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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 4 1/2″-long Cleopatra earrings — worn by Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha in Sex and the City 2 — are in the Thursday Styles section of the New York Times today! If you get the paper version of the newspaper, go to Stephanie Rosenbloom’s Scavenger column on page E3. If you’re online only, click here.

Gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings. Click to buy.

Silver Cleopatra earrings. Click to buy.

If you’re overwhelmed by those two options, you can skip the hassle and read the two most important sentences ever written right here:

“For example, at $7,250 Samantha’s big gold Wendy Brandes earrings, called ‘Cleopatra,’ cost more than a trip to Cairo. But Ms. Brandes also sells the earrings in silver for $450 — by no means cheap, but less than a ticket on Egyptair.”

I just checked the Egyptair website and it’s true: a restricted economy round-trip ticket for one person from New York’s JFK airport to Cairo, leaving May 30 and returning June 5, is $1452.61. But think of all the additional money you’d have to spend on a companion ticket, hotels, dining, Nile cruises and souvenir t-shirts for your extended family that say, “My mummy went to Egypt and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” That would surely put you over $7,250. Just stay at home and save money by getting my gold and diamond earrings instead.

And, of course, none of my designs are cheap, darlings. We elegant people don’t say the word “cheap“!

If you have any questions about the earrings or need help buying them from my website, holla at me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com.

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25 Responses to “Sex and the City 2 Earrings in the New York Times”

  1. You are such a star!

    Way to go Miss Wendy!

  2. Poochie says:

    So you’re super famous now! Okay, you were already but this is so wonderful to see it all exploding! I’m glad your pieces are getting so much attention.

    I say, but the earrings and wear them in Cairo. Best of both worlds!


  3. Christy says:

    Those earrings are fabulous, I love the design! Congrats Wendy! 🙂

  4. Quality is never “cheap”! Way to go Wendy! I’m so happy for you!

  5. Sara says:

    I have been meaning to tell you how excited I am for this amazing coverage of your gorgeous design, Wendy. It’s really beyond wonderful. Congratulations!

  6. Cheap? Horrors, NYT! But we can overlook that for the wonderful press on your gorgeous jewelry.

  7. Miss Janey says:

    Look at Miss Wendy, gettin’ all famous and stuff. WhooHoo! Fantastic.

  8. Kenita says:

    A very big Congratulations goes to you! No big feat is accomplished without many small victories!
    The earrings are gorgeous, and if I wasn’t a broke teenager I would get them. I was weened on gold. But now I’m attached to silver.

    Keep it up! I hope more great things come your way!
    As for making a movie about blowing glitter out my nose, somehow I’ll try and find a way to actually catch it all on video ;D

  9. marian says:

    congrats Wendy! and I totally agree the word cheap is so not chic 😉

    big kiss

  10. lisa says:

    Congrats on all the well-deserved press, Wendy!

  11. Winnie says:

    Oooooh congrats Wendy! They are fabulous earrings, can’t wait to see them on the big screen soon!

  12. I was so excited to see these in my paper this morning Wendy! Congrats!!!

  13. Tam says:

    how amazing!!!!!!!!! the earrings are stunning!

  14. Jill says:

    Cheap, classy, tacky and tasty are all words I abhor.

    Can’t wait for the cleo’s!!

  15. Maddy says:

    Wow! A write-up by the NYT! Not bad, Miss Wendy 😛

  16. Oh but I’m elegant and cheap!

  17. stacy says:

    Yeeeaaah! WendyB, WendyB, WendyB… three cheers for you girl. Yes, by far those were the two most important sentences ever written. And none of your designs are cheap, they are “quite reasonably priced for the quality.” I love your Egyptian Air Lines comparison! Hehehe… mummy. Too cute.

  18. WOW!! thats so great!! how exciting this must all be for you. e xxx

  19. Kristin says:

    Nothing worthwhile comes easily right? And so I save on!

  20. Any publicity is good publicity! Amazing coverage for these fab earrings!

  21. enc says:

    My mother used to say “inexpensive” instead of “cheap.” I loved that about her, she always found a way to say something with dignity and truth.

  22. Andrea says:

    Wow Congrats!!

    These Earrings are amazing..love them <3

  23. Tavi says:

    Ah, do you make me laugh. I like the gold ones! Congratuloshuns.

  24. ediot says:

    just brillian>T