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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My latest Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips design — applied by celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival — is called “Love Letter.” In this photo, I’m wearing it with my Hathor swivel-ring design, turquoise side up.

Hathor Ring is made with 18K yellow gold, diamonds, turquoise and carnelian. Click to shop.

The turquoise center of the ring flips over to reveal carnelian on the other side. Two rings in one! I also have a pair of matching swivel earrings. Model Tina J is wearing them in this photo.

Click Tina J to shop for the earrings. (The ring is my Empress Wu dragon ring. Photo by Shane LaVancher.)

I wrote about the inspiration for the Hathor designs — and the challenges of producing them — in 2010.

Here’s another look at the manicure.

I’ve been very happy with the Sally Hansen product; my snake-patterned manicure lasted over two weeks. If some chrome looks were added to the line, it would be perfect.

I like that this design is called “Love Letter” because FitzRoy the cat has a sister called Love Letters in the Sand. She’s going to be a show cat, so she has a fancy name.

Love Letters the cat when she was seven weeks old.

The breeder told me that after I took FitzRoy, Love Letters pined for him and barely ate for a more than a week. Although FitzRoy was a bit nervous in his new home at first, he didn’t pine for a second. A month later, he’s totally relaxed. Possibly too relaxed.

He looks kind of drunk, doesn't he?

Typical female behavior and typical male behavior, right? Makes me think of high-school sweethearts going to different colleges. The gal spends freshman orientation crying, while the guy parties without a care in the world! Biology is so unfair.

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17 Responses to “Love Letters: On My Nails and in the Sand”

  1. Wendy! That ring is such a stunner, and your nail art is ravishing!

  2. Silvergirl says:

    you know i always love seeing your manicures
    love the story about fitz-roys sister!
    you will have to let us know how she ends up doing in the world of show cats.

  3. sulky kitten says:

    Fab manicure. FitzRoy has you as his love slave now! We kitties are so fickle.

  4. Megan Mae says:

    Love the nails! They look great.

    Poor Loveletters though, I understand – Annabelle, the Momma cat we have now, still occasionally looks for her girls (who apparently love their new home) making Momma-cat meows.. And the boy kittens, York and Bruce, are so happy and chill with an emptier house.

    Giggling at Fitzroy’s pose! Spike likes to do that in the direct middle of the floor. Did I mention I have five cats now!?

  5. stacy says:

    Hilarity! FitzRoy… what a lover.
    The sister looks totally different, but she has that same ‘target’ pattern on her side.
    Your nails are too cool… one of my favs so far.

  6. I like this nail design very much! I feel kind of sorry now for FitzRoy’s sister. FitzRoy does look like he’s ready to party.

  7. Love the nails!! And the ring is gorgeous!

  8. That’s my fave Sally Hansen manicure of yours yet.

    FitzRoy doesn’t look the missin’ type…lol.

  9. Rebecca says:

    I like the manicure. I keep telling the husband that I need a mustache cat, but he hasn’t given in yet.

  10. Melanie says:

    Great manicure, I love the design and the colour. The first time I read about these nails I thought, oh, stick-ons! I can do that! But you’re right, these are best left to the pros, especially if you have a hard time with regular polish.

    The photo of Tina J is stunning and showcases your ring and earrings brilliantly!

  11. Lara says:

    Typical female behavior totally BUT she’ll eventually go off to win every blue ribbon around and FitzRoy will be a lazy spoiled brat. Ha! Also pretty typical!