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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last month, when I wrote about wearing a vintage feather-trimmed gown for the first time since 1995, gorgeous blogger Lexie of Little Boat said,

“… you often write about formal dresses — which makes me wonder — how do you dress ‘everyday’? While I know you could definitely rock that dress while grocery shopping, do you? What brands do you rely on for everyday work wear and casual dress?”

I understand your confusion, Lexie. I don’t do daily outfit posts so it’s easy to forget that I long ago confessed to a daily wardrobe of jeans and black tops with the occasional interesting jacket to shake things up. When I started blogging in 2007, I figured writing about fashion every single day — let alone my personal fashion — would be too limiting for me, leading to boredom, leading to the burnout I’d already observed on so many blogs. (Clicking “Manage subscriptions”  in my Google Reader leads to a graveyard of abandoned blogs. As Shakespeare might write: “Alas, poor bloggers! I knew them, Lexie, fellows of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.”) If I had a flair for wardrobe remixing or photography — or lived in an inspiring environment with ghostly woodsy areas or glistening ocean views — perhaps I would dress up even when there was no one to see me, then trot outside with a tripod to record my style statement for posterity. But I put all my visual creativity into my jewelry. Here, I’m more of a story teller. I prefer to do outfit photos when I have a good tale to tell.

My best fashion stories involve clothes with history. But I don’t shun the occasional jeans-and-t-shirt post. Here’s a collection of past casual-day photos in honor of Lexie. Click the photos to see the original posts.

October 2008.

November 2009.

April 2010. Photo by Tina Anderson.

April 2010

July 2010.

October 2010.

Do you feel like Evil Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I do! Without the flaying.

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31 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: A Collection of Casual Looks”

  1. Hahahah, oh my god, Wendy… the addition of Evil Willow at the end. Bored now.

    That took a kind of awesome & hysterical post (naturally) and just made it winner of the internet for the day.

  2. NancyDaQ says:

    I love your collection of casual! Cute little jackets and great shoes as the focus.

  3. Erindyan says:

    I remember almost all of these and would have named them as some of my favorite looks! I love your way of adding interesting shoes or a jacket to basics. Stay classy.

  4. I have been at your blog for 3 years and I still have never watched one episode of Buffy. I feel like I need to fix that.;-)

  5. Jemina says:

    Wow Wendy, you have so many beautiful jackets, and I covet them all!!! HA HA HA HA HA


  6. Style Eyes says:

    Love your jackets. But the formal dresses are definitely my favourites. I would dress in them everyday if I could get away with it. I really struggle with casual outfits.

  7. Cameron says:

    That… was a great way to end this post… eek!

    I do remember that technicolour dreamcoat in the first photo from one of your Lady Gaga concert outfits from last year, I believe. But what I would love more is a list of all the bloggers who have come and gone and where they might’ve gone wrong. A cautionary tale, if you will.

    Finally, I definitely understand your early editorial decision; I’ve only done one outfit post–1.5, if you count my coming-out post–but I don’t have much intention to photograph myself again with the six-year-old camera I have now; if I want lo-fi, I’ll buy a Holga 120 and a cable release… a long one. I’m glad my blog is influenced by the Ghost of Music Television and whatever else gets my attention. Oui.

  8. honeymyheart says:

    you have so many great jackets! love your style 🙂

  9. sharon rose says:

    Hi my dear-nothing beats a jeans and jacket combination for casual chic wearing and your jackets are all so unique and gorgeous, love this post! xx

  10. Now that’s what I call casual glamour!

  11. qin says:

    I die for your jacket.

  12. My god, if I did an outfit post every day people would be so bored. I try my best, but in general office clothes are just not inspiring. Let alone my horribly grumpy morning face.

  13. Lyddiegal says:

    I suppose there is a certian amount of pressure in the daily fashion blog that could lead to an easy burn out – and a reluctance to default to the beloved jeans tee shirt combo.
    But I do like seeing your casual outfits, you should post them more!

  14. I feel like such a bum! Your casual outfits are about on par with my cute outfits. I love your devotion to cute shoes and great make-up. I’d liek to think if I worked anywhere other than a steel mill I’d put in a little more effort. You look good!

  15. Amazing variety of looks, darling WB!
    Especially loving that blue jacket!


  16. Priscilla says:

    I clicked through to the post about the first outfit, and I loved this: “I am assuming the traditional fashion blogger pose by coyly looking down at my feet.” That pose is a real pet peeve of mine, especially when paired with the pigeon-toe thing. So. Very. Twee. I appreciate the bloggers who look at the camera and smile. I swear it makes the clothes look better.

    You have inspired me, though. I work out of my house, and I love the idea of jeans and black t-shirts, and then a jacket and shoes (and jewelry!) that take it to the next level for stepping out of the house.

  17. lisa says:

    You corrupted a line from Hamlet for your own blog post purposes! Genius.

  18. janettaylor says:

    My fave is Ur April outfit. 🙂


  19. You have some amazing “casual” looks which have a bit extra to lift them out of the ordinary.

    Funny the fact you posted the bored now thing. I posted the same on Facebook yesterday about the fact that it is STILL snowing. Definitely bored now.

  20. K-Line says:

    My fave is the purple frayed jacket – I LOVE it on you.

  21. Once again I can see so many well-cut and quality pieces even in casuals. . Must keep reminding myself everytime I am tempted by cheap high-street disposables, “Think WendyB” 😉

  22. Retro Chick says:

    You really do have an amazing jacket collection though, and some pretty damn good shoes.

  23. I would love to look this slick in a t-shirt and jeans!

  24. Wendy I love your casual style you look amazing, I especially love the blue/purple jacket that you wore in April xx

  25. ediot says:

    i really like these outfit pics. you look fantastic!
    hope you’re jewelry line is going well dear!
    have a wonderful weekend

  26. Lola Starr says:

    A great selection of outifts. The first one is my favourite- that jacket is AMAZING. Thanks for your comment, I am also a big fan of leopard I have three animal print jackets in my closet (and counting….)
    Lola x

  27. Sheila says:

    You always look so classy in your casual looks – I love the whackadoo extras (the fab jackets and shoes), and especially your own gorgeous jewelry.

    And of course, you are my leopard idol. 🙂

  28. Dear Wendy, I love all of these outfits. My favourite jacket is the one in the October 2008 picture. Who’s it by? xx