008 or 2009?)
Bag: Prada (Same year as the boots)
Jacket: From Florence (1998)
Necklace: My own Queen of Scots design

Most of my jewelry line is inspired by and named for real women of history but, once in a while, I do a fictional character. I can’t help thinking that Lear‘s Goneril might make a great poison ring … but I have other ideas for her too. We’ll see!

UPDATED TO ADD: At the end of King Lear, Lear is supposed to walk onto the stage carrying the corpse of his youngest daughter Cordelia. (Don’t complain about spoilers, bitches! This play has been around for 400 years.) Not every Lear can manage this single-handedly but Sam did. He came out carrying actress Kristen Connolly in his arms and continued to hold her while he delivered his lines. He’s 71! The magic eyebrows must give him extra strength! We were all in awe.

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22 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Patrick Kelly, Kanye West, King Lear”

  1. Emma Lilly says:

    Asshats Anonymous! I know a few people who should be enrolled in that. Kayne could teach what not to do. Love your style Wendy!

  2. Tanvi says:

    That animal print bag is the bomb!!!

  3. Sheila says:

    If you do Goneril, you have to do Reagan!

    I laughed out loud at the Sam Waterston shrieking about the eyebrow lady.

    I love your Prada boots, Wendy. I don’t suppose you are a size 9? 🙂

  4. mystyle says:

    Hi there!! The Patrick Kelly dress looks amazing, as do your other fabulous outfits-puffatastic!! xx

  5. Sally says:

    How could ANYONE hate that puffer? It’s absolutely stellar! And this is coming from someone who lives in the Great White Nort’.

  6. I love all the looks here, but I just cannot take my eyes off of the leopard bag…it is a keeper!! I like the print in the Patrick Kelly dress alot.

  7. Liz says:

    It’s hard to tell that it’s not a print- that’s crazy awesome if those are all tiny bows!

    also- kind of love Kanye’s outfit even if I hate him.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, what a post! I feel like I’ve taken a tour through your closet AND your social life! So many great costume changes. 🙂

  9. I was smiling as I read your post. Great way to start my day, so thank you! Stellar outfits for each event. I too have a puffy jacket. You have motivated me to pull it out and wear it!

  10. I would swoon if there were a whole Wendy Brandes (with a few Wendy B pieces) collection of Shakespeare inspired jewelry.

  11. Susan Tiner says:

    Wendy, you are so much fun, it’s always a pleasure visiting your corner of the world :).

  12. brett says:

    love the last dress
    cracking up at the description of the puffy bow dress
    Sam = yummy!! and his voice can make me melt

  13. I love the dress. Amazing the different a belt can make.

  14. Lara says:

    Always looking fabulous! Do you have the number to Asshats Anonymous? I’d like to get some cards made and hand em out to a few people!

  15. elena daciuk says:

    i agree with “the style crone” – i smiled through the whole post as well…
    great work in being the opposite of a “remixer” it works for you!
    and most of all…i am still amazed at how you remember what year you purchased items…i couldn’t do that if my life depended on it…thank god it doesn’t!
    oh…and the leopard bag…serious love!!

    • WendyB says:

      The blog helps keep track of some things. The jacket was easy because I know what year I went to Florence. For some things I can only remember a general time frame…like if I wore it to my last corporate job it is pre-2005!

  16. stacy says:

    naked cowboy looks like he cut his hair.
    and wendy waterson has a nice ring to it!

  17. ah, I didn’t want this post to end ..

    oh your leopard bag

    oh your black patent bag

    wearing it very well

  18. Love your gold polish in the last photo. Nice touch!

  19. “(Don’t complain about spoilers, bitches! This play has been around for 400 years.)”

    hahahahahhaahhahahahhahah (passes out due to hyperventilaffinations)