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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It’s become my July tradition to go to London and drink Pimm’s for hours with gorgeous local bloggers. It all started in 2008 with Sharon Rose and ex-blogger Times of Glory.

2008. Click for original post.

In 2009, we expanded to five: Sharon Rose, Samantha, Kate, Liz and me.

2009. Click for original post.

Last year’s Pimm’s-fest featured Liz, Kate, Margaret, Winnie and Disneyrollergirl.

2010. From left: Liz, Kate, Margaret and Winnie. Click for original post.

Today’s attendees were Sharon, Liz, Kate and Margaret. MrB came along as the official photographer — as you can see, his mad photography skillz were in full effect. Here is his picture of four bloggers plus Sharon’s disembodied-seeming head.

From left: Kate, Margaret, me, and Liz. Sharon's head is floating above us.

Seven hours after we started with lunch at Giraffe, we wobbled to our feet, lined up and struck the cross-legged WendyB pose, except for Kate …

… so she was forced to make up for it in a solo photo.  Note her on-trend red pants!

Kate is wearing my Little Woolf necklace in silver.

I was relieved I was able to make it to the gathering because the previous day’s plans were ruined when I suffered a violent allergy attack. MrB and I had met our handsome friend Bruce for dinner, but I was sneezing so much that I had to call a car and go back to the hotel without ordering. The car came just after I acquired a piece of bread and buttered it. Today, MrB enjoyed telling the ladies how I  left the restaurant still clutching the slice of buttered bread (I ate it in the car). In my jet-lagged and sickly state, walking through the restaurant with the bread seemed perfectly sensible, but in hindsight, I’m mortified. Fortunately, the sneezing died down and two pitchers of Pimm’s, some ginger beer and a little cider have taken the edge off my embarrassment.

Read More About Our Gathering

  • Margaret has interesting info on the places we went to.
  • Sharon Rose has an official name for our event.
  • Kate took a picture of a man in a tutu.
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26 Responses to “It’s That Time of Year Again: Pimm’s Time!”

  1. K-Line says:

    Lovely! And Kate’s hair is fab!

  2. Crikey, you are quick off the mark! Since I got home I’ve done nothing but loaf about in my dressing gown eating pizza and watching a show about men’s suits. Oh and telling stories about Henry and Gigi to Mr D! Lovely to see you again, hope you enjoy the rest of your hol x

  3. You all look fab, glad so much fun was had and that you had nice weather. Sad I missed out – next year for sure…! X

  4. Glad you are feeling better…this looks like so mcu fun! Hope the rest of the trip goes well!!

  5. That is simply clever to have taken the bread with you.

    Pimm’s and the girls, love it.

  6. Tea For Two says:

    Blogger meets look like a hoot. Glad you recovered sufficiently from your allergy attack. My boyfriend was really suffering yesterday – I really don’t envy you guys that problem :/

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve heard of worse restaurant antics than your bout of allergy-hazed bread staggering!

    All the ladies look loverly.

  8. What fun! I don’t even know if I like Pimm’s but who cares, this scene looks like a slice of heaven.

  9. I got ‘btchplz’ as my anti-spam, which I’m pretty sure you said at some point yesterday (which made me happy!).

    Was lovely to see you, everyone looked great!! Although I see I am having slight transparency/flash issues with my Ossie skirt. I’m sure he’d be proud… 😉

    Hope you get to see Al, and the Grès exhibition! x

  10. Mo Thompson says:

    What a lovely looking group of stylish ladies. x

  11. Faux Fuchsia says:

    I am jealous. I love going to Harvey Nicks for lunch. My sisters and I called it Harvey Snicks. And we like to eat at Giraffe too. Kate’s new do looks excellent. Meanwhile, off topic, the Ice-T and Coco reality tv show has started here in Oz and I think of you when I watch it. They seem very happy.

  12. Now I would have loved to come out and play…Saturday Pimms, yum, looks like you all had fun. Glad you were over your allergy attack and could play after coming all this way. Cant believe a year has past since I read about your last trip. Xxxx

  13. Crikey Wendy, there you go being psychic again — Dan and I were just talking about my Pimm’s addiction yesterday, while you were imbibing! (I even have the Winter Pimm’s which is also lovely.) Ok and I almost bust a gut picturing you walking out clutching the bread — of course that was perfectly sensible, but hilarious none the less! Have a lovely holiday, and do have a pitcher of Pimm’s for me!

  14. It was a fab day out! The Pimms always tastes better with you lot!! Realised I’m the only flattie amongst a bevvy of wedged up glam chicks xx

  15. Vix says:

    Wow, I’m McQueen today.
    Love these pictures, how fab to see my blogging friends hanging out together. x

  16. I wanna come too next year! Looks like you had sooooooo much fun in my old stomping grounds.

  17. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear!! Another fabulous afternoon and evening at our ‘Annual Bloggers Convention’-the Pimms went down a treat and it was so lovely to get together, thanks for the gorgeous photos too! Hope you’re feeling much better and enjoy the rest of your vacation-see you next year!! xxx

  18. You all look gorgeous. What wonderful pictures. I hope you’ve had a great weekend xx

  19. kavery says:

    Pimms saved the day I’d say. You all look so well-dressed and happy!

  20. Oh, to be in London! Mr. C and I drank Pimm’s all June (well, through Wimbledon) and have moved on to Lillet. Don’t think there’s a corresponding French sporting event, but C’est la vie!

  21. Susan Tiner says:

    What fun! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and you all look gawgus.

  22. Mariel says:

    That looks like a fun outing, I have a crush on that pleated skirt-the color is just amazing!


  23. Pimm’s and lemonade! I think it’s the Queen’s favourite.

  24. stacy says:

    Sorry about your allergies. You still look fab. Hmmm, those are some nice jeans! And Kate’s red ones too!