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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I don’t love being in front of a camera. I have one look: a big smile. If I don’t smile, my eyes are still smiling. If my eyes aren’t smiling, I look sad instead of serious or sexy. Plus I’m always disappointed that I don’t look like a young Sophia Loren in the pictures. Inside, I feel like a young Sophia Loren, but the somehow camera never captures that. Oh well. People say it’s inner beauty that counts and my inner beauty looks like Sophia. Believe.

I've always loved this photo of Sophia Loren giving Jayne Mansfield the side-eye.

I've always loved this photo of Sophia Loren giving Jayne Mansfield the side-eye.

I mention this because yesterday I participated in a photo shoot for a project that I will tell you about in a month or so. For now, it’s top secret. The photographer and other folks on the shoot were very patient and hopefully they got something usable.

Unfortunately, my insomnia is in rare form lately, so I got about three hours sleep the night before the shoot. I had to get up early to get an emergency manicure because I belatedly realized my nails were in terrible shape, which is a problem when you’re a jewelry designer who is showing off her rings.  I rushed to the nail place in my gym clothes, rushed back, threw on a bunch of black clothing items and hopped a cab. The only thing that makes the outfit notable is the Moschino Cheap & Chic motorcycle jacket with giant trompe l’oeil stitching that I got on eBay relatively recently. I was yearning for a motorcycle jacket that was a bit more flattering than my oversize ’80s original. It was also about 4 a.m. when I was sniping and a lot of eBay auctions look like an excellent idea at that time of night.


In addition to the Moschino jacket, I’m wearing a Splendid t-shirt, Acne Generic Girl jeans and my Karl Lagerfeld shoes from the 1994 going-out-of-business sale of the Galeries Lafayette in New York. This is about as fancy as I get most days. It’s not always leopard gowns and faux-ny tails in my life! Well, I am wearing my own Gloriana necklace. That dresses it up just a tiny bit.

UPDATED TO ADD: This wasn’t what I wore AT the shoot, just to and from. I got to wear a beautiful black dress that didn’t have a label in it, so no one was sure who it was by. Too bad, because I’d run out and buy it if I knew.

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56 Responses to “Outfit Post: A Stitch in Time”

  1. Susan says:

    love that first photo so much, so funny :))

  2. Iñaki says:

    You look so cool. I specially like the rolled up trousers with the heels.


  3. delmy says:

    love the jacket. such a great look.

  4. Audi says:

    But you have such a terrific smile, who needs to look serious?

    LOVE that jacket, by the way.

  5. I love big smiles and you’ve got the best one I’ve seen online! I feel the same way about photos – it is really hard for me to do anything that isn’t a smile or hilarious lip pucker. Sometimes I laugh at some of the serious faces I see out there!

  6. PinkBow says:

    i hate having my picture taken too… but a requirement of being a blogger i guess