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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Every time I get my nails done by celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival, I think, “This is my favorite manicure, ever.” Then the next one is even better than that! Tracylee never disappoints. This is my latest favorite.


Tracylee did this with long-lasting Gelish colors Star Burst and Black Shadow. She layered purple glitter over the pinkish-purple Star Burst.

We named this manicure “Vanity Fair.” You’ll find out why tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Latest Manicure by Tracylee Percival”

  1. Celebrity Manicurist, Tracylee
    Twitter: luxebytracylee

    i heart you! xoxo

  2. déjà pseu
    Twitter: dejapseu

    Cool effect!

  3. Eli says:

    Oooh I like the sideways color! Gotta try this myself soon

  4. Mary says:

    LOVE!Next time I am in NYC I want to get my nails done by this Tracey gal.

  5. stacy says:

    Can’t wait to see the total package tomorrow! I know you’re going to be dazzling dahling@

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Again, I know why, but only because I’m a johnnycomelately.

    I love this! Purple is so wonderful on you. Are you wearing your heart-shaped diamond ring on your thumb?