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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I relish an excuse for theme dressing. You can count on me to wear a heart dress on Valentine’s Day, an earring from an ’80s Madonna video to a Madonna concert and Gaga rings to a Lady Gaga concert. When MrB retired from his job at the Wall Street Journal in 2007, I wore a Wall Street Journal top.

Wearing my WSJ top and posing with sister Terri Berry in 2007. Click for original post.

Therefore, I was thrilled to see Teija Vesterbacka, who is married to a top executive of Angry Birds-maker Rovio, wearing an Angry Birds gown to a formal event at the Finnish Palace.

Clearly a very serious event! Photo courtesy iltalehti.fi. Click for source.

I love Angry Birds, though I call it “Killing Pigs.” If MrB sees me looking at my iPhone very intensely, he asks me if I’m killing pigs. We say that even though the Rio version of Angry Birds is pig-free: the angry birds alternate between killing monkeys and freeing fellow birds from cages.

Peter Vesterbacka, the Rovio guy, likes to wear a red Angry Bird hoodie. Obviously, he couldn’t wear that to a palace event, so Teija represented for them both. I’ve seen some online commenters complaining that the dress isn’t chic. They’re suffering from a severe case of Not Getting It. This dress is greater than a Wear What You Want moment. It’s a Wear What Makes You Rich moment! Even more awesome! Teija joins Iggy Pop, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter as one of my Wear What You Want icons.

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25 Responses to “Bjork’s Swan Dress Should Meet This Angry Birds Dress”

  1. Cameron says:

    Pig Killer!
    Better you than me.
    Pig Killer!
    Fuck swine brutality!
    Pig Killer!
    All them piggies grievin’… FUCK ‘EM!!!
    Pig Killer!
    For tonight you make bacon hah-hah-hah!

    Now where did you find that WSJ top? And what edition is it supposed to represent?

  2. jesse.anne.o says:

    This is pretty great.

  3. Kari. says:

    LOL. I needed this post. It made me laugh. I don’t know what I liked better … the happy pic of you in Journal clothes or the pic of the *very* unhappy Angry Birds lady. LOL.

  4. stacy says:

    yes, i agree, wear what you want. but, don’t paint a giant bullseye on your nipple. that’s just wrong.

  5. I think your theme top is the cutest….not only for the occasion, but everyday!

  6. Mardel says:

    Love the dress and I think it is only enhanced by the serious expression on her face. Don’t cross the angry birds lady.

  7. Mo Thompson says:

    Adore this dress all the more for the occasion of its wearing, brilliant!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    The dress is a superb tongue-in-cheek/in-your-face moment.

  9. Your Wear What You Want mantra is a daily inspiration!

  10. I remember seeing that on Fashionista and thinking, “That’s such a stylish gown! It looks like a bird,” and then I saw the headline. I don’t get the whole, “It’s not chic, it’s not well done,” because I think she also happens to look FAB in it.

  11. Cara says:

    I saw a link to this dress on Twitter and thought: “OH dear”. When I got to the page (I get distracted after I click a link, there was some time in between), I was actually disappointed in how understated the angry bird was. I pictured something much more three dimensional, like Bjork’s swan!

  12. Tina says:

    That is one angry bird! Love the dress and especially the photo.

  13. Susan Tiner says:

    She does look like an angry bird! I love the dress. What a great idea.

  14. This actually makes me want to know more about the Angry Birds lady. I love the WSJ top and would wear it for sure. That is the kind of theme dressing I like, however, after being a school teacher, there are many kinds of theme dressing I am weary of!! Sometimes I have to force myself to do it…today is HOLIDAY HAT DAY…I just wasn’t up for the head gear this year!

  15. Megan Mae says:

    When I saw this linked from your twitter, I so expected this to look really bad. But honestly – it’s not that bad. I don’t love it, but I think for the concept, it’s super well executed. I think what ruins it for me is the very obvious seaming through certain parts of the dress.

    However I love your wall street journal top! I’m a fan of script-based prints in anything.

  16. Samar says:

    Whoever designed the dress did so quite tastefully..brilliant!

  17. Silvergirl says:

    the dress is actually very clever
    props to her for daring to wear it

  18. aline says:

    i’m with you, this is the most amazing dress for her specific situation!

  19. drollgirl says:

    that is SUCH a good pic of you and your sis! gorgeous x 2!

  20. Thank you!!!! I totally missed this story/pic and am now sending it to everyone I know – I love angry birds!