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Monday, August 25, 2014

Awards-show fashion has been all about the men this year. Once again, my coveted Best Dressed/Wear What You Want award goes to the dudes. My Emmy favorites were Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, stars of HBO’s True Detective, who wore coordinated tuxes in autumnal hues.

Five years ago, people would have made snide “Are they parking the cars?” remarks about Woody and Matt, but men’s fashion has really broken out of its rut. Honorary mention to comedian Keegan-Michael Key and his white-soled shoes.

Jewelry-wise, I was happy to see twerking Heidi Klum wearing a pinky ring.

I do love a pinky ring. I started wearing my 18K gold skull ring with ruby eyes on my right pinky in 2011.


That finger has arthritis! Click to read my original post about my arthritis finger, as I fondly call it.

I immediately started feeling like my other pinky was too bare but it took me until this summer to rectify the situation. My solution was the only thing that’s better than a single pinky ring — a stack of three pinky rings! I usually wear this trio of platinum and 18K gold barbed-wire rings on my right hand …


… having moved the skull ring to my left hand.


But sometimes I wear them in reverse. I’m crazy that way!

My skull ring can be sized for any finger and it’s available on my website in sterling silver ($300), 18K gold ($3,000), and my 18K-gold-and-ruby version ($3,300).

For the moment, you can only get my barbed-wire rings in silver and gold-plated silver versions ($340 for a stack of four), but the diamond-studded versions I wear will be available soon!

One fellow who didn’t any jewelry at all tonight — or even clothes! — was FitzRoy the cat. Nevertheless, he’d like to thank the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the Emmy!


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6 Responses to “My Best Dressed at the Emmys: Woody and Matthew”

  1. Stacy says:

    Loved Woody & Matthew! But, FitzRoy is better ♥

  2. Patti says:

    Love those two guys, sartorially and in every way. Did you hear Matthew telling Woody not to “envy what I have”? LOL!