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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just goes to show you should never say never — because never is the next new thing! The Texas tuxedo is in fashion thanks to Chloe, Ralph Lauren and D&G, who all showed head-to-toe denim last year.

Chloe's Texas tux. From style.com.

The Gap is promoting its versions of the Chloe look. I keep admiring the ads in various magazines while wondering, “Does this look great because it’s really great? Or just because it’s worn by great-looking people?”

Isabeli Fontana for the Gap, via Coutorture.

If you think you’re sex-ay enough to carry off head-to-toe denim, two of the jackets really appeal to me. Not the motorcycle-style jacket. Personally, I have enough of the motorcycle look: jacket, jacket, dress. But I love the blazer …

Gap blazer. Click to shop.

… and the utility jacket.

Gap utility jacket. Click to shop.

The traditional accessory for a Texas tuxedo is a bolo tie. I should look around and see if I still have the one I wore in the early ’80s. Yep, we all had them. Don’t laugh. You’ll probably be desperate for one any day now. Like I said, never say never … and I’ve been right before, bitches!

UPDATED TO ADD: The Shoe Girl is way ahead of y’all with the bolo tie. You better catch up!

Shoe Girl sexing up the bolo in 2009. Click her!

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