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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Singer/songwriter/producer/everything Pharrell Williams sure knows how to get everyone talking with his fashion choices. In January, his Vivienne Westwood hat stole the show at the Grammys. In March, his tuxedo shorts made a big statement at the Oscars. Tonight, I was watching True Blood instead of the BET Awards, but when I saw “Uggs” trending on Twitter, I immediately thought, “Pharrell.”


I was right!

And, yep, there’s already a Twitter account started just for the Uggs.


Pharrell accepting an award in his Uggs.

He’s actually been wearing these Uggs for a while. They made an appearance in tandem with one of his Westwood hats in April.

Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh shopping in New York City

Photo courtesy Global Grind. Click for source.

But I guess these are the first awards show they’ve been to. As a result, I’ve had to read some dumbass comments from people saying that Pharrell is “gay” for wearing “girl” boots. (Uggs does make boots for men, but I’m not sure if this is a men’s or women’s style.) It reminds me of the 2012 BET Awards, during which homophobic viewers were agitated by Usher’s neon sneakers. So, once again, I will complain that folks these days are soooo fucking uptight. Being freaked out by a pair of shoes? Honestly? Someone take me back to the 1970s, when rock stars wore skintight jumpsuits.

usher collage

Clockwise from left: Usher in 2012; Mick Jagger in an early ’70s Ossie Clark jumpsuit; David Bowie in a one-legged unitard. Click to see my original post.

Y’all need to learn to let your freak flag fly. A little sartorial excitement adds spice to life!

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12 Responses to “Pharrell Does It Again”

  1. stacy says:

    I feel like we’re going backwards. Why does it seem as though things were more acceptable forty years ago??

    • WendyB says:

      Isn’t that stupid? You’d think people would get more open-minded not less. I guess they save their open-mindedness for shit like naked selfies and sex tapes.

      • I agree with both you and Stacy. The US is supposed to be the “new world”, leader in all things. Yeah right, we are so uptight & backwards in everything from the trivial to important issues (GMO’s, fracking, on & on — don’t get me ranting on politics, its not pretty!) Go Pharrell for being himself & having fun with fashion, as I think it should be! XXX

      • WendyB says:

        I figure all you can do in this life is try to have fun and help other people!

  2. Kristy says:

    What a badass! Even though he doesn’t identify as a feminist he sure has balls like one
    I don’t know if he got homophobic grief for it, but Kanye rocking Celine comes To mind as well.

  3. Personally, I think Pharrell looks better in his Uggs than most girls do, dear Wendy!!


  4. Jennine says:

    have you tried on a pair of uggs? omg their sooo comfortable. if i were pharrell, i’d wear them too!

  5. AK says:

    I don’t think people complain more than they used to, it’s just now they have a public platform to do it. I have a general rule of thumb for internet comments, which is that I don’t read them because they make me lose faith in humanity. I’m starting to think the same applies to some (not all) of what’s on Twitter. I don’t think it’s a stand-in for general public opinion.