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Friday, November 6, 2009

I have a weakness for trompe l’oeil clothing:

But I don’t like wearing a “crisp white shirt.” The fact that a “crisp white shirt” is supposed to be a wardrobe staple irks me. I don’t feel comfortable in one at all. In addition, I hate the fact that everyone feels obliged to use the word “crisp.” Can’t it just be a white shirt? Does it always have to be crispy? That said, this adorable trompe l’oeil crisp white shirt from Proenza Schouler‘s second collection made me waver. If I were going to get a white shirt, it would be this one. At least it’s got a sense of humor.

$150 at Vintage Couture. Click to shop.

$150 at Vintage Couture. Click to shop.

I’m not going to do it, so knock yourself out!

Meanwhile, as a New Yorker who doesn’t cook, Jeremy Scott’s take-out tank had a lot of appeal, but it’s sold out

Jeremy Scott's take-out tank

Jeremy Scott's take-out tank

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31 Responses to “Tricky Pick of the Day”

  1. Alicia says:

    yes, that is quite crispy…

  2. deja pseu says:

    Mmmm…extra crispy! Love both of those.

    When they start making beer battered white shirts, call me. 😉

  3. Snap! I love trompe l’oeil and I don’t wear white shirts either, never felt right in them! I think they can look great on people though….just I’m not one of them! And yes why does it have to be crisp…..x

  4. enc says:

    I think whoever decided that the white shirt was a wardrobe staple was crisp. And I mean that in the classical sense.

    I always felt like a stuffed shirt when I wore one back in my office job days.

    That P.S. one is cool, though.

  5. Eli says:

    I still want that trompe loeil trench that darryl hannah wore in kill bill!

  6. Susan says:

    The shirt looks curiously crispy – isn’t that what stiff or starched cotton is supposed to be? T-shirt fabric is softer and so not crispy – I guess that’s kinda smooth and velvety (yes, even though it’s still cotton – unless anyone’s got a better word?) Here’s a shirt that’s not quite so crispy ..curious to know if that’s because it’s black?!

  7. sr@mystyle says:

    That is a great white shirt and the tee is very stylish!! Have a lovely weekend!

  8. tris1978ton says:

    Love the take out shirt. Very funny.

  9. coco says:

    I love that white shirt. You can’t go wrong with a bit of trompe l’oeil.

  10. Totally agree!!! My ‘staple’ only gets pulled out for conferences when I am too lazy to think of anything else. I really could live without it!

  11. rollergirl says:

    Good picks lady, love them both. Of course it has to be crisp, just like certain dresses have to be ‘easy breezy’ and jeans have to be ‘effortless’…it’s the rules.

  12. marian says:

    lol thats so true,white shirts are always described as crisp,hehe
    love the jeremy scott tank!fun
    happy weekend

  13. K-Line says:

    Oh very nice. But the blurb that describes it still manages to refer to it as crisp. Which reminds me of chips.

  14. I love a crisp white shirt, I love white and yet I’m not so big on trompe l’oeil – is the world split into two camps? The crispys and the trompes!

  15. PinkBow says:

    i just love the take-out tank

  16. miss sophie says:

    agreed with you on the overratedness of ‘crisp’. although incidentally the word just reminded me of the late, inimitable Quentin Crisp, who was totally awesome.

    but back to white shirts. i think the wrinkle-free/overstartched obsession with shirts, and white buttondown shirts in general, is kind of missing the point of wearing lovely clothes. clothing is always more interesting when its natural texture combined with your wear and tear is allowed to show through.

    that’s why i love my steven alan shirts. the total opposite of the overpressed white buttondown!

  17. jayne says:

    i have the proenza for target version of that shirt, I love it!

  18. Jennifer says:

    No starch for me please. I hate white shirts too. I haven’t worn one since the DC days.

  19. Rosie says:

    Hmm, crisp white shirt is something I don’t wear either. I would happily wear a button down shirt if it was skin tight, but sadly, those are rather hard to find.

  20. I’m so with you on the whole white shirt thing. For whatever reason they never look right on me and no matter what brand, the fit is always off. Plus “crisp” is just not comfortable. I have long disagreed with this as a wardrobe staple and happily do not own a single one!

  21. qin says:

    The first one is very unique!

  22. Iron Chic says:

    Crisp white shirt? Might as well throw in a pair of khaki “slacks” and call it a day.

  23. LOL OMG Wendy, In Regards to the comment you left me You will not be in that section, You always look great and I loved your leopard dress!! Some people can go !@#$%^& if they don’t agree lol HMP

    Also that “take out” top is really cool, I would love to wear that with some boyfriend jeans, cute boots and maybe a cropped jacket? I get the comfty vibe from it

    white tops are a little hard for me to wear sometimes, I’m sort of clumsy hehe

  24. Ha! I was admiring trompe l’oeil corset dresses the other day and now cannot recall where I saw them; oh dear!

  25. Proenza Schouler shirt is great. I don’t have a crisp white shirt either…they make me feel like a waitress!

  26. Mish Dish says:

    I completely agree Wendy. I am short with big boobs…the crispy white shirt does not work, look cute or feel comfortable. I love the Proenza version.

  27. Christen says:

    I totally agree about the white shirt thing. I recently banned them from my closet. I’m just way too self-conscious when I wear them and find them so uncomfortable. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  28. Susan says:

    unique pieces!

  29. Sheila says:

    Have never been a fan of the “crisp” white skirt. I just don’t get all the hoopla. I like that t-shirt, though – I’d totally wear that.

  30. i was about to say that shirt reminds me of my proenza schouler for target shirt that i sold off. loved it but in the end i rarely wore it because it didnt suit me.

    brooks brothers makes non-iron shirts that do stay “crisp” actually. LOL!

  31. Duchesse says:

    Crisp because the opposite is limp. They look sexy if they’re beautiful quality, not butchy buttondowns- and tucked in.