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Monday, January 10, 2011

I took a quick trip to Phoenix over the weekend. Thinking of Lexie, the gorgeous blogger who requested casual pictures, I posed with the local flora in the leopard-print Betsey Johnson jacket I’ve had since the early ’90s.

Here’s the jacket in 1994.

Bill Cunningham from the New York Times took this picture.

And here’s the jacket now. These days, I wear it with pants instead of micro minis.

What Wendy Wore
Jacket: Betsey Johnson from 1993/4 (previously seen here)
T-shirt: Splendid
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Michael Kors clogs (seen over and over here)
Bag: Louis Vuitton from 2001 (previously seen here)
Necklace: My own Hatshepsut design

Lip color: So Chaud by MAC

Of course, I’ve been watching the news of the terrible shooting, in Tucson, of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and numerous other people. As an ex-journalist, I was impressed by quality of coverage on local newscasts. They outshone some of the national television broadcasts. I do hope this event encourages people to tone down the hateful rhetoric that passes for political debate these days.

There’s a personal story about the shooting by blogger Jenni of Pagano Design that you should read here.

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33 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Desert Pose”

  1. Jenni says:

    I’ve often wondered what you would wear in MY natural habitat! You look smashing, and I am happy to report that I can wear an outfit like that too. Next up, I will have to try dressing up in YOUR neck of the woods!

  2. Mary says:

    You look great in both decades! I love leopard print but am often scared to wear it lest I look like an old, creepy woman! I did wear a leopard top on the weekend and it felt good.

  3. lisa says:

    The leopard coat looks as lovely now as it did then!

  4. mystyle says:

    Hi there-this jacket is amazing, so stylish and still looks so chic for now xx

  5. Lynn says:

    Prior to seeing you wearing animal print, I admit I wasn’t much into it. I’ve grown to love it and appreciate it so much. Love that Betsey Johnson jacket.

    The shooting’s so horrifying!!! Makes one feel like moving into a cave, at least I do!

  6. Doriana Gray says:

    That´s a beautiful jacket- I especially love the black panels- they make it unusual.

    I am still working up the courage to wear leopard 🙂

  7. NancyDaQ says:

    The cat print is perfect for the desert. Adorable!

  8. Paring it all up with black makes the outfit look classy.

  9. Yes to the leopard and a BIG yes to your statement:” I do hope this event encourages people to tone down the hateful rhetoric that passes for political debate these days.”

  10. That jacket is fabulous! And I have got to say: LOVE the bag. :)SarahD

  11. I love both your outfits with your Betsey jacket, Wendy! I thought I was getting over leopard, but you proved me wrong!
    The shooting is so tragic. I’ll have to check out some of the local coverage.

  12. Pfft. I wanna see a micro mini.

  13. Love how that jacket has stood the test of time! And just checked out your jewelry, very cool 🙂

    It is sad and unfortunate about what happened there, I’ve been checking Washingtonpost.com every couple of hours to get updates. Thanks for directing me to that other link.

  14. Elle says:

    Fantastic casual look. I love the jacket and the fact it’s lasted that long is saying something! Works great with the cut of those jeans and the red lips!

  15. stephanie says:

    I love your jacket. Leopard is my favorite!!

  16. K-Line says:

    I have so many things to say about this post – I’ll leave it at – OMG, Bill Cunningham took your photo in 1994! And, amazing how you’ve managed to maximize the chic in that jacket throughout the decades. Oh, and I love the shape of the bag.

  17. stacy says:

    You look great! But that Bill C. photo is just too cool.

  18. Lexie says:

    Your casual style is awesome. Don’t you hate it when people forecast animal prints as “in?” Leopard is always fierce. Always in.

  19. Lexie says:

    PS I bought my first MAC lipstick over xmas break! Russian Red, Madonna-style. I thought you’d be proud!

  20. Yah to you continued airing of the jacket.

    Please America for the sake of your standing in the world do tone down this dreadful sound bite mechanism of debating issues. For a 9 year old girl looking up to a representative and having an interest in politics to be gunned down in such a manner is beyond anything. And of course the others – sorry but I was horrified by this.

  21. Joy D. says:

    Score one for Acne! I love their jeans, although my pair was stolen in the UK, and I love that blazer. You are amongst the few I think that can rock a blazer with jeans. Also, my captcha is “eminem”. haha, I had to share.

  22. Tina says:

    I would like to see a photo of you in your leopard dress, wearing the leopard coat, with your new leopard handbag.

  23. daShannon says:

    HA! so I follow What I Wore today too and replied to the recent discuss about Evolution (of fashion blogging) and wasn’t near as nice as the majority of comments. then your’s showed up in my inbox this morning and HA! I saw the name Wendy and said Oh yeah I know who that is WENDY B. Thanks for telling it like it is 🙂

  24. Thanks for the Riveted blog link, what an amazing story.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I suspect you’re covering up “in the interest of good taste” or something, but I don’t think you need to deprive the world of your micro-mini-worthy gams.

    I’m trying not to focus too much on the Arizona incident; though it’s imminently un-ignorable, it’s also imminently depressing and harrowing, and I think I’ve seen enough depressing and harrowing news events for awhile.

    Excuse me why I go bury my head in the sand.

  26. Kristin says:

    I’m with you in hoping that all this right vs. left back and forth can take a back seat in the wake of this tragedy! Love love love the leopard jacket!

  27. Jeluxury says:

    I think you look better now than you did years ago.

  28. thebaghag says:

    Looking great, Wendy!