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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Jewel of the Month posts highlight my newest jewelry designs — or, occasionally, existing designs that suit the season/holiday. Here’s what was hot in 2012. Click the photos to read the original posts.

In January, I answered the question “Is it okay to mix metals?” with a resounding, “Hell, yeah!”


Siobhan ring with mixed metals.

February isn’t always about Valentine’s hearts. Sometimes you just want to say, “OMG WTF.”


Model Tina J, photographed by Shane LaVancher.

March’s birthstone is aquamarine, and I can’t believe no one snatched up my stunning aquamarine poison ring from Broken English Jewelry last year! March will be here again before you know it, so hop to it.


Livia poison ring in 18K gold and aquamarine.

April’s birthstone is a diamond, so it was a good time to feature a custom job: Mindy’s redesigned diamond engagement ring. After I shipped the ring to her, she emailed: “Got it, love it, THANK YOU!!!!!”


Mindy’s “new old” ring.

I didn’t name an official Jewel of the Month in May, but I didn’t have to, because everyone was focused on my swear-ring design from 2008. First, Topshop knocked it off. Then a Dutch magazine asked whether the rings were “Only for tough ghetto chicks or a must-have for every fashionista?” (I wear the rings myself, so am I a “tough ghetto chick”? Awesome!) Meanwhile, InStyle contributing editor Marion Fasel declared herself “obsessed” with them.


Click for original post.

In June, my bad experiences with Topshop — and good experiences with gorgeous blogger Sulky Kitten — inspired a couple of necklaces, including the IDGAF necklace that I now wear nearly every day.


Later in the year, this necklace gave me the courage to speak to Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

July’s Jewel was another custom engagement ring. This one was for dares-to-be-different graphic designer Lori Kadezabek. You can see more photos of the ring at her November wedding here.


The proposal!

Forever-young MrB celebrated his 70th birthday in August, so I made him pearl-and-tsavorite cufflinks.


When you want to give the very best…

Gorgeous designer/blogger Stacy Lomman inspired me to add a new ring style to my Juana skull collection in September.


Sterling silver with white sapphires. I’m excited to do a gold version too.

October 16 was the 219th anniversary of Marie Antoinette’s execution. I refrained from making a joke about the French queen “losing her head” over the beauty of my Marie Antoinette earrings. Well, I refrained until now.


The earrings are set with 404 tsavorites.

I had been wanting to make mid-finger rings for ages. I finally got to do them. They debuted in November.


The “B” belongs to me, but you can order any letter you like.

I ended the year on an affectionate note. My “hugs and kisses” stud earrings were December’s Jewel of the Month.


You can also buy the X and the O singly.

Have a happy New Year’s Eve, peeps! Send me photos of any Wendy Brandes jewelry you wear out tonight (or wear to stay in — however you celebrate!) and I’ll post them this week, along with January’s Jewel of the Month.

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15 Responses to “Jewels of the Month for 2012”

  1. Marla says:

    Love that skull ring! So unique.

  2. sulky kitten says:

    Just been admiring the beautiful ring you created for Deja Pseu (Susan). I’m still treasuring my Sulky necklace, Thank You! Those Marie Antoinette earrings are jaw droppingly gorgeous! Happy new year Wendy to you and Mr B and your furry loved-ones!

  3. Lisa says:

    The Siobhan ring, sigh. Beautiful. The mix is perfect.

  4. I am pleased to see my OMG rings on this list :).

  5. Marti says:

    My goodness where did the time go?
    It’s a bitch getting old, (at least for me) it seems time goes by faster than it used to.

  6. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Dear W

    Happy New Year, can’t wait to see visuals of your outfit! Is 7 am 1st Jan here.

    My anti spa word was love you, which is what le Child likes to shout at me.

    Luff you too W x

  7. stacy says:

    What a great year!!!! I’m partial to September – heeheehee. But, OMG those Marie Antoinette earrings are simply divine. To DIE for!

  8. Oh my dear … those cufflinks…. such artistic perfection!!! I so enjoy your blog and wish you all the best in style for the coming year!

  9. Rachel Dahl says:

    Got it here from Cameron’s 2012 feature post 🙂 Love your jewelry line! Very unique!

  10. Rachel Dahl says:

    Got here from Cameron’s 2012 feature post! Just wanted to say that I love your jewelry line. Very unique! 🙂