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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival has named my latest nail look “Dippin’ Dots.”

All those rings are my own designs, of course!

Tracylee used Gelish colors Passion (pink), Sleek White, Princess Tiara (lavender), Allure (gold), Seafoam (light green) and Ocean Wave (blue). Doesn’t this manicure just scream, “Take me seriously!”? I was thinking I wouldn’t have worn anything like this at my old job at Lehman Brothers. Then I thought that maybe I would have dared to do it, just once, to say “Fuck you!” to the place. I was already running around there wearing a too-sexy suit with no pantyhose (dress code violation!). Would the nails have been so much worse?

The cute manicure didn’t stop me from expressing myself in a not-cute way today. I visited a jewelry manufacturer who takes forever to get things done and never remembers my name or what work he is doing for me when I get to his place to pick my pieces up. He does solid work and is less expensive than some of my other U.S. manufacturers, so I’ve been tolerating his behavior. But today, he asked me to pay him in cash. I politely replied, “Are you fucking kidding me?! What the fuck!” and paid him by check. Swearing at someone I work with really brought me back to the good old days of my corporate life. What?! Did you think I only became a champion swearer after I started the blog? Bitches, I’ve had many years of practice.

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26 Responses to “A Manicure That Screams “Take Me Seriously!””

  1. eyeliah says:

    hehe, so serious!

  2. Ten years of harbour work has made a an excellent totally needed to be taken seriously swearer too. Sadly my nails are seldom done, because that adds some more weight to my rough words and work wear gear.
    Your nails look quite delicious here and I totally adore your belt buckle ring.

  3. I love the nails, they are really fun but I love a woman with a potty mouth even more. Maybe it stems from the fact that my grandma has a whole repertoire of dirty jokes that make people a third of her age blush.

  4. Dimi says:

    Cute nails!! And you have the right attitude to rock the nails dear! 🙂

  5. mystyle says:

    Hi there!! Fabulous manicure and how can anyone not take you seriously?? Glad you put the jewellery manufacturer in his place too!!

  6. Lynn says:

    Oh yessss…. I do think the corporate world had a hand in my ability to swear out loud.

  7. Poochie says:

    Bad language an fun nails are a requirement for me to live while working in business. Ask the husband as I frequently get accused of having a “truck stop waitress mouth”. I learned to swear in Catholic elementary school and haven’t stopped yet.

    It’s funny how uptight offices can be. Disney was by far the most oppressive environment I ever worked in.

  8. Vix says:

    Fabulous! I want a serious manicure, too. xxx

  9. brett says:

    those nails are so great
    did it take forever to get them done?
    so fresh and fun.

  10. Ofelia says:

    Great manicure quite colorful and dotty!
    Sometimes using a good curse words or “choice words” do the deed. Specially with some jerks that think that because you are nice and smile a lot you are a push-over (I’m speaking from experience here!).

  11. Alice Olive says:

    Who’s looking at your nails, love? I’m just agog at the fabulous rings!!

  12. Jelena says:

    fantastic rings,i mean your designs!:) and fabulous manicure!!!!:)))

  13. When I worked at a NYC publishing house, I was so relieved to see that pantyhose were not on the dress code. I don’t think there was a dress code, happily.

    But when I was in boarding school, we did everything we could to flout the rules. Scrunchy navy socks layered over navy tights. Wearing the boys’ necktie.

    • WendyB says:

      No one ever said anything to me about the pantyhose but I was forever poised to scream, “WHY ARE YOU STARING AT MY LEGS?” if anyone dared bring it up.

      Lehman was biz casual for a while — on Fridays, in the summer — but since most people are idiots it got out of control. The day I got on the elevator, looked down, and noticed a woman wearing flip flips with a toe ring, I thought, “They’re going to rescind this policy.” And they did, within a week.

  14. Dennis says:

    Your nails do look kinda delicous!! I love the rings too!

  15. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Love it. I wear my irreverent nail polish to the office and I just don’t care. Of course, I’m not working in an ultra-conservative place. I don’t think I could. Anyway, your nail polish keeps me highly entertained. To suddenly go all Grace Kelly would be such a disappointment.

    And as a compulsive F-bomb dropper, I can totally appreciate the need to F-obliterate your manufacturer. Cash? WTF is that?

    • WendyB says:

      He’s dreaming if he thinks I’m going to do that. Adding to my annoyance, I had called him twice in the past week (to remind him to finish my stuff because he’s fucking slow) and he didn’t say anything about cash. Then I show up and he acts like I’m screwing him over with an unwanted check?

      • Seriously. Um, who pays cash for services rendered? Then you have no recourse or proof if Mr. Slow-@ss manufacturer doesn’t deliver appropriately.

        Like you’re going to give him a bad check when he’s worked with you before? What a putz. He just wants to fly under the IRS’ radar.

  16. Susan Tiner says:

    I had no idea that going sans pantyhose might be considered a dress violation.

    That jewelry manufacturer sounds like a real jerk, good for you giving what for!

  17. Rebecca says:

    I like the manicure. I had to wear pantyhose at my last job, but never again!

  18. Kristin says:

    As a Dippin’ Dots addict (I had them at my rehearsal dinner cuz I’m classy like that) I wholeheartedly approve of this mani!

  19. The Styley says:

    At my first corporate job out of college, I was once sent home for wearing pants. They were even less psyched about the black slip I wore as a skirt a few weeks later–slipdresses were in style that summer–but somehow I was allowed to stay in the office that day. My friends from that time still love telling that story.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Let’s have a swearing Olympics. I bet I’d give you a run for your gold.

    Cute manicure, it almost makes me want to get one! I’d love to have seen you with that at L.B.

  21. stacy says:

    This could be my favorite one so far!

  22. Love the nails! And the rings!

    Really, what is it with these guys? And do they act like this with male customers? I have had the same problems, thought maybe I just seem too nice?

    I’ve had to hurl a few expletives many times with guys in the jewelry business. They will take advantage whenever they can….